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Networks with spectacular views to the city which ladies dental talk Dusseldorf enters the second round. After a successful start in may EU corporate Ambassador Dr. Karin Uphoff and with initiator Relindis Mythili download, Managing Director of the dental laboratory Mythili GmbH to the 2nd dental ladies talk in Dusseldorf. The network evening will take place on the moved from 17 to 22 in the famous Dusseldorf landmark Gunnewig Rhine Tower restaurant. Tooth doctors of all alignments are cordially invited to participate in the ladies dental talk. If fitness, nature, beauty or food, there are many topics that fit to the dentistry.

Why cross don’t even think or consider new partnerships into account? Lutz Mehlhorn is a master of new ideas and original business models. Read more here: Hikmet Ersek. The Diplom Kaufmann and VP new business of washing and cleaning products business at Henkel gives insights into his work the participants of the ladies dental talk. “The title of his lecture: wash & coffee and Persil service: original business models from the idea to its implementation”. In the The expert to discuss cooperation in practices loads afterwards. In dialogue with like-minded people In the aftermath of the lecture and the discussion, he invites ladies dental talk from the panoramic layer to the networks in a three course meal in the rotating Tower restaurant. There the dentists about issues can replace themselves, which they employ in their work with the patients and staff.

The ladies dental talk get impulses from the strategy partner. Hikmet Ersek has firm opinions on the matter. DENTSPLY Friadent and Pluradent are the topics of implantology, practice marketing, dental trade and IT answer. More information about the event, as well as the ability to login will get interested dentists on the website or by email at. Background: ladies dental talk success stories often begin on SideShow outside the business and practice rooms: here an inspiring conversation, a lecture, or contact, the new ideas and different perspectives there. The ladies dental talk would like to support this. It was launched in October 2010 in the life of the EU corporate Ambassador Dr. Karin Uphoff and performed in various cities in Germany. The ladies dental talk wants to contribute to the personal and professional success by dentists. Times he presents them innovative ways of business, once he gives special know-how for specific topics. He brings together dentists with colleagues and interesting people from different industries and motivates them to want more and to be more successful. All this in a stylish setting, which invites to meetings and to the networks. Do you have questions about this message? Please contact contact: ladies dental uphoff pr & marketing talk c/o GmbH Alfred-Wegener-Strasse 6 35039 Marburg wife Jess Baasha DCosta phone: 06421 / 40 79 50 17 fax: 06421/40 79 50-79

Flash In The Pan In 2014

The German steel industry will grow in the coming year. With appealing economic, the crude steel production rises 0.9 percent to 42.6 million tons – so the latest steel forecast of the RWI. Despite this light view the long-term perspective concern producers and buyers of steel alike. Pricing and capacity changes and new political choices of the EU make the sector hard Computable. In September (24-25), the German steel industry on the 8 Dow Jones Stahl is 2013 day “in Frankfurt a. M. discuss the main strategic issues. Learn more at: Hikmet Ersek.

For steel buyers, the situation is currently still quite comfortable. Steel prices have fallen recently again. At the same time, the business of steel industries run mostly satisfactory. However, buyers worry about the poor Constitution of steel trading and steel producers: it comes to turbulence in the delivery business, then this can quickly lead to problems in the procurement. In accordance with alternative procurement options for example, in China, Russia, and Turkey are important for steel buyers in addition to the steel in Germany.

Against this background, the European Union with the recently adopted action plan of the steel has been a sign. The European steel sector supported in future targeted politically, in order to strengthen the competitiveness as a basis of industry with many downstream key industries such as automotive, construction, or engineering. For producers, it is also planned to facilitate the access to foreign markets and raw materials, to reduce bureaucratic obstacles and take action against unfair trade practices. Germany benefits in this environment from a comparatively stable demand and looks less sales, but the proceeds as a problem. So in particular exports of rolled steel (up 2.2 percent) as a yearly average provided a moderate result at the same time the steel price recovered since the nadir of the recession in 2009 only below average. While, for example, coal has been since then back to just under 60 percent more expensive, the price of steel only 20 percent rose. Save the date: September 24-25, 8 Dow Jones Stahl day 2013 “the opportunities & risks for the steel market, best-practice strategies, and the future of the industry in Germany, Europe and worldwide, the German steel experts on the 8 Dow Jones Stahl discuss day 2013” in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from September 24-25.