Media Advertising

In the case of advertising in the media play the role of specific editions, its frequency and location of the advertisement and its appearance. It is important that the publication of advertising was not disposable. That is why most effective will be advertising in the press, which has a low frequency. Although in this case, the effect of advertising may be short, because dailies are released frequently. That is why it is necessary to publish advertisement were durable. However, in some cases it may be an effective and advertising published in the monthly magazine, or yearbook. In this case, the decisive factor will be the location and appearance of type of advertising. First of all, advertising is desirable to have value-stopper, but if the ads will only be surrounded by the editorial material, it is not necessary.

Generally it is desirable that an ad does not was in the midst of other ads. Do not place specific advertising messages in newspapers and magazines, which reads most people because it's just pointless. This advertisement is simply incomprehensible to almost all readers, and the likelihood that your ad gets to the eyes interested specialists, is small enough. These ads are better placed in specialized publications. The advertisement must take into account the size, color appearance, as well as the content and design. Of course, the big announcement will attract more attention. But a small but well decorated and well-ad can be quite effective. Here, all depends on the skill of the creator of advertising, which aims – to make the ad different from the other, to make him stand out.

For print ads include booklets, leaflets. Dissemination of advertisements of this type should accompanied by a certain type of presentation, although it is possible, and their binding, such as a bulletin board. In this case, anyone interested can get access to information. Your ad should stand out among others, attract attention. Effective way of placing print ads is to place it in vehicles. During travel in taxi, bus or other form of public transport many passengers, if not all, just look out the window or are considering traveling companions. Very rarely they are busy with something can completely occupy their attention. Advertising is placed on a wall or a glass of transport has attracted the attention of virtually all passengers, regardless of whether they are interested in directly Information. And for one fare ads usually read by several times, even if it is not enough attractive appearance. Adverts placed in transport can create a double effect in the morning and evening hours. In the morning, many passengers are not yet fully awake, and therefore strongly absorb information at an unconscious level. In the evening enhancement of perception is associated with fatigue after working hours. It is widely known that the sleepy state of fatigue and increase a person's susceptibility to information.

Trans-Siberian Railway

Life here is flashed brightly, then just as suddenly faded. The rapid construction of Trans-Siberian Railway in 1900-1914 years. attracted tens of thousands of people here from all over Russia. In 1940 the village population of more than 2,000 people. After the construction of the Irkutsk hydroelectric station Port was cut off from the main highway. People lost their jobs, emptied and fell into decay in the small towns vosmidesyatikilometrovom railway siding from Port Baikal to the village Kultuk. In the 70's. beginning of a new great building, and began to serve as a port of the water transport hub.

Hence the loads were transferred to the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. By the end of the 80 major works were completed on the BAM. Life is once again entered a period of crisis. Over the deserted wharves sad hunched monsters hung rusting port cranes. Nineties finally put out the smoldering hotbeds of socialist industrialization. The village remained only those who had at least some work on the railroad, the port or in forestry. In the early 90s.

on the shore of Lake Baikal started new construction. Produced by large commercial enterprises – water bottling plant. Many in Porto hoping to get a job here. It seemed as if the plant was waiting for a brilliant prospect. The peoples of all countries and continents eagerly awaited arrival on the market of bottled waters of the sacred sea. Established enterprise, the shareholders which was part of the East-Siberian Railway, has mastered a few million to buy equipment. The cost estimates exceeded actual costs by several times. In addition, it appears that bring products to market much more complicated than it seemed inexperienced in marketing locomotives adjustment. According to rumors, western consumers have been hard to see how you can drink water from a reservoir in which floats a large animal, as a seal. Another social discovery was that the local workforce has historically exhausted its potential. Simply put, they were unable to fit into the working mode of the enterprise. We had to build a dormitory for specialists from Irkutsk and organize their work on a rotational manner. The collective image of a local resident, paints a human grated, hard, stubborn and not very sociable. At the same time he knows his own worth and has experience autonomous existence. He used to be content with little and does not know envy. He possesses the skills to survive, but would not make this sensation. When the book is indebted to the village grocery store is particularly plump, shop suddenly burns out. People here live in some other time rhythm. Perhaps the true reason for the attractiveness of this place lies in the fact that this atmosphere of timelessness covers everyone who decided here stay at least a couple of days. Entrepreneurial initiative is against this background that alien. As a rule, people came in Irkutsk, which do not favor local labor resources, drawing on the construction of tourist Objects work force from neighboring countries.