This right to the work was the critical object of study and of another important thinker of the end of century XIX, Paul 4 Lafargue, author of the Right to 5 Laziness. In this workmanship, the author intenciona to summarize the ideas of Marx to divulge them between the French revolutionary laborers. The context where Lafargue writes is of the long French economic crisis of years 70-80 of century XIX, when the bourgeoisie explores fierce the proletariat.

The low one of the wages, the cost-of-living increase, the day of twelve hours, the dismissal of great contingents of workers, the local and partial displacement or closing of plants, strikes restrained by the forces of the order with spilling of blood, and the colonial wars for the conquest of new markets, and evidenced that it was the hour and the time of the laboring classroom to act revolutionarily. (CHAU, 1999, P. 23). The Right to Laziness aimed at to reach the proletariat in the direction of it to infuse the ideas of classroom conscience and fight against the exploration of the work. Therefore the workmanship is critical an acid one to the ideology of the work, that is, to the mentally ill work, that empobrecia the proletarian and enriched the bourgeois. Lafargue thinks about intitling its pamphlet as right to the leisure and, later, as right to the cio.

The choice of laziness was not accidental. When choosing and considering as right a capital sin, the author aims at directly what he calls ‘ ‘ religion of trabalho’ ‘ , the creed of the bourgeoisie, (not only French) to dominate the hands, the hearts and the minds of the proletariat, on behalf of the new figure assumed for God, the Progress. (CHAU, 1999, P. 24). For Lafargue, the religion is the instrument of classroom domination, because it seems to comfort the proletarian mass explored through the tradition Jewish-Christian of rewards in the perpetual life, but that it legitimizes the exploration of the worker for the bourgeois.

National Constitution

Second Part: it organizes the powers in tripartite form, Executive authority: (unipersonal, only one person), the Vice-president is the president of the Senate and defines the voting in case of tie, is reemplazante natural of the President so that there is not acephalia. The Ministers authenticate with their company/signature the acts that the Executive authority makes, without that authenticates is not valid the act. If the Minister does not want to sign, he can remove it to the President of his position. In 1853 one chose the President and Vice-president in indirect form, was done choosing candidates to integrate the Electoral School, in fact were two Electoral Schools.

The President and Vice-president were chosen by 6 years and had to hope a period to return to appear to fulfill that position. To be able Legislative: he was divided in two Cameras, House of Representatives (representing of the Nation) and Senate (representing of the Provinces). The Senators by the Capital chose the same Electoral School that chose to President and to the Vice-president. To be able Judicial: the Supreme Court was composed by 9 Judges and 2 Public prosecutors, with Courts Inferiors that exert Federal Justice. In the Art. 5 it says that the Provinces must dictate their own Constitution and that they had to dictate the administration of Justice.

It established that the Capital is Buenos Aires, established the Supremacy of the National Constitution (Art. 31), has pyramidal character. The provinces conserve all the Power nondelegated by the National Constitution. The 13 provinces swore the Constitution the 9 of Julio of 1853, the 8 of March of 1854 were elect Right Jose de Urquiza and Salvador Track. The Reformation of 1860. Buenos Aires reserves the right to approve the Constitution of 1853, besides analyzing and proposing reforms. Pact of Union of the 6 of June of 1860.

Unfavorable Circumstances

Summary: If it happens to you that you have a pile of dreams to fulfill that they do not get to materialize itself, because the world-wide economy is bad, because you do not have economic resources, debts, lack of time, social situation of your country, etc ; This article is for you. Infrmate in this article of how leaving successful although the external circumstances do not accompany to you. Transfrmate in the designer and arquitecta of your reality: There are times in which it seems that the universe confabula so that the circumstances do not allow you to complete your dreams. What so if you try to change or to smooth out those circumstances that are preventing you the step. It thus begins living as if or you were in the way towards your objectives, and when DES tells you or you are in the way of your success. If you go by a way and you are a great stone preventing the step, one of two or exempt the stone of in the middle you border or it; Imagnate that the unfavorable circumstances are the stone. In any case never you must throw the towel, since that is the footpath of the failure.

In addition as other times there am saying, a nonfavorable circumstance can be a favorable one disguised. Persistence: Once I read a phrase of Miguel de Unamuno who said " In order to hit the nail on the head once it is necessary to give one hundred times in herradura". One is to insist, to insist. without becoming weak. With the persistence you will eliminate the effects of the deficiencies of other abilities or circumstances. It is not necessary to deliver great attacks, just a little bit every day, and without darte it counts you will be reaching your goals. You do not put excuses: Often we put excuses, the excuses can mean two things: 1) That you really do not want really that you think that you want.

Remunerated Surveys

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The Furniture

– The chosen material to manufacture the Set of table and banks was the wooden plate of MDF, for if dealing with a resistant, of good quality and economically accessible plate; – The furniture must possess measured ergonomic that is compatible for the age of 4 the 6 years, being based on the measures already used by the Colmia&#039 School; s. – The set of table and bank must be safe, comfortable and attractive for the children. The table must possess cantos rounded off and the bank it must be upholstered to offer the demanded comfort. – The furniture will have to serve stops up to 4 children, since it is important that they work in groups and teams to become social; – As the table she will be pedagogical, will have games in its I cover, that the 6 years will have to be compatible with the age of 4. – The furniture will have to possess spaces to keep objects as knapsacks, notebooks, pencil, shears, among others material didactic. Petition of the Furniture the project of infantile furniture for children of 4 the 6 years of age contains: – 1 table with rounded off tampos, measuring 1000x600mm; h= 500 mm; – 2 banks of 820×320 mm; h= 300mm; – 4 door-pencils, measuring 210x85mm; h=175mm; The infantile pedagogical table is made of MDF, having possessed 2 rectangular feet of 470 mm, that they are incased below I cover of it rectangular with rounded off cantos. The table possesss 4 colored door-pencils, distributed in the following way: 2 door-pencils in the external part of the right foot of table (being a red and the other yellow) and 2 door-pencil in the external part of the left foot of the table, possessing the same colors. The door-pencils are made of MDF and possess in its superior extremity the drawing of a leaked star, what it offered to the furniture an infantile and still more playful aspect.