Russian Internet

I want to bring to your attention one of the real earnings of the Internet, and do not be confused by the rumors that earnings in the Internet is a scam. He is still as real, of course, need to start making prilagast sootvetstvuyuuschie efforts. After all, everyone wants to work only for themselves but not at my uncle:). For many, yet sounds like a dream! WebMoney – as a goal, a stable income while working at home on the Internet as something new and gives hope! However, whether you can earn WebMoney, they are also electronic money on the Internet sitting at home and bring with it a steady income? Can we have real money in the Internet, and not just pay for it, but also to earn on-line at all times? Can I earn in a network so that no longer works for 'uncle'? There are many questions but one answer – can and should be! A stable income on the Internet – is absolutely real! Just take your time to look further 'fast' earnings, and Try to finish reading before the end of this page. Immediately warn you that this site will deal is not about a freebie.

You must at the outset to understand one small 'but' – in order to secure a stable income in the network to operate and … study. Internet work – not for the 'new Russian' and their wives or mistresses, it is the same job, just like in real life – the less you know and you know how, the lower your salary.

Business And Peer Networks

Probably there are very few Internet users who do not know about the free services of IP-telephony Skype. For even more opinions, read materials from Hikmet Ersek. Indeed, why pay for telephone calls when you can talk for free? Skype – This is one example successful use of peer networks in business and everyday life. What is it – peer network? Another name – P2P network or peer-to-peer, which translates as "equal to equal." Peer network – a network the Internet, providing direct connection with the transfer of files between clients without intermediaries. It is for these services, whether we like it or not, the future of the Internet. Not even the specialist can see that now used in the Internet FTP-files missing bandwidth, they can not cope with the flow of information and a growing number of consumers. Many popular servers are overloaded and the simultaneous appeal to them multiple clients causes a problem with getting information. P2P networks have a number of advantages: a broad band passing of information, a high "survival" and greater opportunities for publishing content.

To understand how peer networks, we must consider story of their creation. By the mid 90-ies of the 20th century, a young internet having this same problem as now – the communication channels was not enough bandwidth for transferring large programs, particularly music recordings, just born format MP3. Out of the situation found 18-year-old student Shawn Fanning. He invented a system called Napster. Any user is represented in the Napster network of information about its existing files that were recorded in database along with the address of the computer.

Site TIC Search

Everyone who created a website, are well aware that this is not enough yet to unleash his, what would it be seen on the Internet. Of promotion depends on a lot: the position in search engines, the number of visitors, the popularity of the resource, and Of course, the profits from the site. In this article, I will express my opinion: 1. First and foremost, this is the correct selection of content for the site, all the search engines love unique content that is written by you and not anyone else. All Search engines are fighting hard with those who copy content from other sites. Hear other arguments on the topic with Rob Daley. Your site is simply banitsya search engines or, at best, your index page will be very low.

Accordingly, the issue will be too low. 2. Create a site map that would be good searchers had seen all of your pages, preferably in the same section where the main page is located. And search engines begin to look more often to your website and it is better index. 3. Discard the scripts on the site, search engines do not see them, and therefore do not index. And do not the more your site is to flash. 4.

Nivkoem case do not pass the unmade site to search engines and directories, it is further negatively affect the indexing of your site. 5. Once you've made the site completely, you must register in search engines, from this point robots will explore your website and entered in the search index.

Support Page

Thus the customer has his great attendance, and the search engine is a fool. Later, administrators realized the problem and changed the principle, change the program so that it does not respond to transition to a page and to download the entire page and move on at least one link. By surfing this system was a big hit, but some enterprising owners such Saitov could have adapted to this system and even the little I have nothing in their sites. So there were the following: 2.Klikery This same principle has been surfing only slightly changed, now to get the money for page view, you had to wait a full load it, and find an appropriate picture. Then, having him as banners on the next page view. Thus, the principle remains the same, but the work improved since, the search engine went on record unique visitors. But soon, and it became too much, then the principle of operation was changed slightly, and then all had to wrestle with that coming up next. Along with This problem was created by the so-called system of mailing of letters or postal service.

3. postal service are of two types: 1) this information, postal service register in which you choose what type of information you interest. 2) spammers, postal service which is paid for so that people view the page on which the link in the email. But the problem is that search engines are virtually oblivious to such sites. We now disadvantages and consequences of these types of ferrous promotion. The main danger of this type of promotion is that if the search engine it calculates, then your site may be out of my system with a ban on registration. That is, you lose Support search engine. Bo, the second number on the website really added, but that's confusing them with a zero, because they were not targeted visitors who were interested in your services. In this regard, here are two impressive factors that influence the decisions to work with such people or not, the first factor is a waste of money and the second is a high probability that you will be without a website. This information can confirm any firm which is engaged in promotion of Internet sites.

Web Graphics

In flash-banner spectacular graphics, it is desirable otrisoannaya manually. Remarkably, esli it will be drawn cartoon characters, graphical images, the soft sample colors. If the animation to create commercials and use it, this must be done carefully. It is advisable not tunable, so as not to get what you do not expect it. James Woolsey has much to offer in this field. During the development of banners often use graphics to free sites, which is not difficult to get on niche sites.

Library of free graphics, vector graphics, beautiful avatars, or brand book icons png on a transparent background – without it can not do a good banner design. Developers banners rarely make a completely new banner, because for most customers is important first of all create a commercial price and time needed for its manufacture. Spend more than $ 100, and while waiting for fulfillment of the order ten days longer in the best prepared If serious customers from reputable companies who are seriously concerned about its image. Application of high-quality design ideas and design pictures will make better quality flash banner, banner, and this clickability enriched samples of ready sites and banners mastera.Zabavo industrious but less animated banners soothe your potential customers to click through these banners more often, the development of these banners are cheaper. Prices effective Web advertising depends on how much will be spent on its development.

Web-master will allow cheaper to publish in a simple and cute banner, but not meaningless animations for Flash. The smaller banner ad looks like, the it reacts calmly and visitors to the site and its owner / webmaster. Hesitating to order the creation of a good site and a blog, do not forget to buy a 3.2 quality flash-banner for further media promotion. Consult with your designer exactly what you need. Remember, the clearer will be TOR (Terms of Reference) for banners or razarabotku your site, the less will be its price. Designers, like everyone normallnye people who are forced to meet regularly with clients, capricious tyrant, very often include the value of their damaged nerve cells in the price for the development of a site or banner.

Importance of Communication

At all times one of the most important things for people considered communication. And the more personal interaction – the stronger it is important for all of us. Most of today, exactly when the free time to socialize can be extremely small. All available time is required to give to achieve the career heights and prosperity. And yet, just for today, because of the wide improvement developments, the ability to communication may be much larger. At present, to communicate in real-time status more often used icq and other computer programs, called the online pagers or messagerami. Verily, the instant send a short statement and instantly see the full response from the interlocutor, which is thousands of miles away – it's even more than an attractive option.

And properly so it is now intensively use hundreds of thousands of people in the whole world. A variety of programs that enable fast exchange messages at the moment and are utilized in computers and mobile phones and other portable devices. Upload program jimm and use it for an easy and enjoyable talk tete-a-tete with many friends, both in normal mode, direct dialogue, the same way and in the visual chat at the moment seek enough. And really – to track not just finished a phrase interlocutor, and the entire course of its creation – is including highly attractive opportunity. In this case there is an opportunity to feel directly stay close, and not just remote interaction.

If before the icq, in order to acquire the ability to interact in real-time status, you had to choose an adequate forum or chat, discuss the exact time of arrival of both subscribers to open their own "room" to get the probability to communicate in private, but now online pager is the real victor in the field of online communication. This may include himself and smiles, and many other components of the sort, quite special, the type of interaction. Thanks largely to the improvement of mutual communication via the Internet could get its own development and symbolic indicators of feelings (emoticons), and even a special language, slang, spoken by today's Internet is very many. In addition, professionals in communication say that reality is becoming more and also and a simple speech, each of us more and more uses brief phrases and sayings by brief, coming out on the Internet. Communication – it's actually the most valuable thing for human beings. And especially today. The most important – Decide to take advantage of the opportunity.

Importance of Keywords

As is well known search engines are positive about headlines Therefore, the title is necessary to use keywords. Tag is the most important title. That's how it looks: ZagolovokKak see text enclosed in such a tag is allocated a large bold font, and even after the closing tag </ h1> is a line break and there are unwanted otstupy.Kak be used if the tag does not fit well into your design? How to change the Normal Font-weight: bold – font-style: bold Margin: 0px – Away from the top left corner of the cell Padding: 0px – padding inside the cell from all edges, produces nearly the same effect as the margin and if you do not need a newline it is necessary to the above listed, add the following: Display: inline Usually cascading style sheets are stored in a separate file and attached to the site following obrazom. tags prescribes the following line: "But you can attach a style created by us and .

Web Hosting And Web Space – Make The Right Decision !

Before choosing a web hosting one web hosting provider, you should gross the most important requirements set by the offer. This list should in any case the basis for the correct selection of your agent. To begin your planning, you create a forecast of the approximate amount, ie the amount of data your website. (Eg, text, programming code, scripts, small databases or spreadsheets, graphics, images, etc …) This Bstandteile determine the operating costs of your website. Less expensive offerings are from about 1 MByte, extended performances selbsteverstandlich need correspondingly more memory space.

Moreover, the transfer volume, or the so-called traffic a big impact on your ongoing monthly costs. The transfer volume is the total amount of from your website visitors to transmitted data. Suppose the files in your home have a volume of 1,024 KB and you expect 250 visitors per month to your website, then you have a monthly transfer of about 256 MB. Share However, 20 high-resolution MP3 files online, tenfold the amount of data with ease. To generate Suchmaschinenbots who visit your page every day and analyze contents and index (ie, also transfer data) a not negligible traffic.

A reliable estimate of volume, and without experience, but for an Internet newbie almost impossible. Simply get a minimum of 10 GB, because the traffic does not depend solely on the size of your website, but of course also on their visibility on the Internet (popularity). This popularity is developed from an uncanny number of possible factors and hardly predictable. For this reason, some providers offer a so-called flat rate. The provider calculates a blending calculation and provides its customers an unlimited amount of traffic. This means you are a website operator initially on the safe side. Web space can What else do you note the correct web space at the right provider to choose? Here is a small Checklist that can help you through the impenetrable thicket of providers and their offers: * The price should be gross and include all costs (taxes, fees, etc), which should apply to particular domains. * For Internet connection and web server with your web content should guarantee the service provider (ISP) a minimum availability percentage of the contract period. Usual times are here now 99 percent – a wholly accessibility can guarantee you no one really, this includes the Internet are still too many uncertainties. * Your own homepage of the provider should be clearly laid out. Make sure to be shown whether opportunities to help or to contact specifically and clearly visible. * Is the talk of tariffs in the "unlimited data"? If this is available, then it is advisable to read very well. Some vendors include some of the content (for example, offers from erotic) or bind the commitment to specific requirements or for our planet to wirtschaften.Webhosting free? Even this is possible: free web hosting for clubs! The features of this web space package to see: PHP version 5.0.4, Confixx Professor 3.xx, Horde Webmail, Cron jobs, databases, PHP Encoder: Zend Optimizer and IonCube, full-fledged web hosting account, no compulsory advertising! Other key data: 500 MB webspace, 1 GB traffic, PHP Encoder, wildcard domains, web statistics, POP3/IMAP … That means you pay no hosting fees, only a one-time setup fee in favor of the WWF. PR Service by high4 Multimedia Agency

Any E-mail A Real Experience

E-mail has become the main form of communication. WikMail ensures that the writing and reading e-mails is not a burdensome issue, but remains a real fun. From spam filtering to their own stationery: WikMail a whole bunch of useful functions that Outlook is missing. The new version of the 2006 heats up a competition with many new features. An e-mail that is sent now, has already arrived seconds later with the receiver – no matter who lives where in the world. This speeds e-mail, global communication. The back and forth of messages but calls its toll.

More and more users per day to spend an hour or more trying to read their mail and respond. WikMail provider Janocha Tom: “Most users find it annoying now to deal with their mail. Much too much spam clogging the mailbox, your mail to see anything at all, and all the fun is missing the point. WikMail 2006 ensures that every e-mail is once again a real experience. “E-mails checking, spam filters use WikMail 2006 is equipped with one email checker. The checks immediately after the start, if new mail is available.

This module can be completely configure your own. So it looks like in several or only in very specific e-mail accounts for newly arrived mail. What happens when a new mail is waiting? Then the Notifier WikMail of 2006 are used. These are indicators that can be used as needed.

Advertising Agency Celebrated

In June, an interactive advertising agency ErstMedia celebrated its first anniversary. Starting work in a crisis, the company has a good start and managed to take a unique niche by developing the concept of "new marketing" and offered clients a comprehensive approach to promote the Internet. Over the past year the company sold a number of major projects, partners and customers ErstMedia became internationally known companies. In the spring of 2009 started new website agency (, presented in four languages. One of the main principles ErstMedia – never stop in place.

Therefore, the agency is building bold plans for the future, working with new clients, while continuing an active and fruitful cooperation with existing ones. In June ErstMedia received an invitation to attend the annual conference of the "SPIC-2009", held in St. Petersburg. In the near future will start a corporate blog agencies, where regularly appear on news the company, announcements, discussion of topical issues go online industry and marketing. Static and boring sites belong to the past, advanced users want interactivity. Therefore, modern companies need for developing an Internet resource of the new generation with lots of interesting "chips" that can attract and keep audiences. One aspect of this work is to develop ErstMedia concepts and the creation of these unique sites.

In addition, the agency specializes in advancing ErstMedia brand in social media: blogs, social networks, thematic communities, using their own methods of work. Another effective "skate" the agency ErstMedia – contextual advertising, which helps as accurately as possible to find a target audience and potential customers. During this year the company has a lot of experimenting, developed and tried various techniques of internet marketing and ultimately chose the ones that really work effectively. A comprehensive approach and conduct the campaign on their own, without involving third-party contractors ErstMedia distinguishes from other companies. This approach not only saves time, effort and money the client, but also allows the best use of all elements of the campaign, providing a consistently better result.