The Butt

"If you love what you do, be clear and people know it." People who have a bad attitude about what their attitude will be reflected in the world around them, including customers. Like most everything in life, good customer service always comes back to attitude. "If you believe your customers are a pain in the butt, guess what – you're right, "he said." What you say, what he does, and what you think are the same thing. "Learning to adjust their perception Because the service depends on good a good attitude, a bad attitude will surely diminish any facade of friendliness. Waller recommends that employees analyze what is causing your negative outlook and make a conscious effort to change, instead of covering it with a fake smile. "How do you change the belief of the security?" Waller asked. "You take it and change references. Over time, changes to the system of beliefs." Establish a good relationship customers doing business with people they like.

Employees gain this approval by establishing a good relationship or a positive connection with a client. Rapport can be established by simple gestures such as calling a customer by name, recognizing mutual interests, ask questions, and make eye contact. The customer instantly recognizes the employee as someone who cares about their welfare, and is more likely to haganegocios with the company, would not want to spend more money to go to a car dealership in which they treated well? "Waller said." Develop a genuine interest and admiration for their customers.