Real Mexico

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the weakness of the dollar against currencies such as the Euro, the Real or weight, is another ingredient of the recession that already lives in United States. From June 1976, Mexicans found in the dollar strong ally against devaluations and recurrent crises in the country. Today, it is said, there are dollars to spare and the reserves of the Bank of Mexico quietly exceeded $ 80 billion. But exceeded the psychological barrier of 1.50 dollars per Euro, the weakness of the U.S. currency is manifested in the hand of weak economic growth and inflation data. The crisis, as it is American side while in Mexico is experiencing an apparent calm spiced by the scares of the past. You are afraid of noises in the neighboring country to the North, but most frightens us in our silence.

And as good neighbors who are, American investors are betting more real than at the weight and faithful to the tradition that the capitals have no border, give it back to the dollar. In February of 1998, ten years ago, the dollar reached cost 12.50 pesos and to the lengths of these years has devalued against the weight that cost less than eleven pesos per dollar at the close of this edition. Sign of the times, are that Mexicans bought dollars as a guarantee that their money is not devaluaba those days for the anecdote. Do this operation today is crazy. Thus, the Mexican economy enjoys full health, at least in the macro, waiting for important reforms such as the energy, the labor, education and which are needed. And of course, a real microeconomic reform that take advantage of the current economic circumstances that we have today above our neighbors to the North, at least on the strength of the currency. Bearer to purpose, long ago that banknotes in Mexico says the Bank of Mexico to view to the carrier the amount be paid of who endorse the ticket?