The Success

Fortunately most of these fears we say "live" in our mind, allowing us to use mechanisms to intervene and re-program the old beliefs with new ones that drive us to achieve the success they crave. We can say that the fear of failure is the emotion of fear that things go wrong in an initiative we intend to achieve in any area of life. Please note the following steps to battle with this enemy of your learning and success: Take this fear in you without resistance Many sometimes ascribe the reason why we are not what we want to entities or external issues. We always have all kinds of excuses to explain why we are not what we want or we cast blame people, places, situations, country, etc.. as valid explanations arising from a position of victim.

We connect with the emotion of fear, but let her go, do as if there were (even knowing that it is rotting from the inside). The essential requirement in order to confront and overcome this fear, is mainly in the recognition and acceptance of this emotion without rejecting it, to understand that a key learning brings to our lives. Understands the nature of the fear of failure is important to understand "what it is made" the emotion of fear to fail. One way to look is: something you want to start immediately visualize a mental movie (unreal, because it has not happened) that things may not be as you expect and this will associate the idea of "failure." With this vision, you feel that everything should work out, that these events should be no problem and do not prepare to be wrong, any negative thing that can happen in the future for you is a tragedy.