Municipal Group

Basagoiti has concluded asking if in some place of the world a municipal group could invite at the beginning of the celebrations to associations of relatives of pederastas or rapists, or in Norway to " friendly association of Breivik" . Journalists " alternativos" Chupinazo that abre the celebrations of Vitoria has been sent east year by mass media journalists different and for that reason the municipal group of Bildu has also invited to the act to " means alternativos" of the city as It hauls Bedi and Geu Gasteiz. Thousands of vitorianos met to six of afternoon in the place of the White Virgin being present at chupinazo and the reduction of Celedn, the doll symbol of the celebrations, from the tower of San Miguel between the traditional one opens of thousands of bottles of digging and the smoke of the pure ones with which six days of juerga begin. UPyD asks that it is acted against Bildu From Madrid, the leader of UPyD, Rose Ten, has assured not to understand to what it is waiting the Government to ask to him to the Office of the public prosecutor that acts against Bildu after this party has left patent of form reiterated, according to her, its connection with ETA. Bildu, it has assured, " I know what they are and I do not wait for anything of ellos" , but of the State " yes that I hope that it defends to us because I have right to ello". " Desgraciadamente" , according to it has indicated, it does not surprise to him how abertzale is acting the coalition since it entered the institutions after the elections of the 22 of May and has erased of " escandaloso" the behavior of its leaders. Source of the news: Bildu invites to several relatives of prisoners of ETA to chupinazo of the celebrations of Vitoria

Hidden Secret Book

An Hidden Secret during thousand deaos, is finally shortage ennuestra was. Beyond the simpleenunciacin of laws difficult to decreer, throughout this book haceuna detailed description of the Leiden Attraction, the reasons by loscuales exists and works that law, and laforma to put it to the reach to decualquier person who wishes to use it. The ATTRACTION LAW EXISTS the Law of Attraction exists and funcionams there of the personal beliefs, that is to say that or that You create enello or no, he is subject to susconsecuencias. This works like laley of the gravity; You can saberque you exist or not to know it, can believe enella or not believe it, but tiradesde a certain height, in all loscasos will be struck against the floor. All the aspects of its life to puedenser modified in its benefit with lasimple application of the enseanzascontenidas ones in this book. And in addition, to maximize their possibilities dexito, 42 also exist CD deejercitacin with specific aims. THEY ARE ALREADY ENJOYING IT THOUSAND DEPERSONAS! Throughout the book it will be able to see how laaplicacin of the aquicontenidas lessons, has modified vidade thousands of people already, who hansobrepuesto to serious diseases, hanencontrado the love of their life, hanmejorado considerably susingresos, have been able to lower of weight, ydecenas of other true examples increblespero. This book is something realmenteexcepcional, because instead of desplegarsupuestos knowledge of leyesocultas, it faces in a realmentecientfica form one of the mssorprendentes laws of our existence: LLey de Atraccin.

EVERYTHING IS VERIFIED Everything what here it affirms has sidocomprobado scientifically and lorelata profusely of testimonies dela people who have followed these lessons. And in spite of his ycientfico serious approach, this it is a book easy to deleer, that any person to puedeentender and to be useful. Everything what is needed is to decide enqu area of your life You wish poneresta Law in movement, and soon to follow them simple instructions passage pasoque the book provides. THIS CAN CHANGE to ITS LIFE, once Ud.haya With complete certainty read and position in practice queaqui it teaches, so surprising descubrirconsecuencias, that it will nodejar to count it to all aquellaspersonas which loves so that todossus dear beings can beneficiarsecon so a knowledge transformadorcomo the one that is included here. This it is a proven program more conresultados verified by de40.000 people, and You encuentrasolo to a step to enjoy losbeneficios that so many other handisfrutado and continue enjoying. With my better desires, Dr. Robert A.

Althusser Institutions

This terminology adopted for Marx discloses one of the aspects of the action of the State on the individuals, that is on the all social one: by means of practical the legal ones, or for the known institutions as repressora force of the State (army, polices, courts of justice, chains, hospices) the State dominates by means of ' ' fora' ' the individuals of the society, through this power the State overwhelms and doctrine all the individuals that do not want to subject its interests. Through these institutions, the state imposes on the individuals of repressora form the ideology the one that it is part, that is, the ideology of the ruling classes as it affirms Marx well. Althusser advancing in this conceitualizao of the State presents one second characteristic of the domain of the State on the individuals, the symbolic domination. For it, the State, beyond the repressoras institutions already presented by Marx, also acts of form symbolic through some institutions of the society, that Althusser flame of ideological devices of the State that would be the churches, the school, unions, the culture and etc. to understand this action symbolic, we will select the school as example. The ideological devices of the State exert on the individuals a symbolic power, that is, the individuals do not give account of that they are being dominated; this domination if of the one for the legitimation of these institutions as respectable institutions idoneous, of where many benefits can be reached through them. For Bourdieur (2002) the pertaining to school culture in the ones of the condition to assimilate the culture of the society, is in the school that we receive ' ' regras' ' to be homogeneous in the society, as it affirms the author in this stretch of Culture of the Symbolic Exchanges (2002, P. 206): ' ' (…) in the truth, the individuals? programmed? , it wants to say, endowed with a homogeneous program of thought perception and of action, they constitute the product more I specify of the school (…) ' ' With sights in the ideas of Marx, Althusser and Bourdieur, valley append to analyze the school as an instrument of violence of the State, over all, in what it says respect to the didactic book, main ideological instrument.

Lobbying Tool

By: Oscar Rossignoli Publisher of The lobbying or lobbying (some use lobby) is the capacity to reach a specific change in a program or governmental project. Also it is the capacity to influence in an actor with great power of decision. The companies contribute to the authorities objective information that will sustain its decisions. This activity is very used to influence in the congresses or parliaments of the governments in the approval, emission, abolishing or reform of laws. In order to reach the previous thing a specific strategy is due to elaborate that allows to construct the prospective scenes that can appear around the subject in discussion, which they can be: One desirable, one catastrophic and another probable one. In each of them it is necessary to project the actions and positive feedbacks and negative that certain evolution of the subject would generate in each one of the key hearings. The lobbying can be simplified of the following way: A process in which the civil society through promoting its active participation, organized fortifies itself and planned, to affect the scope of the public, the total use of its human rights and constitutionalists.

That is to say, the lobbying implies to be able to participate in direct way in the design, the execution, the monitoring and the evaluation of the governmental programs or in the impulse of laws or regulations. For example, to lobby in the Congress to persuade to the body that it approves certain legislation, introduces changes in a law project or revokes laws that already appear in the codes, is a central part of the form of American government, but it is a process that often leave perplex the foreign governments, say experts in political sciences, journalists and the own lobbyists. The president can say that he wants that certain policy becomes law, but that does not happen unless it agrees a majority of each congresional camera.

Constitutional Legality

It fulfills to us to reaffirm our unalterable position to the side of the constitutional legality. We will not agree to with blows or violence against the constitutional order and the freedoms public. If the current regimen does not satisfy, in many of its aspects, desires is its improvement not its suppression, what it would represent a regression and the obscurantismo ' ' As the military did not yield, and Brizola also not, the situation was serious. Brizola if entrenched in the Piratini Palace, seat of government gaucho. It mobilized the Military Brigade and it distributed weapons population to resist it.

Brizola convoked the population, and some people had been to the streets to guarantee the ownership of Goulart Joo. The military had arrived to program attacks of airplane to the Piratini Palace, to kill Brizola and all that if opposed the decisions of the army. The attack was sabotaged by military of the air base of Canoes that did not agree to the decision. To skirt the situation, the regimen of government in the country was modified for parliamentarism, and Goulart Joo assumed as state head, taking ownership of the position of President of the Republic. In the year of 1964, the military put down Jango of the power, installing the military dictatorship in the country.

Jango and Brizola go for the Exile in Uruguay. After a period in the neighboring Country, Brizola also deferred payment a time in U.S.A. and Lisbon, returning to Brazil in the end of the decade of 70, to become governor of Rio De Janeiro in 1982, election that earned more than with 70% of the votes. However, we conclude that this episode was known for the insistence of the government gaucho in demanding that the vice-president Goulart Joo assumed the presidency of the Republic, had renounces it of President Jnio Pictures. One of the biggest impediments of the occupation of the position for Jango must – the empatia that the same had with Soviet groups, communist of the Chinese nation. But also we can detach the proper experience politics that goes of Vargas, passing as vice of JK until the vice-presidency of Jnio. – historical that Goulart Joo represented for the industrial elite and to the great large estate owners the occurrence of the Reforms of Base. Therefore, for the taking of the ownership of Head of State, it was necessary to appeal the Constitution I appeal, it for the Legality.