Rooftop Advertising Installation

And indeed, there is outdoor so-called "gang of petty thugs", various signs, light boxes, advertising design small size and variety of boards, mainly located along the roads. And there are so-called "gang of hooligans big" – it is monumental promotional metal structures of various shapes and sizes, as well as a group, many of its composition, a group of rooftop installations. On today it is one of the most popular and the most common (for large companies – brands), but also the most labor-intensive in terms of design and manufacturing, and installation works, construction. Not to mention the preparation of design documentation for these objects. And the strength to perform these works is not every advertising firm or advertising agency of medium size.

But, of course, the advantages of this kind of structures ochevidns. Through enormous size and location of high-rise apartment blocks on the roof provides an opportunity obozrevaniya the design, in a radius of several kilometers (if it does not interfere with adjacent structures). And given the presence of high-tech lighting and illumination in the evening and night hours. These roof installations are blindingly bright and attractive, imbues the city a special glow. But at the same time, it is surprising clear and readable, and, most importantly, memorable, which is very important to obtain the expected effect of advertising.

Light-Box – The Most Popular Type Of Outdoor Advertising

Light boxes, as well as light boxes – a popular form of outdoor advertising, which is used as signboards of shops, cafes and beauty salons. Light box – a box, on the one side is deposited or company name promotional information. This box is illuminated from within. Usually used to illuminate the fluorescent lights. This article will review the stages of production unit and a light box. If you make out of box separately, we can see that it consists of sledyuschuih parts: power rack, which is the basis for the design, side panels, rear panel with lighting equipment, the front side and a backlight. Let's talk about each part separately.

Frame, the frame of advertising design. Production of a light box begins with the manufacture of the frame. The basis for the frame are metal tubes of different cross sections that are joined together by Welding or using bolts. After production of an advertising structure, all welds thoroughly cleaned, prepared himself to painting frame, primed and painted with paint with the selection of the desired color. The sides of the light boxes.

The lateral surface of the light boxes are made of different materials. The materials are selected depending on the size, characteristics, places of light construction. The basis material for the sides – the steel sheet. Of the sheet metal is a profile that covers the sides of the box. Side panels are made of steel painted or paste film. Just in the process making possible the use of aluminum profile. In these sections many advantages: good looks, quick assembly and disassembly, so that – fast replacement of advertising. The front side of light boxes. The front side of the box is placed advertising. For this use of translucent plastic. Depending on the aims and objectives, you can use different types of plastic. Typically used polycarbonate, acrylic glass, as well as polistirol.Naibolee popular of these types of plastic – polycarbonate. It has a low cost but high reliability and strength. Highlighting the advertising field. For illumination advertising signs are most commonly used fluorescent lamps. Lamps have different characteristics, have different sizes and intensity of the glow. To get the bright lights – need to properly dispose lamp. For the best light output, the image, it is best to use the lamp cold svecheniya.Tak there are other, modern light sources: LEDs, neon.Glavny lack these newfangled bulbs – they value. However, they have many advantages: bright light, long life, small size, which allows them to place a non-standard designs. It remains to hope that this information will be useful to you when choosing a light boxes.

Large-print And Outdoor Advertising

We suggest you use the full range of services for large format printing for outdoor advertising in Moscow from OOO 'Prestige'. We produce posters, billboards, banners, billboards, billboards, city-size, transparency – banners, firewall, main boards. Our company produces reliable, illuminated advertising and by its installation – it's all possible three-dimensional letters, neon signs, light boxes and light. We will do for you an original, vivid, memorable outdoor advertising on the most modern printing equipment. High qualification and talent of our employees, own modern equipment, excellent quality of work – success and rapid development of our clients' business. We offer our customers a reliable and high quality full-color large-format printing. Modern technologies used in our company allow our staff to print banners of any size. Currently, large-format printing is one of the most convenient and popular outdoor advertising elements, as well as the most convenient and affordable technology, which allows you to print the banner on the grid or self-adhesive film.

This type of advertising is used for interior and outdoor advertising at point of sale, transportation and more. Large letters – another effective and versatile form of outdoor advertising. Variety of color and shape, quality made, they invariably attract the attention of customers. Using the internal neon or LED serves to indicate the name of the company or store. Large letters made of plastic, stainless steel or acrylic, easy to manufacture, inexpensive, and at the same time spectacular.

The customer chooses the one that fits his style and taste. Another fairly common form of outdoor advertising – light boxes or light boxes. Today, light boxes are used practically everywhere: outdoor, advertising and internal (in the shops, bars, cafes, exhibitions) to draw attention to the product or service offered by the company. They are created in the corporate style of the company and, like a beacon in a sea of products and services, show the right path. As for the device of this type of outdoor advertising, its front end is made of transparent material such as acrylic glass, and side and rear panels – made of plastic or metal. Inside or on the back of a light box fixed fluorescent lamps, which and provide an attractive glow boxes day and night. Our company carries out its basic task – to promote the economic development of your business by providing a wide range of high quality and affordable services in the field of outdoor advertising.

Law of Economics

The authors make the assumption that "the demand is constant." In their original thinking, it means simply that the money supply is constantly on the product. Although it may be constant demand, if you change the price? After all, they always convince us that the demand depends on price and the price on demand! And then it turns out that demand in general does not depend on the price! Understand – as you want … And if these (fantasticheskih!) conditions Fri shrinking it is clear that the rise in prices will occur. For the same amount of money will account for fewer and fewer goods. Buyers will pick the goods from the hands, and sellers to immediately raise prices. In contrast, the increase in supply will accompanied by falling prices for a fixed AP. Since the buyer's position will improve. They immediately feel their advantage and will not rush to pay the same price if you can buy cheaply.

That is why both cases, the dependence of prices on offer feedback, and it contradicts the so-called law of supply. And demand is not under any circumstances can not remain unchanged if the price changes due to changes Fri Proposal Money can be taken constant, but demand will necessarily vary with the price. Because he was always and automatically linked to money supply and price of goods. Instead of a conclusion – a small quote from the textbook "Economic theory (political economy)" under the editorship of acad. VI Vidyapin (4 th ed. – M.: INFRA-M, 2007.

P. 144). To illustrate the relationship of our economists to the "laws" of economics. Determination of price by supply and demand, and along with it definition of demand and supply prices is compounded by the fact that demand determines supply and, conversely, the proposal defines the demand, production determined by the market and the market – production. This process of permutations theses and arguments, cause and effect leads economists to a standstill. " Where is the exit from this impasse?! Why did not seek professional economists?