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With paygenic just sure Ratingen pay online, June 2012. It is not something Hikmet Ersek would like to discuss. easycash, a company of the Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), expanded its portfolio of offerings for online retailers and presents the new ePayment gateway paygenic. Payment processing the new and secure payment platform helps online retailers on the Internet. Like all processes of easycash GmbH, also the new ePayment gateway complies with the current safety standards paygenic. The new and secure payment platform supports online merchants in payment processing and connectivity on the Internet. More information is housed here: Andrew Cuomo. The system offers the popular payment options such as credit card, direct debit and Sofortuberweisung also easy cash’s secure online direct debit 1 at OLV -acquiring. “We have created in the development of paygenic emphasis on security and ease of use”, stresses Marc Birkner, Managing Director of easycash GmbH. “online retailers, which want to integrate paygenic as payment platform, must be either technician or programmer, to the full Functionality and use.

We escorted out during the entire installation process and of course also our dealers.” Integrated management portal provides optimum overview core element of the new payment platform is the integrated switching and control center by paygenic: the payment Manager. The online retailer should always have the full overview of the made activities of the platform. Using the management portal, it is possible not only to monitor ongoing transactions, but at the same time actively to edit. For this purpose, the payment Manager provides numerous evaluation and oversight capabilities, such as the detailed transaction search with filter function, the manual transaction processing through manual entry, credit, cancellation or reservation increase for credit card payments. A detailed user management is also integrated into the new management portal. High security requirements as the current PCI certification 2 in the version 2.0, meets easycash also confirmed with the new ePayment gateway paygenic the highest security demands. To prevent the risk of non-payment in the payment process, testing mechanisms used depending on the respective procedures of number of.

Trend Services

‘ MyPlace? SelfStorage’ opened two more locations in Berlin in the German capital the phenomenon of self as never is booming. A few weeks ago opened the location space provider MyPlace?SelfStorage the fifth Berlin Mariendorf (Lankwitzer road 23 / Grossbeerenstrasse) site. From 1 October 2009, the sixth in Zehlendorf to the Dahlemer WEG (Robert W. Kempner Strasse 2a) is added. Thus the 2,000 additional storage compartments in different sizes available are the Berlin and Berliners. MyPlace self, the self –market leader in the German-speaking countries, closer to in Berlin his target, to make accessible an individual, clean and secure storage compartment each inhabitant of the city within 10 minutes. Is self storage a new service for modern inner city living”, as the managing partner of MyPlace?SelfStorage”, Martin Gerhardus.

Our secluded storage compartments are used as intermediate storage users at Parades or renovations, as well as external cellar”for the long-term retention of old furniture, art objects, seasonal sports equipment and other objects this creates more space in the apartment.” Between 1 and 50 square meters large compartments can be rented for any period of time up to 2 weeks. Differently as when forwarding the customer 7 days can search on the week from 06:00 until 22:00 independently his compartment to pick things up or to store. Using its own section?Always independent, key and PIN code for access to the site is the tenant. The possibility to outsource things, and yet any can fall back, allows spontaneity and flexibility in everyday life. Young parents, the bypass way drawers and clothes for children of the first, overgrown approach”child intermediate young people who move in together, place a flat and not all the furniture in the new House to accommodate married couples can, the place for inherited furniture or works of art are looking for mobile workers, who must change the place of residence in the short term and temporarily looking for a camp for their possessions and goods, creates site alone to look for a place to stay for all “MyPlace?SelfStorage”place and thus certain life situations makes easy stress-free” Gerhardus.

So that the benefits of a personal storage compartment is particularly large, has the self?Market leader in the German-speaking countries set the goal that a MyPlace? SelfStorage”?Is within 10 minutes by car to reach location in the selected German, Austrian and Swiss cities for each resident. This target is almost realized in Berlin. Now two more locations in Mariendorf and Zehlendorf added to the already existing buildings in Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Reinickendorf and Friedrichshain. DIN road 23 and the Dahlemer WEG to the 2,000 additional storage compartments to wait on nearly 14,000 square meters with objects of the Berlin to be filled. MyPlace?Self storage”is represented in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland of 29 operational locations. Thus, total 28.692 storage compartments available are the customers. In Germany, five more sites are planned or already under construction, one in Berlin Center. Two-thirds of our customers are private individuals a third trader. The average customer”MyPlace?SelfStorage”rents a compartment of a size between 5 and 7 square meters for a period of 11 to 12 months. The storage compartments are clean and dry. Is security through constant video surveillance, customer-specific compartment?Key and PIN code?Query before entering the premises guarantees. ( unternehmensinfos.php)

Catering Supplies

Catering supplies at a fair price – performance ratio many restaurateurs struggle itself, when it comes to acquiring inventory, work tools, work clothes, etc. It is also not denying that take very much time evaluation, budget planning up to the shopping. Fact is that there are reference points en masse with good but also bad suppliers. (Source: Hikmet Ersek). Here it looks not so good especially for the fledgling restaurateurs and those who want to become one, because usually it happens exactly those people that they put on the wrong horse. To simplify something have restaurateurs (restaurant and hotel owner) life we you a nice compilation of sources listed, with a short description of each. Also here we leave you the choice and above all the work of selection.

But you can rely on. Behind these providers are always dedicated individuals, many years do your work and understand. Here you will find a reliable partner for the catering supplies the following To bring you a list of recommended providers for catering supplies, which help you to find the right inventory and this duty quickly across the stage. Keep in mind what you all can do with such service providers, to gain time for your main job: host”be! Think of glasses, crockery, cutlery, cooking equipment, ovens and convection ovens, pizza shelf systems, refrigeration or fabrics for work clothes of your Angestllten. Here you will find everything from one or a few hands! Gastropolis24 here you will find above all an incredible abundance of kitchenware. The offer is presented very individually and professionally. The prices are at a normal level in very good quality. With over 6 000 articles this provider belongs to the medium.

Homepage: / / gastro cheap gastro cheap is, as it name indicates, a gastro-discounter. The 5 000 articles in the range are aimed rather at restaurateurs with a smaller budget, leaving the quality look can. The offer is rather flat in comparison to other suppliers, i.e. There is little choices in each category. Restaurant and hotel owner here but also most likely, what you are looking for. Homepage: VEGA (tip) VEGA sells thanks to the excellent infrastructure of logistics worldwide over 35 000 article, making it the largest partner with safety when it comes to gastronomy and hotel. The products are tested in practice to guarantee a high quality of gastronomy. Homepage: / / furniture-24 when it comes to the purchase of furniture, such as tables, chairs, and bar stools for the dining room or garden and lounge furniture, then you should look necessarily at this provider. Very modern and individual offer. Homepage: with professionals collaborate! Free yourself from time-consuming Tasks and start to put on professionals. These people can better tell you what devices, what furniture, which China is high quality, what IN and what is OUT. Working together with these professionals and focus now hosts on your core competence be “.

Resource Planning

The term resource includes a variety of different aspects. An efficient resource planning is a crucial contribution to the competitiveness of a company. When it comes to the planning of a project necessary resources, it is to consider necessary two different perspectives: first: it concerns the direct project implementation. Second, The long-term perspective over the entire life cycle of product or the change that should be developed by the project or causes. The task of project management is to plan for the project team members on the one hand see quantitative and also qualitative aspects.

The resource “refers to a variety of different aspects. The resources include staff in the project. Just as work equipment such as: computer, jobs and consumption materials etc. The resource planning involves also the available capital. Provided no budget, no project is carried out. With a correct Resource planning can be achieved following benefits for the company: the priorities for projects in the project portfolio are used correctly.

Increase the competitiveness. New projects be planned realistically. Cost savings and efficiency by optimal planning management. Correct decisions on start, continuation or possible cancellation of projects. Where the own resources should be strengthened, where insert we continue to field employees to cover the peak demand? Karin letter, Managing Director of 5medical management GmbH, nominated to the German training Award for 2011/2012