The First 50 Years of Mahler: A great history of success and failure

Today I want to share a story that I quite like that of Mahler , a truly inspiring story in which we can appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, but really do not know the exact date of this writing the truth seems not very recent, well I invite you to read it and take out your own conclusions. The First 50 Years of Mahler By Elsa R. Torres A Company who has lived in constant expansion, looking for new business and increasingly diversified in the multifaceted world of food industry. Some companies are born to be great, although their initial scope is limited to the preparation of homemade jellies.This is the case with the company Mahler SA, a Guatemalan company that grew by leaps and bounds despite having to overcome great obstacles through its 50 year existence. Like most big companies in the world, Mahler has a colorful history and a humble origin, where they mix the lives of its founders Don Maldonado Miguel Angel Arriola and his wife Do a Mar a Garc a de Maldonado, the lives of men and women who helped them during this difficult path. The challenges were many, but thanks to the tenacity of its founders and their successors after, Mahler grew steadily and to become one of the leading companies in Guatemala, and while he was catching the favorite of consumers across the nation . Mahler has maintained a steady pace of investment that has allowed it to acquire the latest technologies and modern equipment to maintain quality, purity and consistency of all its products.This is a policy to maintain its current directors, heirs not only name but also the dedication and effort of Miguel Angel and Maria. SOME HISTORY It all started in July 1957. After returning from a political exile who had forced the young couple to seek refuge in Mexico, where they arrived with renewed ideas and desires to succeed in their land. In Mexico, Dona Maria had learned to produce gels that did not need refrigeration. Soon he saw the success and thus began the production of pickled jalapeno peppers that Dona Maria had learned to do in Mexico and skillfully managed to bring the taste of the Guatemalans. In 1950 the sale of gelatine was buoyant as its first vehicle acquired for distribution. In order to make more profitable the new acquisition, succeeded him to provide them with cheese and cream to sell.Among these products came an instant powder drink the diligent employer processed with the same ingredients of the gelatin.