Rooftop Advertising Installation

And indeed, there is outdoor so-called "gang of petty thugs", various signs, light boxes, advertising design small size and variety of boards, mainly located along the roads. And there are so-called "gang of hooligans big" – it is monumental promotional metal structures of various shapes and sizes, as well as a group, many of its composition, a group of rooftop installations. On today it is one of the most popular and the most common (for large companies – brands), but also the most labor-intensive in terms of design and manufacturing, and installation works, construction. Not to mention the preparation of design documentation for these objects. And the strength to perform these works is not every advertising firm or advertising agency of medium size.

But, of course, the advantages of this kind of structures ochevidns. Through enormous size and location of high-rise apartment blocks on the roof provides an opportunity obozrevaniya the design, in a radius of several kilometers (if it does not interfere with adjacent structures). And given the presence of high-tech lighting and illumination in the evening and night hours. These roof installations are blindingly bright and attractive, imbues the city a special glow. But at the same time, it is surprising clear and readable, and, most importantly, memorable, which is very important to obtain the expected effect of advertising.