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Close more sales, higher earning opportunities, improved market position – sales success is a supreme discipline in business and in every industry for survival. Whether professionals, craft or large companies, the cut-throat competition in the market is tough and can only be won through good seller. The so-called good sellers are not born, however, they are made. Using targeted sales training may also allegedly untalented people acquire skills that help them become more successful at marketing. A good sales training gives the participant, however, offer no rigid guidelines, but key skills, the individual conversion possibilities. Everyone is different and so is every person other vendor. A sales training lasts for a day or more content. The spectrum ranges from pure sales psychology, on interview techniques, negotiating skills, objection handling, to telesales, complaint andCustomer recovery. Anyone interested in a sales training should first determine its own needs and search for an adequate provider. This can be chambers of commerce, trade associations and community colleges, and resorted to private suppliers of industrial and seminars. In selecting the supply should be ensured that the sales training has a corresponding practical relevance, that coaches are qualified and that there are phases where theoretical content is put into practice, such as presentations or role plays.


ISSUE OF JULY 28 CAFETERIA ABSTRACT Cafetin28 Project July – includes the construction, administration and maintenance of Infrastructure Cafet n July 28 The Coffee Shop July 28 has an approximate area of 2000m2, the same would be found in the Jr. 28 de Julio Avenue between Salavarry and Petit Thouars. This infrastructure was below the existing fleet which will have the services of several varieties of food, also providing toilets etc. and the same which will cost approximately one million two hundred thousand nuevos soles (1 200 000.00 Soles) 1. Schema Definition Concession Mode promotion of private investment – Grant (Article 2 of Supreme Decree No. New york . 059-96-PCM, which establishes the procedures for infrastructure concessions). Mode under which the grant will be delivered – Public Bidding – Stage of prequalification of bidders. Contract type – BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer). – The dealer must perform the required renovations and improvements, maintain and operate the infrastructure concession rents 2. Main Outcome Definition Concession term: 25 years. Estimated period of execution of works: first 2 years. Policy rates: – Level: Preliminarily is contemplated to establish a rent per square foot 20 – Adjustment mechanism: Every 12 months, inflation and exchange rate variation. – Recovery: per square meter. – Technology for recovery: It is proposed by the concessionaire in its technical proposal. Supervision fee: 1 of annual revenues of the concessionaire, in accordance with law. Supervision of works: up to 5 of the amount of spend. 3. Requirements for Prequalification of Bidders Financial – The level of minimum net assets of the entity or the sum of the net worth of each of the shareholders or members. If the bidder is a consortium, each member membership and its shareholders may certify, for purposes of calculating Consolidated Bidder’s heritage, a heritage related companies. Technical – Experience in construction of infrastructure – Experience in Infrastructure Concessions Legal – Powers of the legal representative of the bidder. – Statements of responsibility. – Other forms to be established according to the Bases. 4.Evaluation of technical and economic proposals SUITABLE TECHNICAL PROPOSAL NOT SUITABLE ECONOMIC PROPOSAL: 1) Minor contribution of the Municipality (seder It engages in the Field). 5. Guarantee given to the Concessionaire Option of signing a Legal Stability Agreement. Guaranteed annual contribution by the State through the competent organ Extended warranty for the state of a multilateral agency. Tariff policy established in the concession contract and regulated. Indemnification clauses in the event of termination of the contract, when applicable. Competition Schedule for July 28 Concession Cafet n Call August 2009 Sales Bases Publication of contract – Consultations – Final Version Proposals November-December 2009 – Prequalification – Evaluation of Technical Proposal – Economic Proposal Award of the Good Pro January 2010 The City has full responsibility for the execution of their commitments For the implementation of these commitments the Municipality of Lima is turning to support private entrepreneurs associated with the state through the modality of Public Private Covenant (Public Private Partnership). This definition is consistent with the subsidiary role of the Muncipal in productive and dynamic role that is assigned to private investment. For the effect will be structured financially and economically viable operations and be selected through public tenders National dealers. The Municipality of Lima will be advised by an investment bank for managing the process better and to promote a transparent and competitive process.

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On 27 July 2002 a Sukhoi Su-27 aircraft which carried out maneuvers in an air show near Lviv, Ukraine, went ashore where he was the public. 84 people died and over 110 were injured. Until today, is the worst plane crash during an air show in history. The aircraft performed maneuvers at low altitude when it lost altitude and the left wing touched the ground. instantly, the pilots ejected. The plane crashed, dragging his body aircraft against surface and spectators. The pilots survived virtually unscathed and fell near the accident site. Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma publicly blamed the military for the disaster and the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, V. Strelnykov was forced to resign.Defense Minister Volodymyr Shkidchenko also resigned, but the president refused. The presumed causes of the accident were: Pilot error. Engine failure. Violation of the rules of flight crew or ground coordinator. Flight plan inappropriate, particularly poor relationship between the maneuvering area and spectator area. Full fuel tank, which was slower and more difficult to control the plane. On 24 June 2005, a military court sentenced the pilot of the aircraft, to 48 years in prison. The court also found guilty on three other officers for negligence and violation of the rules of flight. The three officers convicted were subject to sentences of between 6 and 4 years in prison. VIDEO OF THE ACCIDENT

Use of ICTs in distance education

Corey Ribotsky Today’s ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) are becoming very important in schools especially in distance education is becoming more common in the classroom computer and electronic media that support the work of remarkably teachers making use various means and resources as they can be the audios, images, scanned texts, encyclopaedias, virtual and the Internet. Corey Ribotsky The world has been well accepted the program as are virtual encyclopedias, being one of the most innovative and cutting edge in terms of teaching and learning.However, access to these tools for education is not everything and that there are regions where the Internet and technology resources is for the exclusive use of high economic resource person staying in position against the objectives of ICT’s is achieved increased coverage of education across the population regardless of economic and social distinctions. . We can supplement the following link

I very profitable investment!

Watch out for this! Whoever returns must be willing to risk. I will not advise where to invest for high returns as they could lose money to people that I would listen. Only having a crystal ball can. What if you can recommend strageies investment are allowed to have more opportunities to give profitability. Past performance does not imply future performance, but .. . Better if they were profitable before, right In this sense, the two investments that have historically given higher returns are: The bag The brick After it is important to understand that the investments are long term. The short-term investments made by theorizing.Until now, the trend of returns Invest in long term (over 10 years) was growing. But that was until now we have the stock to levels of the nineties and soon. But that gives me the same as that in any case, the long-term profitability gives more guarantees that the short, either we are immersed in the greatest economic crisis since the end of the Roman Empire. Weigh the long-term investment.This means it is better to invest a sum of money by installments in the same investment on a regular and periodic investing all at once. This allows us to KILL THE RISK because if the market is low, we can buy low and when the market price rises, then our investment is worth more. These three measures together with a basket of well diversified investment, makes us much more likely that the profitability of our investment is more interesting than any other type of investment.

Authorities The

Jason Authorities The main university authorities of the UL are: The University Assembly is the supreme governing body of the university. Represents the university community and consists of the Rector, the Vice Chancellor, the deans of the faculties, representatives of regular teachers in numbers equal to twice the amount of university authorities, a college graduate each, and one or more student representatives for each faculty, to complete a third of the authorities, teachers and graduates. The Director of the Graduate School, the Director of General Studies Program and the Directors College, attending the Assembly as consultants. The Board is the highest organ of management, execution and promotion of the University.It comprises the Rector, who presides, the Vice Chancellor, the Director of Graduate School, the Directors of the colleges, the Director of General Studies Program, the bureau directors university planning, administration and finance, and development and academic assessment, a representative of the graduates, and a student representative for each college. The Rector is the legal representative of Representative and the University of Lima. The Vice President replaces the Rector in licensing cases, incapacity or vacancy. Being the first major charges, there are also lesser charges, which are: The Government of the Graduate School for the Board of Directors and the Director. The Board of Directors consists of the Director, as President, and the Coordinators of the different specialties section. The government of each college for the college Council and the Director.The college Board comprises the Director, who presides, the deans of the colleges that make up the college and who represent the main teachers, representatives of teachers who are required to complete, including the deans, the representing three principal teachers, two associates and one assistant, a representative of the graduates, and a student representative from each of the faculties that comprise the college. The government of General Studies Program for the Board of Directors and the Director. The Board of Directors consists of the Director, as President, three representatives of the main regular teachers, two partners and one of the auxiliaries.

Critical part of the national Constitution of 2007

The Movement 348, inclusive in its work from all areas of thought of our country, as key to achieving a consensus which would reshape the country under an ideal humanist and inclusive play the next job on the reform THIRD WAY. Noteworthy is the following paragraph, which summarizes the message shared by us: “Our own history shows the way forward: on 19 April 1810, there was the fact original constituent power and 05 julio, 1811, the constituent act of registration of the constitution emancipatory.Repeating is a historical obligation. ” Critical part of the national Constitution of 2007 1 .- enterprises: DELIVERY OF THE PRIVATE CAPITAL NATURAL RICHES MULTINATIONAL Articles 112, 113 and 115 give constitutional status to joint ownership between the state and the private sector on the exploitation of natural resources or any other property of the domain of the nation’s strategic and vital public services for the nation. Thus the multinational private equity consolidated his ownership of strategic natural resources and the provision of vital public services, a situation which began on March 31, 2006 with the approval of the National Assembly of the framework contract for the formation of joint ventures for the exploitation of hydrocarbons, this model can now be extended to the mining of uranium, iron, coal, water, plutonium, gold and other natural resources. They may also be privatized public services in education, health, housing, social security, telephony, transport, etc.. It should be stressed, that according to the eighteenth transitional provision of the Constitution of the Republic of 1999, which remains unaltered, Article 113 takes precedence over Article 302 which declares that the State reserves for reasons of activity sovereignty of the oil exploitation and the exploitation of goods and services of public interest and strategic character. The constitutionalization of joint ventures established the necessary legal ground to enable the delivery of economic and political sovereignty of the nation.We must remember that under the contract identified through such companies, to decide on matters of great national interest in the exploitation of vast natural resources requires the favorable vote of 75 of capital forming joint ventures, of which only 60 belongs to the Venezuelan state, indicating that foreign multinational companies will have a determining influence at the time to take such strategic decisions for the country, a circumstance which completely undermines the economic and political sovereignty of the Republic of Venezuela. The introduction of this new model for the Venezuelan economy is twofold: first, will dominate the whole of our economy as it is referred to raw materials and strategic enterprises mainly fossil energy, the other part is the new model of recolonization of multinationals on the dependent countries.


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Industry Impact

Industry Impact The Internet Marketing has had a broad impact on several industries including music, banking, and flea markets. In the music industry many consumers have begun buying and downloading MP3 files on the Internet instead of buying music on CD. The debate over the legality of downloading MP3s has become a concern for those in the capital of the music industry. The Internet marketing has also affected the banking industry. More and more banks are offering the ability to bank online. It is believed that online banking has been attractive to consumers because it is more convenient than visiting a bank branch. Currently more than 50 million adults in the U.S. use internet banking. Online banking is the online activity of more rapid growth. The increase in Internet connection speeds is the main reason for this growth.Of those individuals who use the Internet in the U.S., 44 carry out banking operations in the network. With the growing popularity of online auctions, the flea markets or flea markets are reeling. Unique items previously only succeeded at flea markets are being sold on today. has also affected prices in the industry. Buyers and sellers often look for prices on the website before going to the flea market and the price published on is often the final sale price. More and more flea market sellers are putting their articles online and running their businesses from home.


The National Apprenticeship Service (SENA) provides the service free Comprehensive Training. It is present in all regions of the country and has an extensive infrastructure of laboratories and workshops to benefit companies of all technological levels. In the boards of directors and technical committees of its training centers, involving employers and unions productive. Continuously explores labor market trends through 25 Centers Public Employment Service and renews its offer of training in consultation with the productive sector. For more information: