Writting Study Plan

In the coming weeks we will have a series of articles that will hopefully serve as many novice writers to beautify the final product which is the e-book they publish, since what is important is the content of the work, the structure of the book, its cover and the order in general that has, since when any of these items fails, many readers choose to not continue reading is very important. An analogy to better understand the concept is to think when we’re in a bookstore flipping through books, some we like by his summary of the back page or the image of its cover; in some cases, if we see that this disorganized inside or that cover or cover image does not convince, may opt to continue looking for and throw away that book. In our case it applies the same concept, we want to give tools and knowledge the authors so that their texts are attractive in its form or as objects (electronic), to leave the reader to decide if the content of the work is good and that do not stay with printing of the cover or the summary. Something important I’ve noticed many times, is that they are not read some texts because they look like little retailers on its structure, cover, model, etc., the idea is to make it clear to the author that is so important the content of his work, as the cover, the prologue and up the summary provided for each work, in many cases a work made to detail, allows readers to take the second step and read the content. LM: It could be a fairly chaotic question, but above all by two factors: I am writer and reader; and I work with a partner and friend with lots of editorial character and with strong commitment and motivation by the literature. .