The Human Side Of Management Administration

"You are worthy to be called human if you can practice five things in this world: respect, magnanimity, truthfulness, wit, and generosity" Confucius Generalitat and basic considerations When referring to the manager's human side, the definition focuses on Management style that develops the person who plays that role within the company. The management of a company emphasizes human resource management, which is the most important in the functioning of the organization. Relevant aspects such as individual motivation, leadership, communication and coordination of the different working groups are the essence of managerial activity and in which the human side exercises considerable influence. Manage humanity is a style that requires a careful balance, which is not located in any extreme, nor in the authoritarian model which presents a profile too inhuman, or in the paternalistic model which is too weak. In both cases the exercise of authority would be geared to failure, since none achieve focus and guide the efforts of individuals in achieving the desired objectives. The human side of the manager, involves choosing the path of realization of the needs of workers, thus life will be rich and free.

The manager's own rise may be much higher as might indicate the potential of its people, if they get what they want, give them whatever they ask. You have to reach the heart and they delivered. The style of the manager (with a human face) is aim at the heart of the people. This article aims to set the characteristics of a management style that is located in an intermediate position between the two styles specified above, and which will base highlight the human values of the person as such, the activity of exercising Management of the company, in an effective and efficient in achieving the objectives without impairing the value of their human resources.