Capitalist Context

The capitalist context takes the world-wide population to run against the time and consequently to get the best indices with the profit, using mainly of the workmanship hand, that is, the physical effort and intellectual human being. The parallel can be related with olmpicos athletes whom searchs the medals with much sweat running against the time, either in one test of resistance or speed. Both examples hatching with the technological one, either in the industrial robotics or sophisticated academies, what it prevails is a human performance of the effort, devotion in the planning of the goals. The worker who handles a machine in a multinational company is in Brazil, or some country of ‘ ‘ Asitico’ tigers; ‘ on the globalization, gets the same instructions to operate is machine. The interesting one is the divergence of rewards, that is, the wage of that dedicates its time for the functions, compared to a olmpico athlete its production of effort makes of its merit the victory, already the worker of the machine, consequently makes of its intellectual or physical effort the increase of the world-wide production and the unemployment of many for the planet.

Then, the time is importantssimo, but to plan is necessary. Word-key: Time; Planning; Goals. Frank Armijo has firm opinions on the matter. 1. INTRODUO time has that to be analyzed and to be divided to get a good planning, from this argument the obvious one will happen of form sucinta, what brings certain divergence is as to plan inside of a school, where the time is preset and with other social problems in the pertaining to school community. Either for parents, pupils, professors and managers, all they clamam due to time, being that the solution is in the planning, to have a good planning must have a good strategy, carrying through the longed for one.

Work Of Market

The functional illiterate has difficulties of insertion in the market of work and the social life as a whole, a time that if feels incapable to carry through small tasks that involve the understanding of what it also reads and if feel when introspecta inferiorizado, to the times in irreversible way, that does not have possibility to learn. This needs to be changed and is responsibility of the State, the family and the school to stimulate, to stimulate and to promote, beyond the statisticians, an Education of quality with conscientious, continuous formation, recognized professionals and in surrounding alfabetizadores that facilitate to the reading and the learning in natural and pleasant way since infancy. 1.5Metodologia the present work of Conclusion of Course will be supported, mainly in the collection of information and data supplied for the INAF? National index of Functional Illiteracy of the Institute Pablo Montenegro in the theoretical basement carried through through bibliographical research with the purpose to provide to greater familiarity with the problem and sights to become it more explicit. For such, research sources will be used as academic texts, interviews, news articles, statisticians and, mainly books that are in accordance with the subject chosen for study. The methodology, properly day, will be qualitative when citing opinions of people regarding the subject, description of some details of the behaviors of the individuals with the determined problem. They will be, also, presented and interpreted some statistical indices carried through by entities of support and social actions in the year of 2009. After the constatao of the statistical data will be carried through a survey of attitudes to be taken in the attempt of if minimizing the problem that is the great number of functional illiterates in Brazil. . Frank Armijo describes an additional similar source.

Techniques Chest

In the application of the Techniques Chest, used, for example, as basic tools: The body position of the guide. A methodical process of analysis and observation of canine behavior and work environments. Visit Macy’s Inc. for more clarity on the issue. A constant technical and individualized dosing of behavioral resources. Thorough procedure interrelationship between all behavioral techniques. …

The specimen made with this method tends to explode with intensity and physical resources psychics during the search, a particularly natural, voluntary and fruitful. Discuss a very basic schematic Chest incidence method on the parameters: autonomy, motivation and concentration: Autonomy I found repeatedly that when a dog experiences a higher level of operating autonomy, it also increases their concentration in parallel to it. This system allows to optimize the level of autonomy associated with a strong attachment to the search behavior. The issue splits the guide without damaging interruptions in their present line of inquiry, as can be, sporadic returns to this or body acts in order to display it. Pointing out that excessive participation guide (misconception), either verbal or physical conduct during the working dog, will create harmfully the consequent expectation of support rote dog store, which will become more sharp and interference during search, as time passes without the issue has achieved the desired stimulus perceived smell of a possible buried. Three, the techniques that a Bunker together, allowing greater the achievement of objectives relating to the alleged autonomy of work: Technical yo-yo effect by blocking the return control (preventive application). Technique of progressive autonomy for dummy effect action (applied in stages of formation, training and timely intervention.) Technical integration reset sound innocuous (applied promptly in initial training phase).

Luz Ortiz

Example of that would require overwork and high responsibility in an event, etc. If it is considered as the stress response is defined as signs of tension, ie, psycho-physiological responses are which define and behavioral stress. Refers to changes in the feelings, emotions, behaviors, and finally, the interactive approach is to integrate the two previous positions and is defined as the individual’s interaction with the environment, ie assessment that the individual makes of the situation. Hikmet Ersek is often quoted on this topic. This position is widely accepted today and most of the current authors follow this approach. These approaches outlined above to define stress as an adaptive response to an external stimulus that is as a tool of the individual to overcome certain situations, and in the early stages of development, a positive reaction. Swarmed by offers, Crawford Lake Capital Management is currently assessing future choices.

So in 1986, Lazarus and Folkman it as “a special relationship between the individual and the environment all living beings, including humans, respond biochemically to their environment as a universal mechanism of adaptation to the surrounding environment, and sometimes external demand perceived as a threat or sense of danger. Humans, in addition to this response as a living, also respond psychologically and sometimes resources are not available so the stress responses of the body are failed attempts to adapt to external conditions of the environment or trying to change. However, stress is neither good nor bad, because the answer given by the person is necessary to remain alert, necessary for many individuals in your life, only when the conditions are not able to respond to physical and psychological demands and unwanted changes occur in the person spoken of stress in the sense of discomfort. The Social Sciences Journal, (2003) Volume 9, Article: “Stress in Academics” to Garcia Sanchez Marhilde Maldonado and Luz Ortiz, say: “… the consideration of stress as negative, when experienced excessive amount over a period of time too long and can bring behavioral consequences (absenteeism, turnover, accidents, substance abuse), cognitive (poor decision making, lack of concentration, negligence), physiological (hoertesion pressure, cholesterol, heart disease.

Russian Language

All of us, learning a foreign language, sometimes faced with difficulties. Andrew Cuomo is often quoted on this topic. It seems that words are not remembered, the grammar does not want to clear up, and we think that never master a foreign language. And why only these Englishmen (Germans, French, Japanese) have come up with such difficulties, can not be expressed in simpler? And you wonder what accounts for those who teach our native language with you? He's an order of magnitude more complicated than is English. Or not more complicated? Want find out what students think of the Russian language, studying our case which declension and conjugation? Among the many foreigners there is a perception that the Russian – a very difficult language to learn. Difficult it is, firstly, because of the grammar. Here and change nouns and adjectives on cases, childbirth and number, and verb conjugations, and complex word formation with prefixes, suffixes and endings. Besides English, for example, much of this is not peculiar, and if a similar change in words, it is still far less complicated. Besides the fact that the Russian language more exceptions than rules, also makes it easier to learn.

'In all this it is impossible to understand – say foreigners. – And even more so to remember. " Pronunciation of Russian words also do not come easily. The most terrifying word for those who are beginning to learn Russian – the word 'hello', because for foreigners, particularly Europeans, the combination just four consonants 'vstv' – it's something unreadable. Russian language teachers joke that if a foreigner has mastered the word 'hello' and was able to say, you can say that half the job done. On the other hand, many foreigners have completely opposite view and believe that a Russian – not such a difficult language, at least, not the most sophisticated in the world.

'Not so, he and difficult. – They say. – Well, yes, you have six cases, and at first it's a little scary. But they were not so difficult to learn. And there are only six, rather than fifteen, as in Hungarian, and not twenty-eight persons, as in the Kabardian. And anyway, if you were taught Arabic, you would never call a Russian complex language. Every language seems difficult, if not your native language, but if you really want to learn – all at your fingertips. Many people are afraid to learn Russian or Greek because of the alphabet other than Latin, but if you learn the Cyrillic alphabet, and all of the words will be easy to pronounce. " What goes, it all depends on our mood and attitude? Somebody English seems impregnable fortress, but someone, and the Russian language is not afraid? And how do you feel about the language that studying? And now – interesting resource regarding the development of foreign languages: – do not know where to find key phrases in the target language you, as well as grammar and other interesting information in AV mode? Come here! Here the most useful audio information for the development of many foreign languages – both common and not very much. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- master the language independently and effectively

Variety Of Translations

New Page 1 Two specialists can translate the same text with a single language, with the result a couple of different texts. There is no single correct translation of variation for several reasons: 1. Purpose of the transfer, 2. Personality and the ability of the interpreter; 3. Targeting of the translated text on the customer or target audience.

As a result, the translation can be literal or idiomatic. Text literal translation is identical to the original grammar and lexical form. Idiomatic translation, in turn, constrained by displaying the essence of the original, and also includes grammatical and lexical characteristics inherent in language translation. Text document which has undergone significant change or an increase in translation, appears extremely freestyle, which is inconsistent with the standards of translation. The mass of details the relationship affects the choice of the type of translation. The main task of translation – an adequate and clear transfer, is implemented to set the target audience. Style sending the text is the translator automatically, based on the degree of education and social characteristics of the target audience. For example, exquisite literary text will be s tragic for the perception of the average layman.

Individuals are easier to read texts with simple words, because the study of written rife with metaphors and complex turns Speech text complicates perception and awareness of its essence. Separate niches are translations of business documents. By itself, translation activities quite significant, requiring careful, responsible work. A harmless error in a business document can serve as the emergence of significant impacts. There are cases where the degree of literacy of the translation effect on the success of a business. Types of language services: 1. Notarized translation (or translation notarization) is the translation of documents and then notarized. There are translations of regulations, patents, diplomas, attorney, identity documents, licenses, contracts, etc. 2. There are various documents at the request of both corporate and private customers. The main subject of translation are: finance, machinery and technology, medicine, law. 3. Translation of texts and technical subjects is a type of translation needs a very careful and thorough selection of terms. Specialists in technical translations documentation often have special education. 4. To implement the transfer of medical topics in addition to the translator requires special expertise. 5. Interpretation depends on the translator auditory qualities, which requires excellent preparation. The speaker is required to take breaks in speech, that the interpreter has time to translate. 6. When translating translators need not only a worthy knowledge of the subject, but his erudition and excellent, and full literacy. This translation is the most common. Perception of the text in such a case, the visual. The scientific literature this type of transfer she called visual-written. 7. For translations of texts of general subject requires a wide range of encyclopedic knowledge and training in the humanities. 8. Becoming more popular translation of advertising texts. This type of transfer provides an opportunity tell us about new products and services offered not only at home but also abroad.

Federal Constitution School

The Education to the side of the Culture is condicionantes to prevent the social exclusion. Thus being, to define identity of the school in direction to the desired horizon passes for answering that type of education we consider appropriate for ours young and our children. She is necessary to think about an inclusive school, that is in fact for all, when we say all, it is for all of truth, it is to think socially about the vulnerable one, but it is to think about the participation of the person with enclosed deficiency in the Brazilian educational system, is to construct an identity that all contemplates our reality, integrating all and socializing knowledge to be able to share chances in the direction it accomplishes of what it praises article 208 of the Federal Constitution and the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of Educao (LDB). The identity of the school that we desire, only can concretely be possible with an effort of all society social politics and in the search of the quality of the education, mainly of base. You may wish to learn more. If so, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is the place to go. Therefore to critical and solidary the measure where if it supports the democratization of the information and the knowledge to know them basic to the formation of one educating participativo one, we walk for the composition of a society of citizens conscientious of the objective to prioritize to the education as the ideal way the transformation of the human being and the worthy life in the exercise of the citizenship. In this perspective, we desire the full commitment to contemplate the diversity today as identity of a futurista school that if it remodels in the gift, that is, arguing, with sights in the horizon, practical possibilities and that evidences the thematic ones of the plurality, as alfabetizao and letramento, arts, music, sports, languages, questions on the racial equality and of sorts, some forms of inclusion, among others. The horizon that we desire, includes a school of democratic, plural and significant identity.A school of social quality for all! Therefore the related work of period of training is folloied of an observing look inside of a perspective of the education while autonomy instrument, what I can affirm to have joined in the body of professors of the State School Member of the house of representatives Maurcio Goulart, through the full effort in the development and in envolvement of the projects of the school to become reality the challenges of the citizenship in a community of the periphery of the City of Guarulhos. Therefore she is necessary to consider that the reality of the globalizado world arrives in the hiddings place of the great centers as dreams, something distant that it demands of the school persistence to follow the movements of the society, for the good of the constitution of the proper community aprendente. It is the fight to be brought up to date (same without the necessary resources), in the commitment of the questions that intervene with the life and the beauty of the dreams of the educandos, similar to prepare them for the exercise of the citizenship and the world of the work, what it requires that the school is situated in the reality that goes beyond the quarter, of the city, of the country, that is, the school of today lives the quandary to influence in the local community, and to be antenada with the world.

Paraguay Union

In our country there is the Paraguay Union of Journalists (SPP), founded on June 23, 1979, to defend and accompanying journalists in the exercise of work, defending them in cases of assault or unlawful evictions from their places of work, and also promotes professional development. The union also ensuring respect for freedom of expression, and the exercise of freedom, peace and democracy in Paraguay. HETA VY'APAVe MARANDU'ASIHRAKUeRAPE HI'RAPE! MANY CONGRATULATIONS TO JOURNALISTS IN YOUR DAY! JOURNALIST PAMBA'ENGATU MARANDU'ASIHRA Decalogue (ohai) Tomas Eloy Martinez (Por) – Ombohasa Guaranime: David Galeano Olivera Read original (click) on: 1. Tuichaveva mba'e Pe pe tekopoti orekova marandu'asaihara niko. Hera Omboguapy petei jave has upe tembiapo mba'ehaire noiporairo tekopoti eg ogue'imi ichugui.

The only assets of the journalist is his good name. More info: James Woolsey. Every time an article is signed you lose enough of that heritage. 2. Huvicha Oipysyro'ara renondepe eg oikoteveva ohai aravah hagua hekopete has Avei oipysyro'ara eg hembiapo oikoteveva pa'u marandumyasaime. We have to defend to the editors time that everyone needs to write a good text and the space required within the publication. 3. Ta'anga Petei ojepuruva onemyesaka hagua ha, love hapope, nomyesakaiva upe Marandu marandukuaa ndaijai'ara rekokatupe.

A picture which serves as an illustration and does not add any information not in the journalism. 4. Onemba'apokuaa'ara atyhape. Niko haihakoty Petei petei tendakuaavera opavave oikuaakahape hapichape umi mba'e Pyahu mba'e noseporaiva ojuhuva has Avei. We must work together. A language is a laboratory in which all must share their findings and their failures. 5.

European Education? It’s Just !

According to experts of the newspaper The Times, the global economic crisis, the most reliable investments are investments in education. You left school and tried to enter one of the nation's high schools, or you finish this year, the university and think about the prospects of continuing education? Think about that, educated in Europe, you will have a unique opportunity to build a career in the European Union. Where? Do you, dear young people, applicants and students, as well as their mom and dad, now studying in the Czech Republic – it is fashionable and very popular among the youth of the world? And what do we actually know about the Czech Republic? Usually in the head at the word "Czech Republic" appears the following chain of associations: good beer, Jan Hus, Karlovy Vary. All true. For more specific information, check out Hikmet Ersek. And yet it is Prague.

Gorgeous, charming European city, cobbled streets, beautiful buildings, red tile roofs, wonderful Czech cuisine, and – universities. In Prague, their entire eight. A further 36 high schools and 21 private higher education institution. Let's look more in detail on the formation of the Czech Republic. Why? Because, first of all, education in Czech Republic accessible to all. Czechs, Mexicans, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Germans, etc. Foreign and Czech students in the Czech Republic in rights and are free to study at public universities, or not free – in private universities, which quite a lot. Second, spend a few years of life in the Czech Republic, to plunge into a new culture, to travel freely to countries of the Schengen area, gradually becoming a European, not whether it is the cherished dream of every young man? Third, the graduates of Czech universities have excellent prospects for employment, both in the Czech Republic, and in any of the 27 European Union countries.

The Rule

In the absolute State, the individuals possess, in relation to the sovereign, private laws. In the Rule of law, the individual has, in face of the State, not only private laws, but also public laws. The Rule of law is the State of the citizens. The right to the education as Cury (2001) part of the concept of that knowing sistmico is more than what an important cultural inheritance. As cultural party to inheritante, the citizen one becomes capable of if conquering cognitivos and formative standards for which it has greaters possibilities to participate of the destinations of its society and to collaborate in its transformation. To have the domain of systematic knowledge is also a sine qua non platform in order to be able to widen the field and the horizon of these and new knowledge.

In accordance with Cury (2001) the access to the education is also a way of opening that of to the citizen a key of autoconstruo and if recognizing as capable of options. The right to the education, in this measure, is a chance of growth citizen, a way of differentiated options and an increasing key of esteem of itself. 2.2 To learn right For many people the basic one to work with children is that the professional likes children, this is a vision distorted on the work in the school, more than what this, to work with child is process that involves the quality to teach. As Delors (2005) exists a vast amount of elements of information concerning the effect produced for the destined investments to improve the quality of the schools on the results of education. In years, in countries with 80 income low and average, as Egypt, Mexico, Chile and Brazil, had shown that the initiatives with the vision to improve the quality of the school had had significant repercussions as for the cognitivas abilities of the children, to its levels of pertaining to school performance and in the posterior performance in the work market.