The Main Secret Of Success In Life

On the road in a deserted area was a traveler. And the road under a tree in deep meditation sitting, eyes closed, man. A traveler came to the old man, and not paying attention to his meditation, loudly greeted him and asked: – Lord, how long can I go to the nearest town? The old man opened his eyes, and did not seem to escape from his meditation, he waved his hand in the direction in which the traveler came and said: – Do you go. Viator realized that it did not want to talk. Offended, he turned away from the old man and walked quickly down the road. But after only a dozen steps behind the stranger heard the old man's voice: – If it'll go, you get to the sun. Eastern parable.

The main secret of success life. Please reply guys, what you spend your life? Most people in our country are working and are 5 / 2, this means. That the 5 days they work, and 2 days they do what they want. Strange though. What% of your life you spend on that want? And what% of your life do you spend on other things? Today I have a great mood and I decided to share with you, the main secret of success in life. The same one main strategy that affects your entire life. It will be achieved and was a huge success in life. And now I will tell you about it:). But first