He earned his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers tekniska h gskola) in Gothenburg in 1962 and a doctorate from the Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska H gskolan) in Stockholm in 1985 with a thesis on language builder for large real time systems. In 1967 he proposed the use of software components in developing the next generation of controlled telephone switches, which Ericsson was developing. This invented sequence diagrams and collaboration diagrams developed. Also implemented state-transition diagrams to describe the message flow between components. He thought it was necessary to make software development plans and was one of the original developers of SDL (Specification and Description Language). In 1967, SDL became a standard in the telecommunications industry. He also invented use cases as a way to specify functional software requirements.In April 1987, he left and founded the company Ericsson Objective Systems. A majority of the shares of the company was acquired by Ericsson in 1991 and the company was renamed Objectory AB. Ivar Jacobson developed the software process in Objectory OOSE AB around 1992. In October 1995, Ericsson AB sold for signature Objectory Rational Software, and Jacobson started working with G Booch and James Rumbaugh to first create the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and later develop the Rational Unified Process (RUP). In 2003, Rational Software was acquired by IBM and Ivar decided to quit, but he remained with the company until May 2004 as executive technical consultant. In mid-2003 formed Ivar Jacobson International (IJI), an umbrella company for Ivar Jacobson Consulting (IJC) which operates across 4 continents and has offices in the UK, USA, Scandinavia, China, Korea , Singapore and Australia.In November 2005, Jacobson announced the Essential Unified Process (EssUP), a new “practice” focusing on the software development process. This is a new beginning for the integration of effective practices among the three main areas of process: the unified process, agile methods and process maturity. Each of them contributes different capabilities: structure, agility and process improvement. EssUP Jacobson has described as a “super light and agile.” ORs and the IJC have EssUP integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio Team System and Eclipse.

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St. Vincent loses 4th exec in past year.(St. Vincent Health System’s chief operating officer Chuck Stokes resigns): An article from: Arkansas Business by Jon Parham (Digital – Jul 28, 2005)HTML


Planning a project with this methodology is often impossible, due to uncertainty in the number of iterations that will be needed. In this context the risk assessment is of the utmost importance and for large projects, this assessment requires the involvement of highly experienced professionals. The IEEE classified as spiral development model is not operating in their classifications of MCV. Citation needed

Lesson 5: Types of Menu / Insert

This menu allows you to add different types of objects to the slide (diagrams, pictures, graphs, tables, text boxes, …). 2 – Date Time: Allows update and choose the time zone and language of your presentation. 7 – Hyperlink (Ctrl Alt K): A link, usually between two websites in the same place, but a link can also point to a page from another website, a file, an image, etc.. To navigate to the destination pointed to the link, we click on it. Also known as hyperlinks or links. Click on a hyperlink that can do several things happen.

AFJP a substantive issue

November 2008 Open Letter Mendoza appears once again to an issue of such profound social significance as is the fate of the retirement of the Argentines. The national government sent Congress the proposed transfer of funds of the administrators to the state, a project that has a high popular consensus. The government made this decision in the context of the global economic crisis, following the biggest drop in the history of the international financial system. In this system AFJPs investing and, after fifteen years of under-funding, freezing and cutting pensions (as a result of over-delivery system capitalization), the Government decided to take this urgent decision. The discussion of this measure implies necessarily refer to the conception of a national project that transcends the present situation, suggesting a structural change in the current configuration of state.This particular circumstance seems to explain the virulence of the attacks on the proposal by the most reactionary sectors of the establishment. They are articulated in the most hard core of a segment of the opposition and with the logistics of a savage media strategy, aimed at diverting the focus of the discussion. The change raised tends to recover the historic concept of social security that Argentina had internalized society founded on solidarity between generations, and they were distorted by the speculative logic of the capital market. Therefore it is necessary to state openly what society we live, what interests are in each case and, therefore, what role belongs to the State under the Constitution of Argentina with respect to social welfare. This requires reviewing the history of the past 15 years. In the 90 over the menemato, in the heyday of neoliberalism, was carried out modifying the Argentine pension system as part of the so-called “state reform”. This was reduced to a minimum, taking away their potential and their interference, but not its responsibility as guarantor of having minimum pension (as the states the Constitution). Much of the funds made up retirement contributions were transferred to the private sphere and the fate of the elderly was left to the free market. The escalation of financial power after 1976 and consolidated in the 90s, was paid, through a combined package by law and / or executive decree, the state model that implemented the change. This was supported by the media who proclaimed and extolled the virtues of individualism and capitalization through AFJP, decrying the state of sharing solidarity system. We were many who denounce the disastrous consequences of this model, and fight against their imposition. Today history has proved us right, for the national government should bail out those who contributed for years to AFJPs and are not sufficient for a minimum pension (77 subsidy for retirees AFJP). You should also take urgent action to prevent further damage to the plummeting value of deposits and hence the potential pension of the majority. This is not only complied with their constitutional role and irrevocable guarantor of social welfare. The privatization of pensions compulsion was possible from the implementation of an advertising tactic that included de facto measures such as: Deprivation of the right to elect, by compulsory membership of new workers (youth) illegitimate transfer of older people, without time or enough information to choose, and after a pseudo-consultation was not respected. Indoctrination of an army of young promoters were introduced in all areas of work to sell pensions (in exchange for a commission, and in circumstances that could not get another decent and stable). Pro-funded media campaigns about the supposed advantages of individualism.


It describes the actions that take place throughout the school year. Allyl Level: Observation of group and individual work in the classroom. Diagnostic Evaluation Phonoaudiologic is performed individual records attached to the bundle. Referral to professionals in cases that require it.

Who are they

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Alternative monetary systems

Alternative monetary systems an attempt to control the exponential growth of money supply, some countries have given full independence to their central bank. The central banks of New Zealand, Australia and the UK have the ability to set interest rates and implement monetary policies independently, if any interference or guidance from central government. This can cause the control to serve the interest rates to fight inflation or devalue the currency. However, given that these policies do not eliminate the problems inherent in fractional reserve system, many suggest that only a much more radical monetary reform can promote positive social change. Although it appears that central banks control inflation, because loans made to other banks, may be forced to devalue its currency to save the banking system, bankruptcy or collapse in the event that many people wish to withdraw their savings same time.This situation creates panic in the financial system, making it susceptible to economic bubbles. Theorists such as Robert Mundell (and other radical thinkers such as James Robertson) are the currency reform an important part within a system of global institutions, which together with the United Nations, should ensure sustainable development and world peace. In particular Robert Mundell believes in the resurrection of the gold standard as a stabilizing factor in global financial system.Henry Liu, Asia Times Online, believes that monetary reform is an important part of an evolution towards post-autistic. While some economists suggest monetary reforms to reduce inflation and increase the efficiency of financial capital, the idea of synchronize with other objectives such reform green peace is tied to leftist groups and the antiglobalization movement. Other proposals for reform (with utopian goals) put the emphasis on changing the monetary system, tax and budget, so that the government has ability to steer the economy towards a system that would not be possible if government spending is financed solely with debt from the private banking system.In particular, some reformers like Stephen Zarlenga, Michael Rowbotham and Ellen Hodgson Brown supported the restriction or elimination of fractional reserve banking system (characterized as a practice unlawful misappropriation) and replacing it with a government with a debt-free currency issued directly by the Treasury and not by the quasi-governmental Federal Reserve. This measure is seen as a way to liberate the workers of “debt slavery” and facilitate a transformation of the economy, away from wild consumerism and towards a sustainable economy, supported by favorable business practices from the environmental point of view.

College of Physicians

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica is a professional body responsible for the audit of Medicine and Surgery in the Republic of Costa Rica. All doctors in the country must be affiliated to it in order to practice the profession legally in Costa Rica. In addition, technicians in different medical branches are incorporated into the institution. Their offices are located in Sabana Sur, San Jos de Costa Rica. The present chairman is Mainor Vargas, a specialist in pathology.

Love Aaj Kal (2009)

Duration: 130 minutes Genre: Romance, drama, comedy Directed by: Imtiaz Ali, and written by Imtiaz Ali Cast: Saif Ali Khan (Jai Vardhan Singh), Deepika Padukone (Meera Pandit), Rishi Kapoor (Veer Singh), Neetu Singh (Harlan). Plot synopsis: Jai and Meera are separate boyfriends and decide to continue with their careers incompatible, although they are still loving.While Meera Jai tries to forget to get on with life, Veer will tell how it handled the affairs of the heart at the time and show that basically nothing has changed. Story and Screenplay (4 / 5): Imtiaz Ali returns to the fray with another predominantly romantic film, the former was successful and very successful “Jab We Met”. This film leaves you with the same good feeling to finish, a light heart and a sweet taste, although less than before. Good dialogue, believable. The story does focus on an evil of our times: the lack of commitment. It is told in two parts, one set in the present and another in flashback, and in both the protagonist is Saif (in one as Jai and the other as the younger version of Veer). Deepika instead has a double role as her co-star (obviously, he is the producer!). Some scenes could be shortened (ie the bar when cut) without much harm to the story. Beautiful locations in London, San Francisco and Delhi. Performances (4 / 5): Rishi Kapoor steals every scene in which she appears, her character is so likable, and even more so when he tells the love story of their youth. Saif well in his dual role, and Deepika who increasingly prefer. Neetu Singh is a surprise, enlighten her scenes though hardly speaks. Interesting Brazilian actress makes Saif’s new girlfriend, the pilots but does not speak a word of Hindi. Choreography and music (4 / 5): A pure Pritam, the maker of hits. Reggaeton-inspired tunes, some bhangra, lots of percussion, an appealing melange. Bolly choreography well as in the court hiperpromocionado Twist The best: Deepika, contrary to what critics thought, shows that you can mourn. The worst: Saif is increasingly metrosexual in a bad way, would you have grabbed the viejazo In short: People very cool. Final rating: 8 / 10

Biography Born

Biography Born in 1822 in Snainton, Scarborough, England, the fourth of ten children. With his family migrated to the U.S. the following year and settle in Oriskany, New York. He left school at twelve and is used in a warehouse. Will taking an interest in botany and get books from the field, and one could not buy them, copy them manually. This interest extends cuanodd meets Peter D. Knieskern, another naturalist Vasey invited to start a correspondence with botanists. Until 1870 maintains an extensive correspondence and collects a large number of specimens both of Oneida County and later of McHenry County, but not publish anything of scientific significance until the 1870s. Vasey married Martha Jane Scott in 1846, having graduated the same year deel “Berkshire Medical Institute with an MD, and quickly move to and settle in Ringwood, Illinois. In 1854 he opened a general store to support his family of 7, four children and mother.Founding member in 1858 will be the “Illinois Natural History Society, and writes prolifically for the society and the Prairie Farmer. He had two more children in 1861 but in 1864 lost the youngest of pertussis. When his wife begins to feel very weak, Vasey moved his family to Richview, but in vain, since Martha died in 1866. After a short time without writing, will marry a widow, but drags financial problems, while John W. Powell invites you to participate in an expion in 1868. It is enormously exciting scientific adventure. Entomologist and Botanist ed before being curator of the Museum of Natural History in the Illinois State University. But resigned that position to succeed Charles C. Botanical Parry as Chief of the USDA. Quickly getting down to work to improve the poor state of the “National Herbarium”, and also organizes exhibitions of forest resources for the Centennial Exposition (Philadelphia Exposition of 1876).The optimization of the herbarium, housed in the Smithsonian Institution, is considered the crowning of his career, particularly his collection Agrostologists, which was a specialist in 1889 the Institute is appointed Honorary Curator. As Chief launches Botanical Contributions to the United States National Herbarium. With George Thurber explores the Poaceae to the Flora of North America by A. Gray and Torrey. Receive an honorary MA in 1864 from Illinois Wesleyan University. In 1869 it made a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and in 1892, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for that year is representative to the International Botanical Congress dee 1892 in Genoa, where he would serve as vice president.In his published work, his various monographs of U.S. pasture where Ulti part of which is published postmorem, one of the most remarkable, especially its Agricultural Grasses of the United States, 1884, and his work descriptive unpublished species that accumulated in the herbarium, a work complete just one week before his death in 1893, of peritonitis.