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For new advisors this be propagated first SMS to customers to allow a quick action. You may want to visit Thredup to increase your knowledge. It then creates a new stock exchange letter with the details online. Depending on how much tradable movement prevails, can cause even four or five editions a day. Additional information is available at Thredup. Depending on the time I take a look at that sometimes in the evening at home Capital market dynamics, but issues and recommendations after 18:00 are the exception in special situations however possible and important. With the peace of mind”approach in the current situation on the markets. Recently Robert Kraft sought to clarify these questions. You nervous the situation in Europe? Hans-Jurgen Haack: After more than 25 years on the stock exchange no longer so quickly me nervous though, but anyone who thinks that would have seen it all, the market the quickly disabused.

And now the current situation is a new fact. But what does not change the total, market participants, making the rates in effect in its entirety. Because who among other things by fear, greed embossed patterns remain the same. So does the market technology, which includes chart technology, sentiment and other sizes for me, even in these times. But is this market technique in the brief window of time undermined by extreme responding to new news sometimes. Since one has to adjust something at the entrance and exits, or the stop intervals. At the same time, it is in some situations to take out better gas”, so fewer trades to enter. Is your company for your stock market letter subscribers how time consuming? What looks an average trading day for the Subscriber, or saving themselves the investor who by PP brokerage to be your strategy as a managed account can be? Hans-Jurgen Haack: That depends of course on the individual reader. Some use the letter as inspiration, as an aid for the formation of opinion or to implement only trades when it admits that its own time.

Swiss Asset Manager

However, our request for financial market supervision in the Switzerland showed that DeltFins has a permit as an asset manager in the Switzerland, nor has an entry in the Swiss commercial register. For more specific information, check out Areva. DeltFins has not answered regarding our request the correct Office and the competent regulatory authority until today. Reputable managed account providers that deal this form of investment especially with the legal construction, brought more interesting aspects in the discussion on DeltFinds. Managing account under English supervision is carried out according to DeltFins. Also only with brokers together, which, for example, am under the strict regulation of the FSA (London) work. A Swiss operate provider not covered by the domestic finance, but Dodge to England, should however urge caution. The combination of a Swiss Bank and a Swiss Asset Manager offers an optimal combination, where already all legal institutions of a managed account exactly matched be.

Hybrid solutions, however, are mostly attempts to go to one of these two components. In this context, the question of why the accounting of the specified reference account while using the broker FXM, opening of accounts be made however for customers via another broker in New Zealand is also. Inconsistencies in DeltFins contacts with clients of DeltFins investments Inc., we could find out that the account statements of the reference account show a very different development to the trading activities on the customer accounts. It was possible to make a direct comparison of the trades during the period of the 23.11 up to the 28.11.2011. While on the reference account of DeltFins in this one week only 20 trades are listed, 392 trades were made during the same period on the customer account audited by us! She has not counting however up to less than the 20 x higher Tradingfrequenz for customers. While the reference account finished the trading week with a gain, the customer account finished with a decline of about 8%.

While it may be in the Use of a trading system get slightly different results on the accounts. Such high deviations are however not logically comprehensible. According to the agreement with a broker it is possible the system provider not only performance, but also the spread to participate. A high frequency of trade would be to Pocket fees in this case for the system provider of the opportunity also for negative performance, with such behavior with a negative balance of trade heavily at the expense of the customer. Our previous information permit dissuade us from investing in the managed accounts of DeltFins investments Inc.. If more customers by DeltFins investments Inc. are among our readers, we would be pleased, if you would post your experiences in the forum posts about DeltFins. Like you can share us your experience via email. Here you can go to the Forum and can publish your experiences with managed accounts: news-reader/items/vorsicht_vor_deltafins.html chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors favor note to managed accounts managed accounts. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can give zest to traditional securities accounts and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio.

Jens Erhardt

Steuerschadlich also affects, if the investor (policyholder) by the or with the insurer or the or with the asset managers work out a customized investment strategy makes or agreed. Investment with the best asset managers an investment under the tax shield, a life insurance policy is usually characterized as a restriction of the investment spectrum to a handful of publicly-available funds. Internal insurance funds are often exclusively with corporate funds, so that only a limited diversification, connected with a very narrow risk-spreading is given. Often, also bulk risks can arise from such plants. Not so with the best-of-wealth management concept of FARAD international. “With this unique design best-of-wealth management” of the Luxembourg insurance broker offers unit-linked life insurance policies of from different insurance companies. Total PA from Liechtenstein, the Baloise group, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein or the German branch of the Irish insurer, which combines Canada life asset investment products the best asset managers are the investors over a dozen to choose from, including provider such as the traditional Foyer from Luxembourg, the LV 1871. “Best” asset managers in this case means that the insurance product on the concepts of asset managers limited, for example well-known awards received have Fund awards and Lipper Fund awards through Handelsblatt elite report, Fox report, standard & Poors, euro.

Under this prestigious asset managers are among others Offers of several German regional banks, including the subsidary of BayernLB (Banque LBLux), several private banks, such as Merck Finck & co or a variety of other experienced institutions like for example Dr. Jens Erhardt. All the tax advantages of a unit-linked life insurance system with a multifunctional and open architecture investment strategies from the assortment of the best asset managers in German-speaking countries connect with the best-of-wealth Managment concept of FARAD international. Summary investors who want to invest mainly or exclusively in funds and have a long-term investment horizon in mind, normally associated with a private pension, should funds-based life insurance of a direct fund investments prefer. Investment strategies but also changing completely variable contribution payments and capital withdrawals are allowed within an insurance cover. Insurance solutions promise the optimum flexibility, diversification and expected return on it in an open architecture”with Choice between several insurers and a comprehensive range of investment from the range of excellent asset managers. The best-of-wealth-management concept of FARAD international meets these criteria fully. FARAD offers first standardized framework in exclusively Community when it comes to risk protection and according to the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of finance systems, which are available to any policyholders with this concept.

The concept provides maximum freedom and protection of guidelines, cross-generational insurance contracts”immediately associated with an unlimited tax deferral and a compounding effect, even in the event of early termination. The investor can rely on the capital at any time. At premature liquidation basically no cancellation charges. The concept designed as a three-party contract (insurance companies, Bank and Luxembourg financial supervisory authority) offers the investor the maximum security for a long-term investment in terms of private pension schemes.


LTAP retain agreed necessary time window to refinance the loans of Berlin, March 18, 2011 that management of the life trust asset pool (LTAP) has with the lending bank Wells Fargo out of court on a cooperative continuation of the police portfolio. Core of the agreement is an extension of the timeframe for LTAP to the refinancing of the portfolio until August 31, 2011. This created an important basis for the assurance of the portfolio in the interests of the investors. Hear from experts in the field like Petplan Pet Insurance for a more varied view. Despite the decision of the District Court against the application of the LTAP on a creditor protection procedures (Chapter 11 “) the LTAP management had been looking for continue the conversation with Wells Fargo. For assistance, try visiting crowne plaza rosemont. We have finally achieved a breakthrough in the interest of the investors. Now we can focus 100% on the refinancing of the Wells Fargo loan”, said Franz-Philippe Przybyl, Managing Director of Berlin Atlantic capital (BAC) and thereby responsible for the LTAP. Wells Fargo replaces the previously existing credit agreement with the legal continuation of the portfolio. The LTAP Police portfolio controlled company is transferred to one of Wells Fargo, for the LTAP gains exclusive buy-back rights until August 31, 2011.

During this time, Wells Fargo funded all premiums for policies in its portfolio. LTAP has the necessary time horizon, to develop a refinancing of the policy portfolio with alternative financing partners. This comparison was already presented the District Court in Wilmington, Delaware, so LTAP also receives the necessary legal certainty. In return, LTAP waives the right to claim of any damages. “Pandey: Fund management has very carefully weighing the risks and costs of an action for damages against an amicable solution and finally opted for the cooperative way.” LTAP is among others already working on implementing a funding approach with Guggenheim Securities Investment Bank. Guggenheim worked last year for LTAP and has in this Relationship established contact with a number of potential funding partners.

Currently, models that provide fresh equity from existing and new investors seem most likely. With the enlarged capital base, a successful refinancing of the liability component is more likely. In the negotiations with alternative financing partners in the past year we saw, that a realistic timeframe for refinancing and a clearly clarified legal situation is crucial for a successful conclusion. With compared this important requirement is now created”Pandey commented. Concrete discussions are under way.

Montranus Media Fund I And II

Another OLG investors said to have repayment of equity to the higher regional court of Stuttgart now also the higher regional court of Munich (judgment of January 24, 2012) has an investor a Montranus Media Fund and to the reversal of the media fund contribution guilty which Helaba Dublin. In the Centre of the judgment which was once again at the Montranus Fund I + II for the concluded loan agreements or bearer bonds related cancellation policy, which does not meet the statutory requirements. Loan contracts with the HELABA Dublin can still withdraw are LEASING for private investors on Montranus Media Fund I for investors from the Hanover + II this has resulted in that they can still revoke the financing agreements concluded with Helaba Dublin to fund of funds (loan agreement or promissory notes). On the basis of this revocation of Montranus investors can fund from the Bank the repayment of equity capital employed less preserved Charge distributions. Some courts have the Montranus investors Additionally awarded lost profits. In return, they must transmit their participation in the Montranus Fund to Helaba Dublin.

We claim this for many investors the Montranus Media Fund I and II. Compensation claims against savings banks because of secret kickbacks in the years 2003 to 2005 have in particular savings banks advised their customers to subscribe for investments to the Montranus Media Fund in that the savings banks have received commissions called refunds or kickbacks for providing the Fund investments, their customers were not informed. The Kickback case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof, uninformed investors can enforce claims against the savings bank Advisory it. Want to know how you can reduce the damage incurred in connection with their Montranus Media Fund participation en and get back their invested capital?

Contact Stefan Gobel

Yet the concrete gold to participate, many investors assume have tempted is, that foreign direct investment is reversible at any time through a sale. It is often overlooked that a private investor for a sale before the end of the statutory period of ten years must pay tax on the profit with the full personal tax rate. Also consume substantial transaction costs both at the time of purchase and sale on the return. This is particularly true if the property is held only in the short term. A short-term commitment of real estate is not to be recommended. Another factor is the fear of the savers.

Many investors are now willing to invest to make their savings crisis-proof, not taking into account return aspects in real estate. This often basic criteria such as the location of the object completely out of eight are allowed. Due to the general insecurity, as well as the selective media perception, many investors close therefore their eyes often profitable closed Real estate investments. Little attention is also the diversification of risk in this approach. By purchasing a single real estate investor, sets to put it figuratively, all eggs in one basket.

Closed real estate funds, on the other hand, the use of capital can be handled flexibly. Minimum drawing buzz allow even a partial participation in real estate usually 10,000 euros, so that an investor can diversify his savings across multiple asset classes across further. A closed-end real estate funds can also participate in several and different properties at the same time and thus reduce the risk. Also eliminates the sometimes necessary inclusion of very long-term personal loans to finance real estate. A closed-end real estate fund allows the pooling of many investors, so attractive and steeped in return on real estate can be purchased, which are typically out of reach for individual investors. In addition, when compared to a direct investment, professional fund management facilitates the falling Substantial administrative overhead. Of course, even an investment in closed-end real estate funds like any corporate involvement is not entirely free of risks. So, investors should always thoroughly scrutinize the essential statements, data, and projections of the Fund and on plausibility check. Should be the results in accordance with the established investment criteria for acquiring real estate, closed-end real estate funds can provide quite better financial results than a direct investment”, the AAD Fund discount, Marco Otter leg, runs the Managing Director. About the AAD Fund discount GmbH and the AAD Fund discount blog AAD Fund discount GmbH is an independent fund placement firm based in the university town of Marburg. It offers investors the opportunity to acquire more than 9,000 mutual funds and virtually all closed-end funds at discount rates without subscription fee. In the AAD Fund discount blog blog.aad are current as well as basic questions to the Topics of closed-end funds and investment funds picked up and illuminated in economic and legal terms.

Fund Investors

Economically attractive and secure exit way for the InfrTrust investors Berlin, Atlanta, 31 Oct 2011 allows the Berlin underwriter Berlin Atlantic capital (BAC) for its investors, to replace the participation in the Fund of the InfrTrust series through the capital market at an early stage. The property should be made of the InfrTrust Fund, the six dozen mobile towers in the United States, with a society Premarket traded already in the United States, the CIG Wireless Inc., on the stock exchange. With this model, we have found a reasonable solution for our investors. As a result, investor converts his participation in closed-end Fund in a fungible securities, which is subject to the high standards of transparency in the American securities and Exchange Commission. Thus, investors can exploit their participation already before expiration of the original term of the Fund and benefit from the added security of a preference share.

In a later conversion into registered shares, investors also have the performance CIG Wireless Inc. and the overall positive market development itself part”, says Nikolaus Weil, currently managing director of the BAC group. CIG Wireless Inc. common shares maintained future majority S.A. by the Swiss financial investor ENEX group, while the InfrTrust fund investors get from CIG Wireless Inc. preferred shares. During the realignment of the emission business BAC sold previously S.A.

shares to the partner of the InfrTrust Fund to the Swiss financial investor ENEX group. The preferred shares provide for an annual Vorabverzinsung by six percent and a privileged access to the radio towers. The preferred shares are subject to a hold period until 31.12.2014 or 31.12.2015. By eliminating the administrative costs of the fund companies increases the rate of return for investors by an average two percent.

Exchange Commission SEC

Situations in which classes in the slip advised, can be exacerbated by the high frequency trading and end in strong fluctuations. Is therefore the question justified, what proportion of high frequency trading on the stock market disaster actually had in August? According to expert opinions deserve high frequency trading systems in stormy stock market stages approximately twice as much as in quiet times. It is so not to assume that the operators of high-frequency trading have an interest to intervene calming the markets with the trade. To determine the actual impact factor is however currently be impossible in practice. High-frequency traders are in the market although many, the problem is to identify them. Stock markets behave with information very intransparent. High-frequency trading is considered important client base of, and here again the decisive argument for ample liquidity on the markets care bears.

Efforts to ban high-frequency trading, which exist since the Flash crash from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC, are after information of the Institute for fractal market analysis unfortunately still very far from the implementation. May, the August offers reason to push the legal limits for high frequency trading finally the authorities. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties.

Franziska Stroedel Bank

Polls consistently show that small and medium-sized enterprises suffer a lot under the generally bad payment behaviour of customers it is not surprising that more and more medium-sized companies looking for financing alternatives for your company to increasingly strict requirements for loans but banks. The experiences of the last years of the crisis, that just larger companies with payment of his invoices often not so hurry showed at the same time. The situation like in terms of attracting economy again have improved some, but still suffer from, according to polls, many small and medium-sized companies under the bad payment behaviour of their customers. The company come so often even in economic trouble, can not order much-needed inventory or not even past bills. “And although the order books are full”, explains Norbert Wagner of the Landshuter Debi select group who famously introduced the Debi select Fund as a factoring Fund on the market. Under factoring, he will Understand the purchase of debts from deliveries of goods and services.

Since the risks here are often not adequately assess, Debi select has aligned itself on the special factoring by largely secured claims. In this way, acquires the company has investments in medium-sized companies, for example, life insurance, provides the surrender value immediately and settles with the insurance following. For this purpose, the holding company receives a discount. It is shown, that all areas of the profession by payment problems are affected. It is true the craftsmen as well as the architects.

Not about the leading software provider for accountants, auditors and lawyers, DATEV has reached an agreement with a factoring company, stating that their customers also finance before claims can be. Factoring is the assignment of claims against immediate payment, so one must accept a reduction in purchase who quickly wants his money. We support the middle class, want to, but in the interest of Debi select fund investors no risk in buying take “, says Debi select. Specialty supplier refinanced themselves about the Debi select Fund – so a capital investment via the free capital market. These closed-end funds of the Debi select offer an attractive return, risk inherent in the concept of was greatly limited. As Debi select is secured or secured claims. So avoid the risk of a loss or partial loss of money.

Managing Director

Talks with Wells Fargo after court decision against Chapter 11 extension of existing loan through Wells Fargo resumed possible enforcement of collateral by Wells Fargo so far not carried out Berlin, March 07, 2011 after intensive negotiations of the management of the life trust asset pool (LTAP) with the lending bank Wells Fargo in recent days reached an agreement with the Bank on behalf of investors of life trust fund number suggests. At its core, ongoing and already advanced talks provide an extension of the existing Wells Fargo credit line. Thus, a continuation of the police pool by LTAP management would ensure. Wells Fargo has refrained so far, which is entitled to the credit as collateral to collect-backed Fund policies, although the Bank to do so since March 4, 2011. Prerequisite for a successful conclusion of the talks is a written documentation of the agreement, which must be deposited with the competent District Court in Wilmington, Delaware, US – United States. According to current is the ability to achieve such an agreement in the coming weeks. Despite the decision of the District Court against the application of the LTAP on a creditor protection procedures (Chapter 11 “) the LTAP management on a resumption of talks had entered with Wells Fargo. We are cautiously optimistic that we still succeed, with Wells Fargo to come to a mutually acceptable solution on behalf of investors. As a mutual interest to find an amicable solution is,”said Franz-Philippe Przybyl, Managing Director of the Berlin Atlantic group and responsible for the LTAP.