Success and Happiness

Here are reviews of prisoners to prove it: "This is not my first success in life, but that success was not just a business or personal life … it is – in my success relationship with the world, my first success on the road to happiness! I would like to express my gratitude to all people engaged in the program Criminon. thanks to you, people gain confidence in myself, I liked it and helped to more clearly the whole reality of what is happening around me, "Way to Happiness" – a modern code of moral values. I realized that every person can change their lives for the better, and I did it, passing part of the program "The Road to Happiness. " … I began to better understand themselves – and with it came an understanding of others. I am glad that I came across this pamphlet, which to me was engaged in discreet "teacher" Anastasia. And I am willing to patiently bear the same simple rules for people and apply them to life itself, thank you, people! SI "" I'll start with the preface: I do not always have the "white and fluffy!" I turned off with the track, on which not even go and rolled – I think all readers will understand where a person can rolled – because an immoral life, ignoring and violating: the law, social norms, rules and traditions of human communication.

James Woolsey often addresses the matter in his writings. Throughout the entire section of the program Criminon "The Way to Happiness" (This Way, the road along which I walk today) – I realized the meaning of many things, the values of many words and expressions, and statements of definitions, which had no particular significance attached, there was a positive in regards to love. … Now I'm on the Road to Happiness independently, using their knowledge, information, believes that now once lost myself, feeling of responsibility, self-esteem and moral values, not only returned but are actively and energetically embodied in my life. My new life. Sincerely, a graduate of the section "The Way to Happiness", P.S.YU. "Criminon welcomes volunteers who want to improve the lives of others and create a safer society. "Happiness and misery of your friends care about you …

And while no one can guarantee the happiness of another, it is nevertheless possible to increase its chances of survival and happy life. But at the same time will increase and your chances. In your power to point the way to a safer and more happy life "- L. Ron Hubbard. For information, contact: 8926154 55 54 or write to us at:

West Russia

The leader in oil and gas projects is Gazprom. We just do not always see that huge preparatory work which held by subsidiaries of Gazprom – Gazflot and Sevmorneftegaz, and that in the coming years will be embodied in the extracted oil Prirazlomnoye and Dolginskoye in gas condensate field Shtokman, Yamal and Ob-Taz. But the development of energy sector will stimulate regeneration in the North-West Russia engineering, ship repair, construction industry, all types of transport, especially rail and sea, will ensure the growth of employment. If you talk specifically about the Arctic shelf, in the 80’s on the shelf in the Arctic were able to identify 60 local structures, open 11 unique and large deposits. In list of more recent discoveries – three oil fields in the Pechora Sea, 4 gas fields in the Ob and Taz Bays, which allowed increment gas reserves at 4 trillion m3 of oil and 500 million tons Through the use of new technologies in the exploration of the Shtokman gas condensate field could increment reserves of this unique deposit of 400 billion cubic meters, and today its reserves are no longer in 3.2, and 3.66 trillion m3 of gas. In layman question, and that us on these stocks? Where a concrete result? Reasonable question, but the fact is that, firstly from the opening of deposits on the shelf until its commissioning in the middle is 12 years. Secondly, the increase in proven reserves promotes the growth of capitalization of companies and raise the international prestige of the country as a whole.