The Right to Openness and Having More

We do the right thing because we must, not because we can get something. So what are the core principles that create a good ethical foundation for a company? Honesty: There is nothing like honesty. Individuals and companies that focus on honesty excel in the business world that is often recognized for his dishonesty. Not only will advance our business plans without problems, also we will be giving our a gift for employees to meet their work and lives with nothing annoys them because of their roles in the company. Commitment: We owe our commitment to both our customers and our companies. Doing a job without a commitment to excellence is unethical.

Treat a customer as being "one more sale" is unethical. We have to appreciate the opportunities we have received and we have to reflect that appreciation in everything we do. Integrity: Having integrity avoids any temptation to produce a lower quality product than that offered or deceive customers. Assuming all with the goal of maintaining our integrity, small temptations to violate procedures be eradicated. If there is no "tolerance" with the dubious quality, then the only goal in which we focus is on quality. Morality: Morality is becoming more and more the point of care.

Many senior corporate executives have been sent to jail or been fined in recent years largely because they lacked the basic moral values. Possessing a strong moral code, not always choose a moral choice (we are all human) but in terms of living a good life and have a company of which we can be proud, make the right choice more often. Openness: Openness in everything we do helps us to achieve two things in addition to giving us the reputation of the right people. First, it makes others around us are more frank. Second, we show our employees and clients to be frank, is as important as being honest. There are many more aspects related to the possession and maintenance of a strong ethical culture. The various items listed in this article are, however, the foundations that allow us to create a public trust and create a work environment that allows everyone involved to prosper. So you have a strong ethical culture means that we always succeed? No. The failure is part of life as much as success. However, a clean result is better than any be the consequence of our actions and most likely allow us to make good decisions to the extent that we do not care for what we did yesterday. Quest '.

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Confidence is a requirement previoa to good communication, the biggest problem of lack of confidence is that people stop communicating, whether the communication is stopped several negative consequences may occur as confusion, stress, reduced productivity, resentment , frustration and inability of employees to do the job. To handle a situation of binding, you need to understand how groups learn comportarse.a The creenciasa past experience and this may adversely affect the willingness of members of the group to change, halting the flow of productive energy in the work unit and out of this is to recognize it in order to stop it, describe the group the situation and create a challenge. Is discussed through the forum, as standards, such as habits, have some positive aspects: let people know that it is hoped, help to maintain order, eliminate the need to rethink every action and give a sense of security. On the other hand, they also pose disadvantages: they are resistant to change, they may obstruct the path to maximum efficiency, and can be unthinkingly accepted. Another aspect to consider is creativity, is a very important factor in the teams, and sometimes that happens to us we were cycled with an idea and this is called functional fixedness and good way out of it is to think about what you can not hacer.a Creativity is the process of breaking old connections and establish new links that are useful. The time opportunities is very important for success, ie the high-efficiency equipment are opportunistic.

In conclusion, in the role of empowerment are suggested: a Share a leadership and administrative tasks, thus eliminating old patterns of authority pyramid. a Among all is easier to assess the performance and course of action taken at this point, it is important that people feel that it is taken into account and that processes can be reformulated if they disagree, this may be possible through the establishment of continuous monitoring supervised by the team. a Discuss the problems and that people believe a number of alternatives would be the most suitable for generating feasible solutions, as well as encourage creativity and provide the time of decision making. a Doctor of Education, Master in Business Administration: quality and productivity, education Engineer-Manager, Advocate. Retired head teacher and researcher in Chile UC.