UN Human Development

Etzioni launched a proposal. Why U.S. Congress he called to testify to the primary responsibility for Enron, it also quoted the deans of business schools to see what they were doing with the education of senior managers? The explanation Enron would be central to key ethical failures. In the trial of one of the executives tried in California, whose massive fraudulent brought power cuts to the state’s population, and caused serious damage, his defense attorney used an argument that reinforces the petition of Etzioni, and the need to ethics in the center of analysis. Get more background information with materials from Andrew Cuomo. He noted that his client pleaded guilty but had a mitigating, the company had trained for these practices, they were part of Enron’s corporate culture. Very interesting what Kliksberg said, if a company consistently grown its ethical values harvest results. Norway for example is number one in the last three years among 180 countries in the table of the UN Human Development. A strong economy with high social development, and without corruption.

This society is by all means to maintain very high ethical standards. Thus it is continuously self-critically analyzing their responsibilities as a developed country to the world in poverty, and government promotes an ethical discussion on the ethical standing of the society at school. Ethical values anti-corruption and pro equality, solidarity, and cooperation that has put into place is essential to economic and social achievements (Bondevik, 2003). The same applies to other successful countries including Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Canada. In all corruption is the worst enemy possible social sanction. A corrupt collide head-on with the ethical values prevail and would be disowned by his own family, your social circle, the whole society. These values are carefully cultivated in the education system at all levels, and through examples of leaders.

Finally In the Venezuelan case corruption plays a decisive role in the behavior of not only many managers, but government authorities themselves degenerate in an environment where it leaves a lot to say about ethics, values, and requiring that once all taken steps to correct these anomalies which have seriously affected the country. Of course, we share with new generations of professionals should be prepared to fund their ethical responsibilities. This is crucial in key areas for development as managers, accountants, economists and other related professions. Thus, among other aspects of management science specialists should be trained in driving progress in corporate social responsibility practices very limited in the Latin American realities.