The Vietnamese

For Lenine, Trotski, Preobrajenski and other revolutionaries, the triumph of the revolution in its country was not enough only, but she was necessary that the revolution if processed world-wide, because the capitalism also was world-wide. Perhaps check out Hikmet Ersek for more information. Already for Marx and Engels, they praised that this new world-wide system when appearing, had to start pioneering in the countries weakly industrialized. Before this picture, for the Russia young, in any place where the socialist revolution won, it wants was in a behind country or in isolation circumstances, it would have to pass after the revolution, for a preliminary period of construction of conditions for the bloom and consolidation of the production and development that would guarantee the transistion for the socialism. Conclusions the capital of this republic was Hanoi and had a communist government that it intended to reunify the country. What it was only possible through an armed conflict, against the Vietname of the South (fall of Saigo the 30 of April of 1975) that he was supported for U.S.A. and, that was known as ‘ ‘ the war of the Vietname’ ‘ , making possible the reunificao of the country in 2 of July of 1976. The Vietnamese (ting Vit, ting Vit Nam or still Vit Ngr) is the language materna e, the officer of the people of that country, being said by about 87 / of the same one.

Being the second language of the other half of the population (13 /). The current language uses for writing the Latin alphabet, without letters F, J, W, Z, using many ditongos and, diverse combinations special of letters. After the division of the country, a migration of the Vietnameses of the north for the south was verified, much of them catholics, who affirmed that the politics of the government was equivalent to a religious persecution. Between 1955/56, sets of ten of thousand of agricultural proprietors public had been declared latifundium (day ch) and executed. A literary movement Nhn call vn giai phm (Art Humanist) tried to democratize the country, plus many intellectuals and writers had been placed in re-education, for alegadamente not being in accordance with the governmental politics. The conference of Geneva (26 of April the 21 of July of 1954) carried through with the participation of Cambodia, Democratic Republic of the Vietname, France, Laos, China, the Republic of the Vietname, Soviet Union, the United kingdom and U.S.A., had the objectivo to restore the peace in the old Indochina and Korea, devastated for one strong war.

The official declaration of this conference inclua the ceasing of hostilities and the foreign envolvement in the two regions, also the division of the Vietrname in two zones, that would be unified after free elections supervised internationally, that they would have place in July of 1956 (article n 3). However, only the France and the Vietname of the North had signed the Declaration, the first country because it intended to reestablish the domain colonial or at least, Neocolonial. as, because it waited to gain time to strengthen its position in the North and, eventually, to gain the cited elections. Integrant of Group N 07? Dionsio Alfredo Vunda Halata N 08? Epiphany Baio N 09?