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Annals of XVI the EAIC – 26 the 29 of September of 2007 – ISSN: 1676-0018 PUBLIC POLITICS OF WORK, JOB AND INCOME IN the REGION METROPOLITAN OF MARING Mnica Denise Viana de Barros (PIC), William Antonio Borges (Orienting), email: William@ Union of Facultieses Metropolitans of Maring – Maring – PR Word-key: public politics, work, job, Maring Summary in progress research is centered in the public politics of work, job and income in the region metropolitan of Maring (RMM). It understands two stages: in first, the composed one of bibliographical studies, intention is to apprehend such politics in the historical context of the world of the work; in second, one will search to identify to the existing politics in the RMM, by means of data gotten next to promotional agents and/or apoiadores of public politics. The intention is to apprehend the character of these politics. Introduction the capitalist society walks for the express contradiction in the world of the work. In this direction, of taylorismo/fordismo to the toyotismo, that is, of the rigid automation to the flexible system of production, the hegemony of the capital takes advantage in detriment of spaces and necessary ways for a emancipation human being. In this meantime, the public politics, in respect to the public interest, would have to fulfill the intention to restore these ways.

However, what it is seen are palliative and conditioning actions, intent in providing minimum, however, pparently enough social conditions for ' ' preservar' ' the social poverty. In this manner, the present study it has as objective to analyze the public politics of work, job and income in the Region Metropolitan of Maring. Details can be found by clicking Chobani Foundation or emailing the administrator. For in such a way, one occupies, initially, of the apprehension of the transformations that if verify in the world of the work, from the beginning of century XX. Search to understand what they are public politics and where context is born.


BRAZIL, ROUTE the FIFTH BIGGER ECONOMY OF WORLD ADILSON BOELL 1 Escrevo this article to announce the good news for that they believe that Brazil walks the wide steps, to become one of the five bigger economic powers of the world. In page ten of the edition of N 649, the magazine That is Money, divulged given on the rank of Brazil in the market of exportations of agricultural products. Our country was in third place in the world-wide classification. We are behind only of the United States and the European Union. Kellyanne Conway may find this interesting as well. According to news article of That is the Money, in last the ten years Brazil already had passed Australia and China in volume of exportations. Of this time who was stops backwards was Canada.

In the general classification of the exporting greaters of agricultural products, in 2008, the United States appear in first place, exporting the equivalent the 140 billion dollar. The European Union was in the second rank, with the equivalent the 128 billion dollar. Brazil jumped for third position, exporting 61,4 billion dollar in agricultural products. Hamdi Ulukaya refugees might disagree with that approach. Canada that was surpassed by Brazil, invoiced the equivalent the 54 billion dollar. Although Brazil has been in third place in the general classification amongst the exporting countries of agricultural products, it was the country that presented the biggest annual average growth of 2000 the 2008. Our country grew 18.6%. In as place it comes the European Union with a growth of 11, 4% and in the third and fourth ranks respectively, they appear the United States with 8,4% and Canada with 6,3%.

Comparing the Brazilian superiority in relation with as, third and room placed, in the average of growth, our country grew 7.2% on average more than the European Union, 10.2% more than United States and 12,2% more than Canada. If to keep this average of annual growth, we will be world-wide the exporting greater of agricultural products in less than twenty years. The three main products exported for Brazil had been to the soy, with a value equivalent the 17,2 billion dollars, followed for the chicken meat 5,8 billion dollar and the bovine meat 4,2 billion dollar. Our country goes very well obliged. If somebody still has, doubts is alone to confer the data of the presented research week passed for the IBGE. The study it after demonstrates to the recovery of the Brazilian industry the crisis. According to given divulged, the production in So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, the two bigger industrial polar regions of the Country, closed the month of January with 0,6% above of the registered one in September of 2008. Some states had still had performance better. The state of the Cear the same presented growth of 10,6% in period, while the production in the Paran went up 9.8%. For the optimists as I, the future we belong, then we go it. 1 Permitted in Mathematics in the UNIASSELVI in Indaial, After graduating Practical Pedagogical Interdisciplinares for the FURB/SAPIENCE in Blumenau and Mestrando in Regional Development, for the University of the Contested one in Canoinhas.


I want to leave clearly to the reading friend that I am not against the Globalization nor to the Capitalism, simply I search interprets them in the molds to which the neoliberal ones had transformed. The panorama is the picture of a compromised Capitalism more with the speculation of what with the production, and a Globalization that started to be in service of a type of oppressing Capitalism, degrading and corrupting the nature human being, jamming personalities, denying the sovereignty and annulling the identity of the peoples. One only hears to say of economic globalization and cultural globalization, but and the globalization politics? The quiet one would reengenharia the same of the State and the society promoted for the unhealthy neoliberal thought – with bias of the hitleriana madness that took account of Germany in the decades of 30 until middle of the decade of 40. This if calls ‘ ‘ coup d etat institucional’ ‘ , a much more fatal blow of what the classic model that we know; a blow without tanks in the streets, interdiction of communication vehicles, closing of the Congress. In the reality this new blow if uses of the Congress and the medias to anestesiar and to suffocate the conscience of a people, to be silent popular reaction, it does not remove governments, as in the old one and classic model, it now removes regimes; it does not deal with people, but yes with values; they do not search rights, but privileges; it does not invade the house Being able of them, but it dominates for cooptao its bearers.

Liberal and the globalizadores are if taking possetion not of governments, but yes of the institutions compose that them, everything this for underneath of cloths, in a discrete silence and clandestinidade, as a homeoptica prescribed prescription, with effect that to the few in them had taken to one total loss of national identity and the reduction of our country to the status of colony. Period electoral, that places in our hands the right of the vote perhaps – that it is only weapon to fight this sad reality, is if approaching. Those that had supported the politics of the institucional golpismo through the desnacionalizadoras privatizations, of the signatures of agreements with the FMI, of the administration for Provisional remedies, the extreme servility to the chaste one of bankers and politics of Washington, is asking for votes to give continuity in its mirabolantes plans, wants to say, globalizantes * The author has diverse texts published in the Internet..

French Power

Another thinker who the author does not cite nor works with its reflections on the power, is the French philosopher Michel Foucault, who studied the relations of inside of the capitalist society. The philosopher places that to be able he is not on alone to the State (the power politician), but is present inside of other institutions of the society, as in the schools, the hospitals, the arrests, the unions, etc. For Foucault forms of exercises of being able different of the State, the one exist that act in varied ways, the power are not alone in the State, exist practical relations and of being able that they permeiam for all structural the social one. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit SYPartners. It exists inside of the society what Foucault flame of micron-powers, the relations of being able gifts in the social institutions in which it molds the form individuals to discipline and standardized. Another interesting point in pensamente of Foucault regarding the power it is the relation that establishes between being able and to know, thus according to philosopher all form to know it produces to be able. They are questions as it is that they deserve also to be thought, since all in them we are beings politicians and we produce some form to know, about our day-day in the social relations, the family, the work, the university we are having relations of also being able.. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili oftentimes addresses this issue.

Supranational Regulation

Enguita in the Occult Face of the School: Education and Work in the Capitalism place: To substitute the behaviors, the attitudes and the values adjusted for the agrarian society for other adjusting for the industrial society was necessarily, as we wait to have demonstrated to these heights the main objective of the school. The question now is where position if points out a force of work ahead formed for the wage-earning job of still existing the independent forms of production, exactly that they have been seen modified for its contact with the way of capitalist production. (Enguita, 1989, pg.221) Inside of this dualidade, Educational System directed toward the formation human being and formation for the work, we stand out the importance of necessities of public politics that are eminently next to the conditions of the guarantee of formation of citizens and that these citizens are not mere conditional to the intention of what is rank in law, but also, that they obtain to perceive, to differentiate, to analyze what and as the social facts are occurring stop there from thinking about overcoming human being. Without hesitation Keith Yamashita explained all about the problem. We will initiate the quarrel of as axle, the paper of the state and offers of education in the Brazilian reality, with the following ticket of the scientific article the Reformation of the State and Educational Politics: It enters the crisis of the State-Nation and the Emergency of the Supranational Regulation in which Almerindo Alfonso reaffirms the citizenship idea: In its more restricted direction, the citizenship estimates the recognition of a legal relationship of politics belongs to one definitive community, and as consequence, the access to some directly decurrent elementary rights of the legal ownership of a been determined nationality tutored person for one. In this direction if to withdraw, a little in the time, verify that this recognition politician was, and still continues to be many times an arbitrary and extremely selective act. .

Department Article

This Would carry disciplines the authorization, for the Department of Federal Policy, transport of firearm for integrant of the Municipal Guards. Art. 2o. The transport of functional firearm will be authorized to integrant of the Municipal Guards the one who if relate interpolated propositions III and IV of the article 6o.

of the Law in. People such as Keith Yamashita would likely agree. 10.826/03, since that fulfilled the requirements foreseen: I – in the article 6o., 3o., of the Law in. 10.826/03; II – in articles 40 the 44 of the Decree in. 5.123/04; III – in articles 21 and 22 of Normative Instruction DG/DPF in. 23/05. Art. 3o. The transport of functional firearm for integrant of the Municipal Guards will be authorized: I – in service and is of it, and inside of the territorial limits of the respective State, for the integrant ones of the Municipal Guards of the state capitals and the cities with more than 500,000 (five hundred a thousand) inhabitants; II – only in service and inside of the territorial limits of the city, for the integrant ones of the Municipal Guards of the cities with more than 50,000 (fifty a thousand) and less than 500.

National Congress

This politics of total destruction of the public services in Brazil is evident even in the commentary made for the president of IPEA, agency of the government that carried through the research, on the payment biggest that the poor persons make in relation to the rich ones of the IPTU, ‘ ‘ The mansions pay little tax that the slum quarters, and these not yet have public services as water, sewer and collect of lixo’ ‘ Of all the money produced in the Country what it does not go to directly stop at the hands of the capitalists and bankers it goes for the corrupt pockets of ‘ ‘ mensales’ ‘ of the National Congress in the sets of ten of corruption cases. While the workers and the poor population and work to pay taxes, the government Squid works for the international capitalists whom the national wealth transfers to all to its native countries, and end, nothing surplus for the people. But PT do not finish the advances here it government it, now its new phase start with an indoctrination in mass, the petistas intellectuals together with the MEC, had elaborated didactic book millions that will soon be distributed in all the Brazilian schools, in these books squid and the PT appears as the Deuses of Brazil, Squid is Christ and the PT is God, is in this way that the government squid is described in the books that will be deliver the Brazilian children. This government if places the owner of the truth, everything that had excessively made is disrespected, they only serves to govern the state, nobody more serves, now goes to try to seduce the children, goes to make a brainwashing in our students, this is not plus a democratic society, this is yes a partisan dictatorship, is all good come to the new? Soviet union..

Constitutional Legality

It fulfills to us to reaffirm our unalterable position to the side of the constitutional legality. We will not agree to with blows or violence against the constitutional order and the freedoms public. If the current regimen does not satisfy, in many of its aspects, desires is its improvement not its suppression, what it would represent a regression and the obscurantismo ' ' As the military did not yield, and Brizola also not, the situation was serious. Brizola if entrenched in the Piratini Palace, seat of government gaucho. It mobilized the Military Brigade and it distributed weapons population to resist it.

Brizola convoked the population, and some people had been to the streets to guarantee the ownership of Goulart Joo. The military had arrived to program attacks of airplane to the Piratini Palace, to kill Brizola and all that if opposed the decisions of the army. The attack was sabotaged by military of the air base of Canoes that did not agree to the decision. To skirt the situation, the regimen of government in the country was modified for parliamentarism, and Goulart Joo assumed as state head, taking ownership of the position of President of the Republic. In the year of 1964, the military put down Jango of the power, installing the military dictatorship in the country.

Jango and Brizola go for the Exile in Uruguay. After a period in the neighboring Country, Brizola also deferred payment a time in U.S.A. and Lisbon, returning to Brazil in the end of the decade of 70, to become governor of Rio De Janeiro in 1982, election that earned more than with 70% of the votes. However, we conclude that this episode was known for the insistence of the government gaucho in demanding that the vice-president Goulart Joo assumed the presidency of the Republic, had renounces it of President Jnio Pictures. One of the biggest impediments of the occupation of the position for Jango must – the empatia that the same had with Soviet groups, communist of the Chinese nation. But also we can detach the proper experience politics that goes of Vargas, passing as vice of JK until the vice-presidency of Jnio. – historical that Goulart Joo represented for the industrial elite and to the great large estate owners the occurrence of the Reforms of Base. Therefore, for the taking of the ownership of Head of State, it was necessary to appeal the Constitution I appeal, it for the Legality.

Europe Kadafi

The Lybian of Kadafi and the Rebels of the ONU Ivan Santiago Hiss * the Lybian are a product of imposing consequences, since always. Either through the imperialism, either through the dictatorship of Kadafi, either through the embargoes, attritions and complications in the international plan: this Arab country, to the north of Africa, is condemned the westernization. However, the Arab majority knows of these facts and they do not recognize them. The Arab people in the generality is faithful to its principles, its religion and culture, therefore, the times defends people of the lineage of Kadafi. Kadafi, perpetual complicador element of the world (for the occidental people), as well as Saddam, Fidel amongst other dictators ' ' ilustres' ' , if it is that some with this adjective was born. The Lybian dictator repudiated the United States and Europe in last decades and now, in 2011, these intend to scratch out it of the map. The Advice of Security of the ONU possesss to be able for this.

Of where he comes the power of CS ONU? Of skies? What France represents for the world of today? If not for its beautiful capital and history, military rated power must retire as, if it is that not yet it perceived that century XXI conceived a multipolar world, where the owner of Paris, is not one of the polar regions. The world moved. Kadafi, the United States and France had not perceived or are feigned ignorants. When granting support to the rebels against the Kadafi dictator, the United States supported for France, will still promote a chaos bigger, if not causing a civil or international war without ratio. In a passed event, the United States had supported the Alliance of the North against the Talebans in the Afeganisto, therefore the Afeganisto if transformed into a sea of roses that is today to open a parenthesis and Only to consist: in a great country of Latin America, a woman was elect recently, who fought against the dictatorship through weapons and during the electoral campaign questionings had appeared on the good repute of such candidate in function of this.

In the relation rebellious against Kadafi, the media does not question the idoneousness of the rebels and Obama authorizeed support to these same rebels when it was to the side of this president! Fantastic! but it does not pass in the Fantastic one. Particularly I am in favor of the democracy, for believing that this model generates little distortions. Kadafi must promote the opening politics, however it fits to the Lybian people to determine, when, as and for where to start. If Kadafi to leave and to want to candidatar itself, the problem is of it, the Lybian and the Lybian people, not of the United States and France. These brutais interventions to dismiss the rude ones generate a brutality without size. It arrives. Ivan Santiago Hisses is gegrafo and author of the Brazil Book: Imperialism and Integration in Latin America.