Demonstrators protest the police action during the March lay Wednesday and the protest on Thursday. Laity and police played cat and mouse. Security forces wanted to avoid that they arrived at Sun. Controversy over the police assault on a young girl and a photographer. Km.

0 Madrid a new incident between laity and pilgrims occurred. the national police ctive l have proceeded past midnight this Saturday to the identification of a score of young people who have succeeded in rounding up to the height of calle Zurbano in Madrid, after almost four hours of demonstration aimlessly through various areas of the capital, and without any intention of terminating the protestbeing totally impossible that they accessing Sun since all the routes by which it is possible to enter were completely taken by the police. The March, called in protest at the police brutality has begun around 20.30 hours on Atocha Street in the capital, with the initial intention of the participants get to the Puerta del Sol. With slogans like delegated resignation or even God represents us and with a banner in English against police abuse have been rising at a brisk pace by calle Atocha. The police expected them in the plaza de Jacinto Benavente.

To reach nearby and realizing the deployment of ctive, the head of the demonstration is has desviad or one of the perpendicular streets until you reach plaza de Tirso de Molina. Far from stopping, the March continued until reaching La Latina and has bordered the plaza Mayor, where there was a first encounter with the police, who prevented the passage towards Sun by the main street. Protesters have then followed toward the Palacio de Oriente, with some shouts to pass in front of the Cathedral de la Almudena.


Next Sunday will be Domingo de Ramos, a date mentioned in the calendars of all capitals, as it begins one of the festivals Andalusia lives with greater intensity: Holy week.To learn and live Holy week in Andalusia as every year, we offer a number of useful links to all those people who want to know the brotherhoods and brotherhoods of each of the cities and that are hosted in our hotels in Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga and Seville. In these links that we indicate will find all the information relating to the Holy week: guilds and brotherhoods, its history, its heritage, the output in procession with the schedules and routes through the streets of the city; as well as the useful data needed to be able to enjoy during this week of one of the traditions with more roots in Andalusia. Malaga: Grouping of guilds Cadiz: Cadiz Huelva Cofrade: Huelva Cofrade Seville: sacred art at the reception all our hotels we offer them during these days of week Santa, programs with schedules and itineraries of all the brotherhoods, as well as the recommendations of hotels MONTE: a selection of the best places to watch the processions in each of the cities. Also, we show them the official posters that announce Easter in every one of these capitals.. social%20network%20stake%20%5BGlobes%2C%20Tel%20Aviv%2C%20Israel%5D%7C%7CdocSource%7C%7CMcClatchy-Tribune%7C%7Cprovider%7C%7CACQUIREMEDIA&ticker=AFIL:IT’>Yitzchak Mirilashvili has been very successful.

Language Resource

If you have love for the grammar of a foreign language evokes thoughts about bullying yourself, you need a second way. It's getting pleasure from thinking about what you will bring a good knowledge language. What you can achieve? Enhance and promote the career ladder? Participation in those very important negotiations? Travel on a business trip abroad, where you are, in addition to the work week will be able to go and inspect Sightseeing? Respect for superiors? New job? Moving abroad? All this – important factors, together and individually. When you know that the English depends on your career – this is in itself a great motivator. But it is not necessary to learn the language with the idea that if you do not, you get fired. Think positively: if I learn English, my salary will increase by 30%, and I can buy that same car.

Or go on holiday to America, which always dreamed of. Positive thoughts cause positive feelings from this point will be associated with a foreign language. Thus, opening a textbook in English, you think about America or how to ride with the wind on a new car and learn to become much easier! And then, in the learning process. You may, and do not notice how love language, as is usually the better we are in something are investigated, the more we like it. Thus, you will become have fun and the very process of learning the language, and this is the way to mastery! Importantly – to remember that for your teaching meets only you, and as you yourself are buying textbooks and disciplined himself to school, Likewise, you should also try to find for yourself the pleasure of language, which makes it fun and enjoyable learning.

And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Do you want to personally see the country you are studying a foreign language without ever leaving your computer? Come here – a huge number of photos from many different countries and cities. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

Maria Luisa Park

The city of Seville, capital of the province of the same name, is offered as one of the places most interesting to visit in Spain. Probably, few cities in the world conserve its historic quarter in the manner in which Sevilla has achieved it. There is much to see and explore in this amazing city. Choose Sevilla for their cheap escapades and arranged to trespass a gate that will put you in direct contact with the past of Spain. One of the most representative places of world history is the archive of the Indies. Carlos III very soon realized the importance of the new continent was going to have to Spain. For this reason in 1785 it decided to centralize in a single site all documentation related to the Spanish colonies in America. This fantastic initiative managed to gather some 43,000 bundles, with 80 million pages and 8000 illustrations that tell much of the story again continent, and the actions of the developed during the Spanish conquest.

In 1987 was declared patrimony of humanity from the UNESCO. The building is installed is called a Casa Lonja of merchants of Seville, and was built by Felipe II towards the year 1598. It has a square shape with a huge central courtyard, and only two stories in height. Like many buildings in Seville its exterior is of brick and stone. Here also are preserved documents related to the conquest of the Philippines and it is a kind of Mecca for modern historians, who come year after year to consult his invaluable pages. Spain’s Seville square is another icon of the city.

It lies within Maria Luisa Park, in the vicinity of the monument to el CID. The entrance to this open courtyard is free, up to 22 hours. Here was the Ibero-American exhibition of the year 1929, although its construction started in the year 1914. It’s a beautifully ornate plaza of more than 50,000 m, of which 31,000 are outdoors. The central fountain is a beautiful architectural work of aguas danzantes. The entire site has countless worthy of being admired, details with a profuse symbolism representing the different Spanish provinces, and the new world. Seville is a city to explore camera in hand, and capture some of the many treasures that here are, without a doubt, the ideal city to perform a few weekend getaways and visit an incredible site.

Latin American Countries

If we look at the evolution of the exchange rate in Latin American countries, we find that from September 2008 in all cases, they have suffered a depreciation with respect to the U.S., although in some countries currency, such depreciation has been very pronounced. Such is the case of Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. In the case of Mexico, the dollar went from quote to $10,28 at the beginning of September to $15.09 towards the end of February 2009. In Brazil the dollar went from quote to 1,632 reais to 2,313 reais, while in Colombia, the exchange rate went from $1.934,24 to 2.544,53 in the same period. Weakening observed in exchange rates has not been useful to generate an improvement in economies via the external sector and to make matters worse implies an inflation risk for the transfer of the weakening of the local currency towards domestic prices. In addition, reinforces the disincentive to foreign capital and can deepen the output of them from the countries of the region, further weakening exchange rates. What should Latin American Central bankers before the inefficiency observed in their monetary policies and higher risks of instability that they generate do? The inefficiency observed recently in monetary policy makes necessary the existence of a rethinking of the actions of monetary policy which are carrying out. Probably the continuity of cuts in the interest rate of reference of the countries of the region is not the solution to prevent the ongoing slowdown in growth.

Perhaps more suitable for central bankers to work in other types of mechanisms that facilitate the generation of credit economies to shore up this way to a domestic demand that appears weakened. Is there risk of inflationary burst in the economies of the region exchange rate weakening product? The weakness of the global economy and the economies of the region, makes it unlikely that there is a strong effect transfer towards the exchange rate weakening domestic prices. However, excessively weak exchange rates imply a higher level of inflation in the future (especially as far as the global economy begins to recover), which will force central banks to a monetary policy more strict. Although the inflation risk exists in the medium term, in the short term, some economies could face the risk of deflation. In recent months, are It has recorded monthly deflation in the economies of Chile, Brazil and Peru. In Mexico, since the Ministry of economy is expected the economy to fall into deflation. Then the deflationary risk of short term makes it convenient to continue with cuts in the benchmark interest rate? Not necessarily. The problem happens by weakening both external demand as internal to the economies of the region.

Monetary policy has not been effective in recovering any of them. Therefore, there is no security that further cuts in benchmark interest rates to avoid the risk of deflation. The Latin American Central bankers again entering a complex scenario in which their policy actions do not achieve the desired impact and threaten to produce undesirable effects. Is it a deep rethinking at the same time?

Google Analytics Tool

We encourage you to enter the world of analysis, is like a sudoku, get up, you give a few steps for animes: grab a web and starts to measure metrics. You can be a friend, your own blog, website or the website of the company of your friend. Analytics is learned by analyzing a real website, be creative, and see that well spend. Once chosen the site, attempts to navigate by the drawing conclusions. A common mistake of anyone who starts with the analytic is to focus on the tool, better take out millions of reports and analyzed the because thinks and is creative, the conclusions come little by little. Get your pass user that surfs the web.

Create your control panel. The tool does not resolve all your information needs, and neither configurations by default. Create your own metrics and capitalize them, creates your own reports but make mistake. Read the manufacturer’s documentation. All analysis tools say the same things but with different languages, trying to read the manufacturer’s documentation, help you to understand your language and out the most of the tool. Write down daily and compared with other days. Try to write down everything that has happened during the day, week, month etc.

so you will know what has happened that day that has been important to your web, and then compare your reports with other days to find out if it has been sastisfactorio. Collects and analyzes. Analyze and collect not mezclaz these two important tasks of analysis, analyzes a day and another collects, or one day you do collect all data so that the next day you can analyze. Read much, notes because many web pages exist communities, blog about web analytics, a necessary tool for your website, blog, Analytics also help to position my original author website and source of the article

Palawan Power Generation Inc

The weight exchange rate closed higher at P47.42 to the US dollar yesterday at the Philippine Dealing & Exchange Corp. from P47.52 the previous day. The weighted average rate depreciated to P47.496 from P47.325. Total volume amounted to $848.92 million. Firm builds Palawan Nike Air Max power plant Filipino-owned Palawan Power Generation Inc. is investing P140 million to put up a 9-megawatt power plant in Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The project was granted pioneer incentives by the Board of Investments entitling it to income tax holiday incentives and preferential duty on the importation of capital equipment. The company is expected to start commercial operation in March this year employing 39 workers.

PPGI will operate, convert and rehabilitate the Puerto Princesa 9-megawatt diesel power plant it leased from the National Power Corp. It will also convert the diesel-fired engine to make it run on bunker fuel. Once operational, the project is expectd to generate savings of at least P2.3 billion over a 15 year period. The proponent said that when the power plant is fully restored, it will be able to service about one-fourth of the total electricity demand in Palawan. PPGI is a unit of Palawan electric Cooperative, which holds the franchise to distribute power in Palawan.

PPGI s major stockholders are FLG Management & Development Corp., Theta Petroleum Corp. and Power One Corp. NPC buys Indonesian coal The National Power Corp. you have bought 585,000 tons nike free run of coal from three Indonesian suppliers, its first purchase since July after failing to award tenders because of high prices. Australian thermal coal prices, a benchmark for Asia, were quoted around $83 a ton at the start of the week, down nearly 60 percent from a record peak above $ 200 a ton in July last year. PT Trubaindo Coal Mining, PT Indominco Mandiri and PT Ekstrim Prima Coal will supply coal starting this month to National Power Corp s Shual and Pagbilao power plants, both located in Nike Air Jordan Shoes the northern Luzon region, according to data posted on the state power company’s website.