Workflow Supports CRM

The integrated workflow, we increasingly important for the CRM systems of the future. Workflow and CRM are not separate in the future. All processes in the departments of marketing and sales must be all support. Only integrated CRM workflow systems allow for efficient integration. Companies lose a lot of valuable time, which no longer stands for customer service and the vertriebsaktive time available. Every day hundreds of documents, proposals, approvals and forms used in a sales organization to customer data and customer information to process. Most of the processes in the computer system are no longer focused on the current reality in the enterprise, as companies today change the tasks as well as flexible deployment and operational structure is based on the market. Whether job sharing, dunning block, invoice approval, approval of conditions, holidays or investment proposal, audit, or the new employee in the company – are everywhere where applications, forms and processes in the game and the good old paper its way through the courts in theSales organization makes to save businesses and labor costs with a professional and integrated workflow management system. Optimally complements workflow, CRM and communication platform for CRM systems based on Lotus Notes platform. The Lotus Notes workflow enables the modeling and control-application of simple and complex processes and their steps. Any organizational structures, relationships or arrangements can be mapped representatives and managed. Through a centralized maintenance of the workflow changes for the entire company will be terminated. Thus, processes can be in electronic form easily and quickly automate and integrate them into the CRM system. National Magazine Exchange The workflow system automatically detects such as new Konditonsvereinbarungen or offers and then starts the associated approval processes. The integrated demurrage monitoring also ensures that no workflow is forgotten. It can be deposited with different escalation times, after which memories sent to the processor or certain actionsbe triggered. GEDYS as a leading supplier of CRM systems, Lotus Notes has already incorporated much of this pioneering technology in the CRM Produkltline GEDYS 7th The workflow engine is the central focal point for all the automated processes in the CRM system. Author: Sabine Friedersdorf GEDYS GmbH