How To Choose The Right Cell Phone

You have long been picked by myself for my very first cell. However, due to the fact that you have many relatives, you have to go through this difficult stage again, because they priprutsya to you as a professional in the most difficult pitfalls of mobile and asked them to advise and recommend a good cell. Recommendations on the selection of various magazines of the first mobile are reduced, usually to idiotic wishes to buy a cheap mobile phone – for example, Sony ericsson K770i. We also apply a little different approach to the issue. Because for many of us have a mobile phone is a status toy with cash on him very much want to spent with dignity and without thinking – “after all, still later, a different model to buy.” What’s in this issue should be expected from a new cell for a beginner? It should begin with the screen: it is unlikely to be colorful – undemanding the user will be much nicer, in that case when a cell is shown on the screen only the necessary information, so the phone display should be monochrome – in fact on the multicolored display is extremely difficult without something to see.

More – Polyphony for an elderly person is also not necessary: it proved – the old kind of piezoelectric substrate dynamics is much better heard than conventional speakers, which sounded nice, due to the fact that for older users much more comfortable loud bell – because of advanced age can hear much better. In the event that the owner of the phone is not no grandpa, and a first grader, the acquisition of cell with a conventional screen and polyphonic free – it’s practically an insult. If the machine is purchased for held a man who wants to keep one foot high-tech, the most common machine it probably will not like it – advise brand: Nokia N95 and Samsung D880 duos. The optimal choice is a mobile phone with a maximum period of battery life, because usually work out often to recharge a mobile phone – is complicated, because Home telephone no need to charge. In the event that you wish to achieve the realization of a good image, it is enough to buy a used cell from an abundance of business models of the previous period. It’s too bad “bluff”, in addition to their functions as well as the usability of old, but often expensive mobile wins new cheap stuff. Purchase of used cell phone can be most conveniently in buying or in a pawn shop, but there will be a mobile phone more expensive to also, often, it might be stealing. Besides – the technical troubles, such as – to a mobile phone factory will sell no charging device that is bad. Also not uncommon – blighted for several years of operation battery – better advised to think in advance where and for how much you will be able to get working.