Benefit from Laziness

All of us in varying degrees, are lazy, so you need to make and my laziness to work for themselves. It's time to stop criticizing yourself and understand how laziness can be useful. Psychologists say that the most resourceful and smart people at the same time and the most … lazy! These people always come up with a way to make your life easier. Thus came into being many truly great inventions that bring comfort to our lives. After all, no wonder they say: 'Laziness – engine of progress' Build barriers to laziness. Job done much easier if you have no choice, do it now or put off until tomorrow. Hide yourself away from the TV remote close and entertaining sites to see, that the work will go much faster wherever you may be doing it: in the office or at home.

Put laziness on the road obstacles. Now, put on his head the previous council. The basic principle is that in order to avoid execution really hard job, you're ready to make a bunch of other no less useful, but less difficult cases – on a "lesser of two evils choose the lesser." Your performance will directly depend on the fact that you perform a lazy the most difficult task, and instead as a kind of compensation you redo a lot of other useful things, but would not begin the most difficult of them. Make a list of their cases, putting the most difficult task in the upper line of the list. Now tell yourself that you are by all means necessary to make it very difficult. If you are a real bummer, first you tweak the less complex tasks.

Over time there will be other cases, and one of them will probably be more important and more complex than "the worst", which you have placed in the first place. Transfer the work to someone else's shoulders. Practice shows that most often become lazy managers. Automate workflow. Instead of regularly perform the same actions you can automate the process, using all the resourcefulness of the mind, which is so characteristic of lazy. Simplify. If the job that you need to perform complicated and difficult, try to find ways to make it simpler and easier to perform. Divide it into stages. Look at what stage can be skipped, which – to automate, what – to pass on to someone else. Use as a reward laziness. Say to yourself – if I am right now is finish it, I can be as lazy. It will work!