Possible takeover in line for firm

The Federal Reserve (Fed, the U.S. central bank)of financial consultant and hedge funds about Investment manager, head of Laurus Capital Management,will provide 85,000 million dollars to U.S. insurance giant AIG, in serious difficulties, in exchange for a stake of about 80% of its capital, on Tuesday reported the daily New York Times and the chain CNBC. The insurer AIG on the stock market, and its share price, of Laurus investment returns and growth indices with S&P 500clarified today that their businesses operate with complete normality and has no intention of reducing the capital of its subsidiaries to secure the liquidity it needs in the short term.

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Construction of a pipeline in Alaska

Energy and environment
Palin has promoted the exploitation of oilfields and natural gas from Alaska, including those at the Wildlife Refuge in Alaska (ANWR, for its acronym in English), which generated a great national debate. [35] He also supported the approval of an increase in taxes on the profits of oil companies. [29] Palin has continued its project to create a group of Councillors to study global warming and reduce the rate of emissions generated by the so-called greenhouse effect in Alaska. [36] [37] However, when questioned by Climate Change after being chosen by Senator McCain as its candidate for Vice President, stated that “affect Alaska more than any other state,” but she ” do not attributed to human factors. “[38]
Governor Palin tested a flight simulator at Fort Richardson, headquarters of the National Guard in Alaska, near Anchorage.
Shortly after his appointment, Palin annulled 35 appointments made by Murkowski in the final hours of his mandate, including the appointment of its chief political team of James “Jim” Clark in the Authority for Development of Natural Gas in Alaska. [39] [40] Shortly after Clark pleaded guilty to conspiracy to use a defunct oil company to divert money to the campaign for re-election of Frank Murkowski. [41]
In March 2007, Palin submitted a proposal in favour of free competition in the construction of a pipeline in Alaska. [42] This proposal annulled an agreement reached by the previous governor to secure the award of this contract from a coalition of businesses including BP (company he worked her husband). Only one legislator, Ralph Samuels, [43] voted against this measure, [44] and in June, Palin became the law. [45] On January 5, 2008, Palin announced that a Canadian company, TransCanada Corp., was the only candidate to the process of construction. [46] [47]
In response to high prices for gas and oil, and as a result of the surplus in the state of Alaska, Palin proposed giving its inhabitants a debit card for $ 100 per month to spend on energy. He also proposed the granting of subsidies to power companies to reduce consumer spending. [48] Shortly thereafter, he withdrew the proposal from the debit card, and instead proposed pay directarmente the inhabitants of Alaska $ 1,200, from benefit state created by high oil prices. [49]
In May 2008, Palin opposed the proposal of Secretary of Interior of the United States, Republican Dirk Kempthorne of including the polar bear on the list of endangered species. He started a lawsuit to prevent it, as many voices warned that harm the development of oil and gas installations in the north and northwest coasts of Alaska, where is the habitat of these bears. He said that the inclusion of bears on the list was a hasty decision and that it would be beneficial for these animals. [50]

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