Work And Capitalism

Friedrich Engels on the paper of the work presents in them as the evolucionistas scientific theories of Darwin and La marks demonstrates that the man creating the work created it exactly itself. Example clearly is the development of the member of the hand, that is not alone work agency, but fruit of it, in adaptativo process. Its studies conclude that the work in them made social beings, developing the thought and the feelings in the social relations. The example of the communication: it speaks, considered a gigantic one evolution and differentiation of the man of the other animals.

Thousands and thousands of years had made in them to live in society and for the work we were knowing the diverse forms of interaction and development. Of the elaboration of instruments, we saw the hunting it fishes and, of this we saw it the agriculture and the sprouting of the great dispute, until today in the current societies, the private property, later we saw the arts, sciences, politics and religion. At this rate the head that planned already was capable to compel the work the other people’s hands. It was as soon as we know the slavery, as production way. The work if developed historically and therefore it generated immediate consequences and mediate unexpected for it carried out who it at the time.