Unique Web Design

So you've decided to order a website. Digging in Yandex by topic, found a few resources with unique design, content and decide. What kind of web design done on a personal site. Naturally, first web design must be pleasing to you personally. But this is not important.

Web design started to grow rapidly in recent years and has already managed to change a few assigned to it in the internet considering styles of web 1.0, a very popular style of all web 2.0 and ending with the friendly person and easy on the perception of Web sites in the style of web 3.0. Stringent criteria by which any Web site can classify to one of the categories are not spelled out, but still possible. The most well-known in our Time is a Web 2.0 style, about which published a large number of materials in the global network and, if briefly describe it, the site in such a style must have some visible traits and characteristics. Here they are. – Use graphic blocks, buttons, design elements with rounded shapes. – Apply to the elements did not matter much shade, but it is better in moderation. No need to apply to all forms of resource volume form, it is better still to do most of the elements is not three dimensional. – Use the fill color of objects is easily noticeable gradient of pastel-colored or light gray tint with a transition to white. It is visually pleasing and does not irritate the visitor at viewing the information on the resource.