Integration of Women in the Labor Market

MARGINAL INTEGRATION OF WOMEN IN THE LABOR MARKET The incorporation of rural women in the workplace is a major change factor. Despite all its contradictions, having a broader framework of relations, participation in public and pay himself, lets you expand its field of activities and decisions. Although this does not mean that the carrying out of an employee is working beyond its subordinate role, and assume equality with the opposite sex roles, but makes it possible to put into question the role that society has forced him to take.

The profound changes taking place in rural areas converge with a radical approach to the role of women in society, manifested in the desire of women to an identity based on individual autonomy and the subordination which brings its domestic rule. The process of mechanization of agriculture have been eliminated or transformed many areas of industry women, moreover, the universalization of market relations have been losing economic sense for the domestic and productive tasks for family consumption, and finally, the role of women has traditionally been in the organization of farm work family no longer convinces girls, who are searching for local services industry and employment opportunities to enable them to break with the fate of their mothers. The rejection of agriculture, not just a generational phenomenon but also generic to the extent that young women experience markedly the contradiction between their expectations, formed from better training and broader socialization in the values of urban culture and patriarchal models and the organization’s own family farm labor..