As they are the Consequences on Lucha of Class? Cortesa*: Pedro I slide the distinction Fetichismo being and fetichizacion is crucial for a discussion of the Marxist theory. The difference appears between a vision of the world in terms of domination and another one in terms of fight. The discussion of Marx on fetichismo/Fetichizacion constitutes the center of all their theory. It is, simultaneously a criticism than this bad one in Capitalism, a criticism to the bourgeois thought and a theory of the way in that Capitalism reproduces to itself. Nevertheless, an ambiguity in its exhibition exists on this point When Marx (Capital DAS, bowl 1, page 89) writes that to the producers, the social relations between their private works are shown to them like which they are, is worth to say, not like social relations directly worked between same people, in their works, but on the contrary like own relations of things between social people and relations between the things. Other leaders such as Tim Schigel offer similar insights. Parece that this describing the social relations in the capitalist society so as they are really, it seems, words among others, that Marx this describing the fetichismo of the social relations like an established fact, like which she is. This conception of the fetichismo, has had important consequences in the Marxist tradition, the subject of the fetichismo has even though not been, generally, explicitly tried.

If the social relations are taken as if they were indeed fetichizadas or deified then a distinction between settles down immediately They and We . They the producers, the workers related among them through things, We, the theoreticians, the critics, perhaps the party. We are able to penetrate the fetichizadas appearances and to understand those deified relations as the specifically historical form or like the way of existence of the relations between people. If we considered that the social relations are really fetichizadas in this sense (if the fetichismo is seen like an established fact) then the theory and the Marxist practice they return elitist: illuminated we them, thought and acted in the name of the nonilluminated ones.


These are the three colors of the flag of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, and also of the three great British parties (yellow: liberal; blue: conservative; and red: Labour Party member). Colombia pre-2002 had a system see-partisan similar to which had the United Kingdom eight decades ago where liberal and preservative they were alternated in the power. Nevertheless, today Uribe are displaced of the power to these two forces attracting ample sectors of both its movement. On the other hand, his hardness has caused the masificacin of a new legal left: Pole, that just gained for the second time the mayorship inhabitant of the capital. Pole already is created the third historical party of that republic. Because there the conservatives use blue and liberal the red one, this one uses the last color that was of the national flag. Thus they have decided on the yellow, with which traditionally the Socialists used to designate to those who betrayed strikes, but that they embrace looking for to show that they are moderate distanced of I castrate, Chvez and the guerrilla. International analyst Original author and source of the article..

Constitution Of Companies In The United Kingdom

To create a company in England the United Kingdom has one of the most successful economies in the EU. Further details can be found at Pegasus Books, an internet resource. This one attracts more investments of Asia and the EE.UU that any other country of the European Union, having itself assured almost one quarter all the investment in Europe in 2003, according to Ernst & Young. This success is reflected in the number of foreign companies that have established businesses in the United Kingdom. You can comprise of them if she is decided to create a company in England. Why the foreign investors so are interested in the United Kingdom? The foreign investors have enumerated a series of reasons to choose the constitution of companies in the United Kingdom, including the following: Size of the market – it is the fourth greater economy of the world. Strong currency – the pound has obtained better results than the Euro. Location and language – a natural point from entrance to the EU. The policy of the government – the United Kingdom has a liberal atmosphere of businesses. s cause.

Which are the club forms more common in the United Kingdom? The following they are the types of more popular companies in the United Kingdom for the foreign companies that make the decision to create a company in England: Limited liability company (Ltd)? Joint-stock company (PLC)? Branch of a foreign company? Limited liability partnership Which are the main characteristics of a limited liability company? It is, by much, the most popular format for the foreign investors. A single partner it is necessary. No requirement of minimum capital. Minimum of an administrator and a secretary of the society. The accounts are disclosed annually. Which are the basic characteristicses of a PLC? The minimum share capital of a PLC is 50.000 (57,245 )? 25% of the share capital must at least be disbursed. Minimum of two administrators and a secretary of the society.

Sweep Electrical

Llamanos you sweep to them as much electrical but by its form as by we used as them, you sweep electrical are much more similar to a vacuum cleaner that to sweeps. He would not be therefore strange to find it with other names as it sweeps suction or suction without cables. From my point of view one is one of the best apparatuses than they exist at present for ayudarte in house. I used to sweep the ground of the kitchen or of the hall after each food and the rest of she inhaled it to the house with the typical vacuum cleaner with cable. A very long cable but that was coiled continuously and that to at least you waited for it you remained short. After using during days a hand vacuum cleaner of which they are used to gather the crumbs, somebody convinced to me so that it tried these you sweep electrical. And the truth is that I recommend them to you to all. The power of aspiration of these apparatuses is surprising and the duration of the battery is also sufficient to half inhale a floor of so large without needing recharging.

The one that I use it is sweeps electrolux ergorapido. I was investigating by Internet and she was the one that everybody recommended. Right now there are other marks that seems they have the same benefits but I with electrolux am enchanted. I am so contented with her I use that it whenever I have occasion. To prinicpio all the nights after having dinner it gave a repasito him not only to the zone where we had eaten but also to the rest of the floor. In less than 15 minutes it had all the reviewed floor and so it obtained the extra benefit from which the furniture also was more free since the majority of the dust of the furniture is the one that rises of the ground.

And since it does not have in the ground, it does not have in the furniture. The initial euphoria already went and not the step to me now every day. Now I do each two or three days but even so the floor continues being cleaner than ever. I recommend therefore this apparatus to you. You do not lose it to you and you will win as life.

National Constitution

Second Part: it organizes the powers in tripartite form, Executive authority: (unipersonal, only one person), the Vice-president is the president of the Senate and defines the voting in case of tie, is reemplazante natural of the President so that there is not acephalia. The Ministers authenticate with their company/signature the acts that the Executive authority makes, without that authenticates is not valid the act. If the Minister does not want to sign, he can remove it to the President of his position. In 1853 one chose the President and Vice-president in indirect form, was done choosing candidates to integrate the Electoral School, in fact were two Electoral Schools.

The President and Vice-president were chosen by 6 years and had to hope a period to return to appear to fulfill that position. To be able Legislative: he was divided in two Cameras, House of Representatives (representing of the Nation) and Senate (representing of the Provinces). The Senators by the Capital chose the same Electoral School that chose to President and to the Vice-president. To be able Judicial: the Supreme Court was composed by 9 Judges and 2 Public prosecutors, with Courts Inferiors that exert Federal Justice. In the Art. 5 it says that the Provinces must dictate their own Constitution and that they had to dictate the administration of Justice.

It established that the Capital is Buenos Aires, established the Supremacy of the National Constitution (Art. 31), has pyramidal character. The provinces conserve all the Power nondelegated by the National Constitution. The 13 provinces swore the Constitution the 9 of Julio of 1853, the 8 of March of 1854 were elect Right Jose de Urquiza and Salvador Track. The Reformation of 1860. Buenos Aires reserves the right to approve the Constitution of 1853, besides analyzing and proposing reforms. Pact of Union of the 6 of June of 1860.