The bronze medal in 1952

In the 1952 Olympic Games, Humberto Selvetti, with 20, won the bronze medal in weightlifting (weight lifting) in the heavyweight category. In the same test Norberto Ferreira (33 years) would achieve the Olympic qualification to go sixth.
Selvetti, the weightlifter has been more important than Argentina, was the youngest competitor in the test, and were faced with historical discipline athletes, like American John Davis, who in fifteen years had not been defeated. At that time the Olympic competition weightlifting included three movements: two times (clean and jerk), power (snatch) and strength or clean and press. Then were added the weight lifted in each movement and the winner was who had added as many kilos in total.
The first movement was starting, and Humberto Selvetti get up in the third attempt 150 kg, tying for first with John Davis, a performance that proved decisive for winning the bronze medal. This is followed by two days of competition, in which Argentina won the fifth punctuation, lifting 120 kilos, 25 pounds lighter than Davis, and 12.5 kg less than James Bradford, who ranks second in scoring position total, relegating Selvetti to third, behind only 2.5 pounds, in turn followed closely by William Baillie, 2.5 kilos behind .
The latest move was to force or clean and press. Davis had taken an advantage of 22.5 pounds almost indescontable on Bradford, as this, and Baille Selvetti were separated by only 5 pounds. In the first attempt, Davis lift 165 pounds to guarantee the gold medal, while Bradford lift 155 pounds, allowing it to retain second place. Instead Selvetti lift only 150 pounds, which left the second position and allowed to reach him Baille, adding the two 420 kilograms in total. However Selvetti lifted 157.5 kg and 162.5 kg in the second and third attempts respectively, submitted as third in the overall score, while Baillie, failed both times to try to lift 160 kilos, being relegated to fifth.
Norberto Ferreira won Olympic diploma to finish sixth, with 410 kilos. Ferreira had lifted 140 kg in clean and press (third place), 115 kilograms in his third attempt in the snatch (seventh place) and 155 pounds (fifth place) in two stages .