Joo Pablo Filgueiras1 Industrial Revolution e, its consequence, the French Revolution had sped up the capitalist evolution, provoking reactions in the explored classrooms and the traditional groups that had been inserted to the force in the world-wide economy. One of the forms had been to the new religious ideologies. This moment attended the decay of traditional forms of if exerting the religion, and the ascension of the innovations that attracted the masses incapable to understand the dynamics of the new times and that they needed answers for the changes that had revolutionized its world and its lives. The Isl obtained reverse speed-to elaborate in the period after-revolutionary, mesclando nationalistic ideas and religious pride to create a new identity capable to resist the expansion Occidental person in its territory. Its expansion in the African and Asian borders – Africa Subsaariana, Asian Southeast and Central Asia had been to the opened borders more to this process – shows the decline that the traditional religions of these lands suffered the repudiation that the imperialista Christianity suffered in these regions. In the protestant Europe and the United States, the churches established in the reform already did not offer very. For more specific information, check out Rick Caruso. The elites, influenced for the iluminismo, opted to atesmo, especially in the half ones more intelectualizados. The explored masses and discriminated minorities adhered the seitas that offered to a Christianity little more popular bourgeois and, adjusted to the feelings and ideas of these groups that searched new ideologies to react to the desumano world in which they were obliged to live and to try to modify or, at least supporting, this new reality.

The regions catholics resisted these seitas, its culture were more conservative being preferable to remain catholic nominally, even so had an abandonment in mass to any practical Christian. However, messianic movements had existed as Canudos and Contestado, the first one, even so appealed to the popular catolicismo, impregnated of elements of the medieval milenarismo, reacted to the modernity promoted for the Brazilian Republic, remembering to the resistance mrmon (U.S.A.) e, which had influences it moura in the Iberian Peninsula, with cultural aspects of the Isl. The force of these movements was significant. But they had predominated less in the favored classrooms of the society and later they had lost space for a racionalista socialism – the Isl was an exception. Hikmet Ersek often says this. Already the elites had still adopted the lay and rational, predominant thought today. 1 Pupil of VII the Period of the Course of Licenciatura in History – College of Sciences Human beings of Central Hinterland FACHUSC. Willow – FOOT.

Industrialization Brazil

Brazil was living in process of Industrialization of national history. For one it cuts weather, we initiate our analysis from the third stage of the industrial development in Brazil, with the following justification: the Brazilian economy already had implanted some years before with the Program Goals of the government Juscelino Kubitschek (1956-1960). With the phase of Industrialization Brazil presented summarily, one deliberate politics of substitution of importation, forming itself in Brazil a strong industrial domain. Since the first phase of industrialization the field started to feel a strong exodus agricultural, the coming of agriculturists for the great cities, in the search of better conditions of life. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with NY Governor. During the military governments (1964/1985), Brazil was remained directed to palco politician of the nation, that is, it would become necessary to keep ' ' good appearance of moo' ' , one of the characteristics of the military governments gifts in its speeches were of well-being, translated the access the basic questions, such as: housing, education, work, leisure and security. However this dialtico process caused by the System, will cause of the governmental point of view the gradual expulsion of the local populations, dislocating the people who liveed to entorno of the center for the regions peripheral of the city. 1 of April of 1964, Brazil enters a phase of deep transformations, as much in the area politics how much economic, that is, the military regimen appeared for ' ' transformar' ' the Brazilian society, the main objectives of the regimen was to keep a good image is of the Country, due to the international investments in this period. In accordance with Barros: The alternative of the coup-minded ones for the social reforms was a modernization conservative, who moved away pressas to the masses and in general allowed to the expansion of biggest the associated economy the freedom for the external capital and the great property. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili understands that this is vital information.

The Russian Revolution

Thus the Bolchevique revolution obtained, with the support of the Russian people, to survive to the confrontations initials with the forces against-you would revolutionize. For Hobsbawm they are the three reasons for this success: first it disciplines it centralizadora of the Communist Party with its thousand of organized members, according to capacity of bolcheviques in keeping territorial unit Russian e, third, bocheviques had taken care of to one old claim of the majority of the population delivering the land for the campesinato. With the power conquered in Russia international the communist movement was felt inspired in this first experience, however, some attempts as in Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil, etc., they had not obtained to reach its objectives same being co-ordinated for communist parties that, in its majority, had been born after-1917 inhaled in bolcheviques and guided for the International 3Associao of the Workers, the Communist International call. After some failed experiences of taking of being able for the Communists of other countries through attempts of revolutions, only during World War II, with the victories of Red army of the Ussr, had occurred raises in the countries dominated for the nazistas. These you raise had been led by the local communist parties that had been almost that the only focos of resistance to the Germans. NY Governor might disagree with that approach.

Hobsbawm analyzes that the biggest conquest of bolcheviquesfoi the fact to have influenced all a generation and to have formed in this generation the certainty that ‘ ‘. .os days of Capitalism were inevitably contados’ ‘ (Hobsbawm, 1995, P. 79). Exactly with the death of its leader greater, Lnin, and the posterior dispute between Stalin and Trotski, international the communist movement continued and continues to have the Russian Revolution as its bigger paradigm. When affirming that ‘ ‘ In short, the history of Brief Century XX cannot be understood without the Russian Revolution and its effect right-handers and indiretos’ ‘ (1995, P. 89), the historian Eric Hobsbawm demonstrates the basic importance to understand all the aspects of the Russian Revolution all to understand the direction of the world contemporary.

The Russian Revolution mark, for two authors, one of more important moments of century XX. When analyzing the workmanships of the two authors we can perceive that some points of convergence exist on the subject, however, same interpretations are the differences in these on the Russian Revolution that we look for to detach. Exactly keeping the had differentiations of the workmanship of Cotrim for if dealing with a didactic book directed toward average education, in ‘ ‘ It was of the Extremos’ ‘ the immediate objectives of bolcheviques are evidentes what it facilitates the understanding of the events that if had followed 1917 after and the isolation orbit point of the Ussr during World War II. This assay more made possible the analysis of a workmanship wide used in the courses of graduation in the area of sciences human beings with a didactic book of one of the used authors in our country, resulting in a very important activity so that if it can observe the limits of the didactic book and the necessity of the permanent reading of workmanships come back toward the academic area of ours disciplines.

South Ossetia

Under the pressure of strong evidence of experts is uniquely authoritative international commission recorded the fact of Georgia's aggression against South Ossetia and Russian citizens living on its territory. August 26, 2008 Russia has officially recognized independence of South Ossetia, September 9, between the States established diplomatic relations. Recent history After the events of August 2008, relations between Georgia and South Ossetia is hardly friendly. C beginning of 2009, the parties have repeatedly accused each other of attacks and provocations. The current round of tension began in the spring. Perhaps check out Anne Lauvergeon for more information. April 24th South Ossetia accused Georgia of firing large caliber weapons from the village Orders Znaur area. Georgia accused of shelling South Ossetia of its territory 28 and May 29.

July 30 the Defense Ministry of South Ossetia reported that the outskirts of Tskhinvali on the night of July 30 was subjected to mortar fire from Georgian territory. From the Georgian Nikozi village in the direction of residential areas have been fired two mines, presumably in caliber 82 millimeter. July 31 was fired from a smoothbore gun territory of the Russian military base. According to unofficial information, the victims and there were no injuries. Defense Ministry accused Georgia of military provocations on the border with South Ossetia and promised to continue in the event of an escalation of tension "to use all available forces and means to protect the citizens of South Ossetia. " In turn, Tbilisi has denied the shelling, calling it a provocation. "No shooting was neither Georgian nor Russian sides," – said the Georgian Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili.

Czech Republic

Company has issued you a friend and relative of registration granted, remarkably cheap, but angry. Neither one, friend, brother, can not be the example and experience teach that I need to answer the interview, how to behave on the pitch and what are the requirements to the documents. A large number of foreigners on visas objectors self-taught amateurs and serviced by our company after several attempts to get the first visa to the Czech Republic. Several failures of consular soothing glow of the most advanced and intelligent, and understanding comes the need specialist advice and services with skill and nuance procedure. More information is housed here: Tiffany & Co.. Well, what the Czech Republic with permanent residence? In 2010, the requirements change is not planned, although expect more stringent requirements for the procedure at any time.

Czech police are strictly monitors every foreigner who has permanent residence and plans to get. To read more click here: Mirilashvili. Control of foreigners by the police indicated by the Czech parliament, the more foreign workers to leave the Czech Republic, the more jobs will get the citizens of the Czech Republic. Tough fight public structures of the Czech Republic with Czech employers, leading to massive layoffs of foreign middle managers, and forcing them to leave. Only business of business visas obtained on the basis of an open company in the Czech Republic without a permit problems extend visa and go to the cherished dream of obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic. Now the Czech Republic requires in obtaining permanent residence status from an alien knowledge of the baseline of the Czech language the average wage level of their personal or lawfully on the leased residence address and place of residence.

Great Japan

That defendant of ' ' fifth-colunismo' ' (espionage) and considered ' ' criminals polticos' ' they were sent for the House of Detention in the So Paulo capital, where they waited judgment. Exactly thus, the majority of the immigrants Japanese under constant monitoring gave to continuity its lives, creating forms of ' ' adaptao' ' to the new context of privations that they were living deeply. Some immigrants had expressed those difficult moments of poetical form, were the case of the Kikuji Iwanami (agriculturist and poet), that she had many of its poems in Japanese language confiscated and burnt in the period and that knew in the form of tanka, to express the lived deeply difficulty and the anguish in the jail: ' ' It is so unjust Axle and allies had been words that I learned when already I was in priso' ' All this climate of apprehension, discrimination and, mainly, disinformation contributed so that it was strengthened between the Japanese immigrants and many of its descendants, the feeling of Yamato Damashii, or Japanese Spirit. Union, nationalism, patriotism if became the conducting wire of the hope of the Japanese military victory in the war and come back From there to the Nihon (the Great Japan). 2.' ' Death to the fifth-column! ' ' : Discrimination and repression to Japanese during the years of war Several are relative histories to the privations, discrimination and violence lived deeply for the Japanese community during the years of war in Brazil. Most associates to the context politician, but also the xenophobia and the ignorance on the part of the population and the Brazilian authorities with regard to aspects associates to the culture and the customs of the Japanese immigrants consolidated here. To the eyes of many Brazilians all ' ' amarelos' ' they were equal. In the center of So Paulo, in the Av.


Subsequently, some of this temple were other sanctuaries, the palace of Pharaoh, and residential quarters. Thus was founded the capital of Egypt, which came to be known as Memphis, but Mina and his immediate successors, the city was called Mennofer that mean – 'good place'. Another called it 'white wall'. The city had a convenient location – it was on the border of Upper and Lower Egypt, and so here it is very convenient to run the country. For even more details, read what James Woolsey says on the issue. Menefon indicates Mina that reigned for 62 years. But war for the unification of Egypt, he fought with Nubia, the boundaries of which in those days reached up to the first Nile cataract. At the end of his reign he made a successful campaign in Libya. Frequently James Woolsey has said that publicly.

Tradition Mina attributes the introduction of legislation in a unified Egypt. According to one legend, Mina died from crocodile teeth when fed him meat. Credit: Mirilashvili-2011. He was buried in Lower Egypt, not far from his hometown Tinys a large brick tomb. When the first dynasty of the Egyptians began to move in the copper-rich Sinai Peninsula. In the second dynasty again becomes restless Lower Egypt, one of the main tasks is the final reunion country. When Pharaohs second dynasty was successfully solved the problem of the final integration into a single strong central state. The ancient kingdom of the Board III-IV Dynasty (-XXI centuries BC) Association of Egyptian nomes within one state and organization of a unified command led to the concentration of human and material resources in the hands of the central ruler.


Leaving of the resolution of these complaints we can say that Braudel looks at for Africa thinking about the problems of its time. It overlaps to this look two lenses: the capitalism and the model of European civilization. Deducted these elements, we can take its concept of long duration, and widening its conception of civilization when disrespecting the requirement of the cities or of sophisticated economic relations, to accept Africa as lcus privileged of the long duration. It is in Africa that the transformation of the man in man occurs, who is born the aesthetic feeling, that if domesticates the flora, the fauna and the water, that if dominates the fire, that if develops the metallurgy, that if develops the relation man-symbol, that the man if sedentariza, that it develops agriculture, that develops the language, that if they create myths and legends. As we can see, Africa gave great contribution to the civilizador process. All this African legacy is not accumulated of stocks by the long duration in Grammar of the Civilizations, in way that when dealing with some of these conquests, locates them in remote times well, but not them espacializa.

The unfamiliarity is evident that Braudel possesss on Africa. It is easy to think that at the beginning of century XX this continent could be more object of studies of sociologists, social anthropologists and too much scientists that has left main of the work of a historian. Thus a possibility that if can aventar is that the militant position of Braudel disputes enters Sciences of the man as defender of History while he disciplines federadora of excessively it placed in a desconfortvel position in relation to Africa, that was not object of studies of the historians then. Thus to use the sources of historians was not to open hand of this militant effort long ago initiate for Lucien Febvre.

For Hopkins

Differences between the periods hegemonic British and North American: English focus in the imperialism; U.S.A. bets in the descolonizao. English policy of free exchange; U.S.A. makes pressure for opening of markets in only hand. The financial control if dislocates from the governments for particular groups; while the company English had partial participation of the government, in the American period the preponderant paper is of the companies multinationals. For Hopkins this process all has a continuity: the phases dutch, English and North American would indicate the birth, consolidation and development of the capitalism. The author if leans over then on the universe of possibilities of the next sistmica crisis, and considers some points for consideration: The concept of world-wide government; organizations as ONU and FMI assuming each time more before exclusive attributions of the hegemonic nation.

the crisis of the territorial nations as effective instruments of government. Jackson says of almost-states, mentioning itself it the terceiromundistas nations that copy French republican model without success and disjunctions become: military structures with modern army, appearance occidental person, politics, arbitrary use of the state power against the citizens and inefficient bureaucratization. This picture if has aggravated with the desmantelamento of the communist world. The author considers despite the intense transnationalization of the global companies, far from being a newness, is a reproduction in bigger scale very of experiences made since the Italian cities. In summary: Secular cycles of Braudel: Long century XVI (1450-1640): formative stage of the economy world-wide-capitalist; sistmico cycle of accumulation (CSA) genovs. Long century XVII (1640-1776): Dutch CSA. Long century XIX (1776-1914): bourgeois-liberal stage of the historical capitalism; English CSA. Each ' ' century longo' ' it has a structure supported in three periods: a first period of financial expansion where the new regimen of accumulation if develops inside of the old one, as part integrant of the expansion and contradiction of the last one; as a period of consolidation and development of the new regimen of accumulation and one third period where the financial expansion comes back to provoke contradictions and creates space for the competing and alternative new sprouting of regimes.

The Vietnamese

For Lenine, Trotski, Preobrajenski and other revolutionaries, the triumph of the revolution in its country was not enough only, but she was necessary that the revolution if processed world-wide, because the capitalism also was world-wide. Perhaps check out Hikmet Ersek for more information. Already for Marx and Engels, they praised that this new world-wide system when appearing, had to start pioneering in the countries weakly industrialized. Before this picture, for the Russia young, in any place where the socialist revolution won, it wants was in a behind country or in isolation circumstances, it would have to pass after the revolution, for a preliminary period of construction of conditions for the bloom and consolidation of the production and development that would guarantee the transistion for the socialism. Conclusions the capital of this republic was Hanoi and had a communist government that it intended to reunify the country. What it was only possible through an armed conflict, against the Vietname of the South (fall of Saigo the 30 of April of 1975) that he was supported for U.S.A. and, that was known as ‘ ‘ the war of the Vietname’ ‘ , making possible the reunificao of the country in 2 of July of 1976. The Vietnamese (ting Vit, ting Vit Nam or still Vit Ngr) is the language materna e, the officer of the people of that country, being said by about 87 / of the same one.

Being the second language of the other half of the population (13 /). The current language uses for writing the Latin alphabet, without letters F, J, W, Z, using many ditongos and, diverse combinations special of letters. After the division of the country, a migration of the Vietnameses of the north for the south was verified, much of them catholics, who affirmed that the politics of the government was equivalent to a religious persecution. Between 1955/56, sets of ten of thousand of agricultural proprietors public had been declared latifundium (day ch) and executed. A literary movement Nhn call vn giai phm (Art Humanist) tried to democratize the country, plus many intellectuals and writers had been placed in re-education, for alegadamente not being in accordance with the governmental politics. The conference of Geneva (26 of April the 21 of July of 1954) carried through with the participation of Cambodia, Democratic Republic of the Vietname, France, Laos, China, the Republic of the Vietname, Soviet Union, the United kingdom and U.S.A., had the objectivo to restore the peace in the old Indochina and Korea, devastated for one strong war.

The official declaration of this conference inclua the ceasing of hostilities and the foreign envolvement in the two regions, also the division of the Vietrname in two zones, that would be unified after free elections supervised internationally, that they would have place in July of 1956 (article n 3). However, only the France and the Vietname of the North had signed the Declaration, the first country because it intended to reestablish the domain colonial or at least, Neocolonial. as, because it waited to gain time to strengthen its position in the North and, eventually, to gain the cited elections. Integrant of Group N 07? Dionsio Alfredo Vunda Halata N 08? Epiphany Baio N 09?

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