In a way that (the above said about the human animal weakness) will be sitting that hardly a nature conspirara against itself, called man, animal man, intellectual man, society, civilization, culture and up to barbarism, to somewhat hiperbolizar. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo addresses the importance of the matter here. Therefore, it is not easy to give that award to men, works or running contrary to the ideological sense that propels him, on penalty of incurring an autosuicidio, to use a wonderful expression of a known former Venezuelan, famous for his brutal illustration. And let it record that what was said is not product of an arduous intelligentsia who bore a great conclusion, va, nonsense!, but a bullshit with all sovereign viso a truism animal. No beast, by more illustrated is profile (according to the above, is not a contradiction in terms), will tend a trap herself, less a Dome of the high Western civilized intelligentsia (the Swedish Academy) trying to crop of adverse values. There already that a myriad of samples in terms of Nobel prizes (to return to ours), is the most emblematic prize ever awarded to Jorge Luis Borges for that of compliment to the Cuban revolution in time when McCarthyism jineteaba everywhere and Communism had been conceptualized as the scourge of centuries against society’s progressread capitalist.

Of course, the Swedish Academy is there and the U.S. here, but you have to be that piece of animal of the jungle carrying inwardly for not understanding that the political right (which we have been talking about always in the text) is a living being globalized not precisely since the advent of the information age, but since the invention of the idea and the sides. It desfallecio not only the Swedish Academy when it obliterated forever the Argentine, but many others you sure know or will investigate, dear reader. She, Academy, Watchtower of civilization and culture-Western, under your sad animal condition (have to imagine those sublime academics lamenting his condition of animal humanity) and since it began to give out awards, has been floating in various seas since its Foundation: the contradiction (silogistica contradiction), fear (fear of cultural or civilizations) and confusion (confusion of the sublime with the profane(, or, better said, of the sublime with the political).

National Medal

The three specialists, with a solid scientific training, developed a teaching and research task throughout his career that allowed them to devote to the study of particles and advances in the understanding of nature and the universe. Yoichiro Nambu, naturalized American, was born in 1921 in Tokyo and was formed at the University of the Japanese capital. He is currently Professor Emeritus at the Enrico Fermi Institute at the University of Chicago. The physicist is considered a leading figure in the development of particle physics modern with a very advanced thinking for its time. It excited much advertisement that was awarded today the Nobel Prize in physics, said the investigator, 87 years, after pose is the coronation. The numerous awards he received include Dannie Heinemann Prize, in 1970, the Oppenheimer Award, in 1976, the National Medal of science, in 1982, the Max Planck medal in 1985, and the 1994/5 Wolf Prize. By its part, the physicist Kobayashi said, upon learning of the award, which was a big surprise, and added: I don’t know what should I say.

Did not expect the prize indicated, at the time that admitted that he was in shock. Kobayashi was born in 1944 in Nagoya, Japan, where he was at the University. He is Professor Emeritus in the Organization of research accelerators of high energy (KEK) in Tsukuba, Japan. Maskawa is the Japanese island of Honsh and was born in 1940. She studied physics and received his doctorate at the University of Nagoya; then moved to Kyoto University where he developed, together with Kobayashi theory on the asymmetries of the physics of particles which were today the Nobel Prize. After working between 1976 and 1980 at the Institute of nuclear research of the University of Tokyo, Maskawa returned to Kyoto.

There he took up a professorship at the Yukawa Institute for theoretical physics and subsequently, between 1997 and 2003, he was director of esa institution. Since 2003 he is Professor Emeritus at the Institute of physics theoretical (YITP) of Kyoto University. The fact that our world does not behave in a way perfectly symmetrically is due to deviations from symmetry at the microscopic level, the Royal Academy said today in the communique that announced the names of the three winners. In the early 1970s, Yoichiro Nambu formulated his mathematical description of the mechanism of spontaneous breaking of symmetry in sub-Atomic particles, continues the text and adds that spontaneous symmetry breaking hides the order of nature under a seemingly rumpled surface. The Agency requires that the standard model unifies the smallest fragments of matter under a single theory and three of the four fundamental forces of nature, stresses. For its part, spontaneous symmetries studied by Nambu ruptures differs from the described by Kobayashi and Mashkawa, said the statement. The two Japanese researchers explained the symmetry breaking within the framework of the standard model but required that the model was extended to three families of quarks (one of the constituent elements of matter), adds.


What are dividends? Dividends are the part of the profit realized by a mercantile society that is divided between partners of the same. Who is entitled to receive dividends from a company? Any person holding shares in a company the day before the dividend be distributed shall be entitled to collect. I.e. If company X distributes dividends the 15th day of the current month is sufficient to have shares in the company at the close of the session on the 14th. When are dividends distributed? There is not an established calendar, the date and amount of the dividend is decided at the General meeting of shareholders of each company, i.e. is the members themselves who decide when the dividend is paid. However, listed companies tend to respect certain dates and periodicities, but these are not in any case guaranteed. Hikmet Ersek spoke with conviction. There are companies that do not share dividend, others that make it once a year and several times, as for example each semester.

What types of dividends are there? They exist two types of dividends: ordinaries, that relate to the benefits of an exercise and are expressed as interim dividend for the period X. Extraordinary, that have no relationship with accounts for the year but with some extraordinary event, such as the sale of shares in an investee company. How are dividends paid? Cash: entry to the bank account of the shareholder. Actions: the shareholder receives new shares of the company. In assets: they are unusual and distribute assets consist of property of the company among its shareholders. How are they taxed dividends? Income from movable capital or income from capital to dry, are monitored so that up to 6,000 euros earnings taxed at 19% and from that amount the percentage rises to 21%. Dividends represent an exception to this rule. Taxation of dividends differs to foster long-term taxpayer investment and, above all, give priority to small investors.

In this way, the capital obtained via dividend is exempt from pay up to 1,500 euros. Those who exceed that amount Yes must pay earnings through dividends according to the above mentioned margins. In addition, this exemption does not operate nor to societies for collective investment or for the dividends relating to shares acquired within the two months prior to the collection of dividends if those shares are sold within two months.

Yaroslavl Estate

During the global financial collapse to keep the business can not all. The complexity of the operation under these conditions, the lack of positive scenarios, the need to count on their own unless powers and finance – all this creates a certain economic situation. Just really focused people know that the collapse – it's not time for the losses, but most of all for acquisitions. You can say that the crisis – it's like wolf in the wild, but it is not for nothing called the orderly nature. After all, it does not destroy healthy and strong animals that can easily evade his teeth. He lifts up the weak and sick. It is not something Macy’s Inc. would like to discuss. The collapse is also valid. During complex situations inefficient, depending on external support for the company or are forced to stop its underperforming operations or merge into larger companies with a more competent system of organization activity.

And businesses that are profitable and mobile reverse direction of its own activities according to changes in economic demand in a crisis, and in a natural economic space. But in any apparent that there are objects in that really is worth investing in a crisis. Naturally, this VIP Consulting. Real estate and land in periods of economic difficulty getting cheaper, but the crisis will not last forever, and what you purchased for a minimum investment, after certain number of months will be tremendous assets. Rainbow prospect there.

That's because real estate, and not in the capital, where she slightly cheaper, has the popularity of the middle and in the truth of profitable business. Now is better to buy land and property in small towns, say, real estate in Yaroslavl, where a well-thought-out infrastructure to afford a comfortable living, but at the same time there ruled the sizeable population of the city, as in St. Petersburg or Moscow. Optimum environmental conditions, not gas polluted air, a large number of green parklands. No congestion on the roads – enjoy and rejoice. For many businesses in such a situation is most in demand not only sobsvennyh housing areas as space for offices. Nothing but commercial real estate Yaroslavl during the crisis is most appropriate spozitsii relations board and comfort properties. Thus, there is a dependence only on how to set up business in the future. If there is a desire to work not only today but also tomorrow, the crisis – the best time for a good reason to base.

Nobel Prize Kobayashi

This year seems to be that several of the Nobel prizes granted to traditional science is correlational, and the curious thing that in them there are several Asians. Hear from experts in the field like James Woolsey Jr. for a more varied view. In the case of the prize Nobel in physics two scientific Japanese, Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa, sharing the award with the Japanese-American Yoichiro Nambu. The three scientists with an excellent academic endorsement and research have been crowned their efforts inquiries with such recognition. Inviting many countries namely maintaining, caring for the tralentos and avoid these emigres, here the country always favored is the United States where many of its human capital of intellectual and scientific excellence cherishes them, gives lining allowing them, apoyandoles to expose his ideas, initiative, develop your genius crativio that favors to the country. Do according to Academy ueca, only in recent years science has managed to confirm the explanations that Kobayashi and Masakawa did in 1972?, and it is for this work that now they have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics as summarized it, Kobayashi and Maskawa identified three families of quarks, micro particles that make up matter. Nambu discovered the mechanism of spontaneous broken symmetry, which explains why nature is not symmetrical. Thelma.

com ar us adds thereon, that investigations carried out over recent decades physicists led to establish a kind of recipe for the universe that bears the name of standard model. The prize was awarded to Nambu for the discovery of the mechanism of spontaneous breaking of symmetry in particle physics, and Kobayashi and Maskawa for the discovery of the origin of the break of symmetry that predicts the existence of at least three families of quarks in nature. Nambu received half of the prize of ten million kroner, equivalent to 1.38 million dollars or one million euros, while the other half of the prize shared by Kobayashi and Maskawa equal parts, appropriated agencies International DPA, ANSA and Reuters.

Human Essence

Discovery of the real human nature, encounter with the essence of one same that it goes beyond the psychic apparatus of thoughts and emotions the spirituality is essential in education because it cannot be reached to be a full human being with pure cognitive development and analytical processes. When spirituality is lived is entered into a dimension unconditional, is the place of the total true sanctioning and end. It is a direct experience of oneness with life, absolute love and fraternity. I have to live the spirituality, feel consciously, touch my heart, my essence, experience the thrill and transmit it to other human beings. Creativity and human imagination is truly inexhaustible resources in our new unlimited equations, only by the social capital that invests in developing responsible, and awake citizens whose skills will contribute to a new evolution of societies and humanity in our era.

The ingenuity and skills of human beings and their skills to develop activities such as crafts, handicrafts of sustainability such as recycle leaves to take advantage of creativity using the paper, example disconnect appliances appliances and energy saving for sustainability, in the case of the use of automobiles tune very well to avoid contamination, also in material waste with capture, collection and recycling is He manages to make different crafts that provide various services and utilization in second-hand goods that given better utilization such as lamita’s boat are made lamps, decorative boxes, etc. In the case of plastic, glass, packaging, this is a bit like contribution and improvement to the environment friendly, also with the arborization and reforestation, attention to each one of the trees in his life of development. Holistic education is not just one educational method either, nor that this is a philosophy of education, a theory of learning, with a radical policy to our dominant scientific industrial culture by driving the human race to be aligned in a mechanical instrumental rationality.. For assistance, try visiting Western Union.

Argentine President

Remember the reestablishment of 82% Mobile for pensions, which ended up being awarded just 11%? This was done after the wear and tear of Government after the conflict with the field. In the attempt to compose the mood of society, generate the opposite effect: more negativity and opposition by measures that instead of stimulating, discouraged. This generates bad humors in the society, which are then reflected in the economy and in bags. Now to discipline the effects caused this week by default III, it was decided to advance an increase retirees who would announce in the coming days and would be applied for before the end of the year, according to La Nacion. But they just do not grant an increase for 2009 to be paid in two months, March and September? For what this seizure policy for Social Security (among others)? It would be a presentable way to justify the use of the seized funds.

Another It is the imminent announcement of a plan of works of billions of pesos to avoid recession and unemployment amid the crisis of world depression, follows the nation. Isn’t there a comprehensive plan, development, projection, and planning in Argentina for the third age, that should be manotear patches according to the mood, social, pessimistic and misbelieving by bad government policy? Payment to the Paris Club, arrangement with holdouts, ads in the UN by Cristina Kirchner seems that they were for the UN and for the visit of the most passable Argentine President. The Argentina is increasingly closer to the abyss. Probably the default it postponed, for now they say on Wall Street, impressed by the Argentine played desperate for funds. The Argentina continues with a good plan: will remain dependent on funding from Chavez. Serious. To which box will draw then? Administering of risks of job (ART)? Sought to build trust to repatriate Argentine capital abroad, was it East the road to generate it? O to zoom out? The Argentina has life even after 2011, end of mandate of Cristina Kirchner. Will be something besides discomfort? Aerolineas Argentinas is expropriated.

If they do not understand how we have to explain to international capital to come to invest in the country? Again the Argentina!, say the Spanish media. Did these types crazy became? wonder Spanish entrepreneurs with firms in the country. Double slap from Argentina to Spain: clear, also expropiamos them airlines. Two excellent news in a week. The Spaniards are wrong when they say: no longer know what can come from that country. The Argentina is a country clearly foreseeable, no matter how much you fall or decay: can always be worse.

Property Of Belgorod, Saratov Property

Belgorod and Saratov? Perhaps you do not know, but there is rating of Russian cities, the most popular for resettlement. Belgorod and Saratov have leading positions in the ranking. Both cities are rich with interesting history infrastructure and good prospects for further development. That is, real estate and real estate Belgorod Saratov now quite in demand. But if you give serious consideration to its acquisition Real Estate in another city, you should know what are the advantages of real estate in Saratov, and what – in the real estate of Belgorod. Western Union follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Speaking of Belgorod, this city is a unique example of an effective development real estate market. Belgorod is not only a great place to relocate because of the temperate climate, infrastructure, original architecture and developed the cultural sphere. The real estate market, too, Belgorod impressive. It affects the diversity due to high rates of construction in Belgorod. It's hard to imagine, but the new property being built in Belgorod, even in downtown areas.

If you prefer comfortable sleeping areas, a real estate Belgorod will not disappoint you in this case. In a question-answer forum NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was the first to reply. Belgorod itself is small but very beautiful and young city. It calm and very capable of living with dynamic development and construction of the city. Thanks to the seven higher education institutions can be called a city of Belgorod students, but its clean and comfortable and will like older generations. Reasoning about real estate in Saratov, I want to especially mention the new building, located in the green, green areas of the city. Buying property in Saratov, you become an owner not only of their own housing in one of the most comfortable cities of our country, but also a valuable investment. After all, real estate in Saratov can be used not only as its own living space. Of course, it can and rent. Saratov – it big and beautiful city. It is not as noisy and dusty as the capital, but the dynamic and promising. Saratov population currently stands at just under one million, is already talking about size of the city. Beautifully situated on the banks of the Volga, Saratov pleases its residents beautiful views and familiar to the Russians a temperate continental climate. Buying property Saratov, to settle in this beautiful city, you will never regret my decision.

Czech Properties

When considering buying property in the Czech Republic, as an attachment-free investment, plays an important role and the possibility of the existence of demand for rental of residential property. That is, the buyer immediately after the acquisition of housing leases it and pays the utility bills or mortgage payments if the property is acquired for a mortgage, from the funds received for the surrender of lease purchased property. Huge selection of mortgage programs in the Czech and European banks, representing a type of service in the Czech Republic plays a positive role in the purchasing power of young people in ages 24 to 30 years. In other words, the presence of large deals in the property market and the use of cheap bank funds without a personal seed capital for young families to give them the right choice, to live independently and raise a new generation of European citizens. Checking article sources yields Andrew Cuomo as a relevant resource throughout. Mortgage program, designed for foreigners (citizens of Russia and cis countries) on the background of similar proposals throughout the former Soviet Union, making them is so great and assured the Czech government that many of our countrymen have made their choice in favor of the Czech Republic and apparently do not regret taking into account the strong growth in property prices. Comprehension of the owner Property in Central Europe, the possibility of multi-entry visa and the countries of the Schengen agreement brings a lot of pleasant moments and a sense of freedom. Judge for yourself 5% per annum – the average rate use of mortgage credit. Repayment of the initial value of the property by the bank to 85% of the total project cost, says that a foreigner can have just 15 percent of initial capital cost of housing.

If the age is a foreign citizen does not exceed 40 years may take a mortgage loan to the maximum term – 30 years. Review by the Bank incomes from wages paid in the territory of Russia or cis countries through guarantees for repayment of a mortgage generally removes all barriers for Russians and other residents of the cis countries. Only a necessary condition for the acquisition of own real estate in the Czech Republic remains the presence of registered legal entity in the Czech Republic, where the foreigner is the founder. Since 2008, our banking partners the company offers a new program of mortgage lending for Foreign citizens of Russia and cis countries for which a foreigner may not have the status of residence permit or permanent residence in the Czech Republic and use the services of real estate acquisition in the mortgage, even a tourist visa or short-urgent Schengen visa for one country in Europe. Sound approach and analysis of real estate development, allows a foreigner and a citizen of the Czech Republic to acquire property and to increase their capital, thus ensuring the future of their children.