Integrating IBM Rational ClearQuest

It is no secret that the success of the project depends on effective planning and operational status information about the project. On the market today are many different systems, which allow you to plan with the assessment of resource utilization, monitor and evaluate progress of tasks. But none of the existing systems do not provide the entire amount of the required capabilities. The best way out of this situation – is to select two systems, which would provide different and disjoint features, and combine them. Why ms Project? We all know that this tool is one of the best of its kind and provides all the necessary planning work for artists needs: simple and intuitive interface for planning tasks. Microsoft Corporation in all its applications provides user-friendly interface for all your applications.

A simple method of entering data and a variety of planned, configurable views to display the data entered, the load of resources. Planning problems using information on downloading the perpetrators, the calculation of the critical path for tasks, alignment problems on the busiest performers. Why ClearQuest? ibm Rational ClearQuest patent itself as a convenient, flexible and adaptable to any process tool. The required number of attributes to describe the problems. The tool allows define any number of low-level attributes in describing tasks that can be defined and modified during the task, and may be useful already executing, but not necessarily for the project manager; Score current status of the task. Tasks to ClearQuest have a life cycle that may be specific to each organization.

Macromedia Flash

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