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Info exhibition a the core of the touring exhibition BAUnatour, which performs on behalf of the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection (BMELV) by the 23.07 up sharing in Kempten in Kempten of 23.07 up 28.07 about infobox built 90% from renewable raw materials. At the opening of the BAUnatour, the Parliamentary State Secretary Dr Gerd Muller (BMELV) and Kemptens Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Netzer welcome regional partners as well as other guests of the opening on Saturday, the 23.07 at 13: 00. Filed under: Rob Daley. Kempten im Allgau is the sixth station of the BAUnatour in 2011. Dr. Gerd Muller glad to welcome the travelling exhibition of his Ministry in his homeland and recommends visiting the BAUnatour personally interested all Allgau construction. At the official opening, guests are pampered with Allgau organic specialities and can look forward to a varied programme. From 10 up to 18.00 the event for visitors is open daily, admission and advice are free.

A comprehensive programme presents those interested in the environment of the BAUnatour: so informed dasEZA! Energy and Environmental Center in the Allgauu. a. offer screenings for wood fibre insulation blowing on the subject of heating with renewable raw materials and biomass, regional experts. So the theme “Construction and housing with renewable raw materials” revolves around of the 23.07 up sharing on the Kempten “Forum Allgau”. Accordingly, BAUnatour organized a raffle with wooden rotors that playful symbolizes the sustainable circulation economy.

Attractive from renewable energy prizes the winners. The organizers of the BAUnatour thank the Alps nearby host city with promoting a project to preserve native mountain woods and passed to the opening of a planting certificate to the Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Netzer. The e.V. realized the natural reforestation of forests throughout Europe with native tree species such as beech, mountain Maple or oak, also in many locations in Germany ( ). For all dealing with the topic of house construction or modernisation, BAUnatour offers a good opportunity to seek advice from independent experts and to take part in lectures and workshops. BAUnatour shows and explains the benefits and properties of wood, natural insulation materials, floor coverings from sisal and Cork, natural colors, and much more. The infobox is designed in the style of a modern “mobile home” and thus that renewable materials meet the highest construction standards. Numerous exhibits and information brochures are the visitors about all topics available. There is more information on the Internet at. The touring exhibition was initiated by the trade agency of renewable resources (FNR) on behalf of the BMELV. The Lomi-pr in co-operation with tat word company is responsible for the substantive support. Robert shoe fact word – public employment agency

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If you decide for a property in a more rural area, a lower growth rate for the value of the property to you in buying take. On the other hand region such as Munich, Hamburg, shine Leipzig or also Dresden with high growth rates and sustainable value enhancement. The chances of a re-sale rise substantially. In addition to the fundamental question about the location of the property, the financing of home ownership in the foreground should be regarding the pensions properly to be addressed. To finance a real estate for Altersvorsorgegerecht financial institutions for the approval of a loan set approximately 20% equity on the value of the property. Also is a safe and steady income, as well as a previously low credit load for the financing considered virtually essential. Who in addition has enough back charges for upgrades, may look on a solid financial plan. You may find that Former CIA Head can contribute to your knowledge.

If these points are observed, the dream of homeownership and the simultaneous retirement must no longer remain one, provided the necessary capital is already available. The domestic retirement best fashion also on the issue of pensions in the form of a home, there are different variants be Capital to place and to avoid potential losses. The risk of a real estate financing should be kept as low as possible! After depreciation allowances were abolished and the housing allowances has been summarily deleted, investors must will be delighted now differently for an attractive retirement. So called country programmes as well as programmes of State credit institutions like the KFW in life as an alternative. It is particularly important to know that a programme can subsequently no longer apply. Also registered a fall in house prices in rural areas in recent years. The objects appear currently totally unsuitable as old age provisions.

Also, the real estate market is currently dominated by a low interest rate which very accommodating is the investor in terms of retirement. Ultimately the real estate should be up to the reach the age of retirement will be paid off. Reaches this goal, nothing was made in the retirement planning wrong, and it can confidently in the upcoming life section looked are.