United Kingdom

A new Academy of English in Zaragoza opened its doors this month, offering a new methodology of language learning. Number16 School, located on the street of San Miguel of the Aragonese capital, proposes a form of learning-oriented English in conversation structured and guided called Speak your Mind. This new methodology is totally different to traditional classes that everyone has received in school or college and introduces a more contemporary approach, helping students and professionals to express themselves in the foreign language in a matter of weeks. Leave forgotten homework or boring grammar classes since everything will be learned in the classroom in a dynamic way. The method Speak your Mind simply emphasizes speaking, so that students can obtain real results in a short time. The lessons are effective and suitable for any level, from beginners to advanced, and will help with the speech of the language, as well as pronunciation. Gemma O’Reilly, Director of studies of Number16 School added: I am sure that our native teachers and myself will be able to help hundreds of people in our community and Number16 will undoubtedly collaborate with other local companies, organizing events around the theme of learning English. Responsible for development of Number16 School Sergio says: I have to confess that ever I found it easy to learn English, especially when you have to read pages and pages of grammar at the College.

I spent a year in the United Kingdom and it was then when realized me that the only way to learn a language perfectly is practicing, repeating and when teachers talk to actual speed Street. Study in a school that used a methodology of learning English as Speak your Mind. That’s when I thought that Zaragoza needed an Academy type Number16 based on conversation and official exams. So people living in Zaragoza have the possibility to learn English as fast as if you were living in the United Kingdom.

West Russia

The leader in oil and gas projects is Gazprom. We just do not always see that huge preparatory work which held by subsidiaries of Gazprom – Gazflot and Sevmorneftegaz, and that in the coming years will be embodied in the extracted oil Prirazlomnoye and Dolginskoye in gas condensate field Shtokman, Yamal and Ob-Taz. But the development of energy sector will stimulate regeneration in the North-West Russia engineering, ship repair, construction industry, all types of transport, especially rail and sea, will ensure the growth of employment. If you talk specifically about the Arctic shelf, in the 80’s on the shelf in the Arctic were able to identify 60 local structures, open 11 unique and large deposits. In list of more recent discoveries – three oil fields in the Pechora Sea, 4 gas fields in the Ob and Taz Bays, which allowed increment gas reserves at 4 trillion m3 of oil and 500 million tons Through the use of new technologies in the exploration of the Shtokman gas condensate field could increment reserves of this unique deposit of 400 billion cubic meters, and today its reserves are no longer in 3.2, and 3.66 trillion m3 of gas. In layman question, and that us on these stocks? Where a concrete result? Reasonable question, but the fact is that, firstly from the opening of deposits on the shelf until its commissioning in the middle is 12 years. Secondly, the increase in proven reserves promotes the growth of capitalization of companies and raise the international prestige of the country as a whole.

Household Sales

Before you begin a transaction for the sale of a home must be sure that this is totally in order in order to be safe of not encountering surprises once begin with the signing of the contract. In the case of second hand dwellings a few important steps to follow are:-check the ownership of the seller for what to ask for the deed of the property with a note of the registration in the register. Once fact we will make sure that the seller is really the owner of the House and as such it has the legal authority to be able to sell. -Also we should check the loads of the housing situation, with what we should ask for a simple note to the property registry, our Bank shall perform this verification procedures that are necessary for the firm as. -Make sure that this not rented housing, as well as whether are paid the last receipt of the contribution and the contributions of the community of owners. -Also it is good to ask for a copy of the statutes of the community to learn about the new rights and obligations. As well as checking that there is no any extraordinary expense which does not have to assume as the new owner. Expenditure arising out of the sale correspond to the purchaser, excluding capital gains.

Among the expenses that we have to assume the sale of a second-hand housing are tax of patrimonial transmissions (ITP), this applies on the value of the purchase that is indicated in the deed of sale. Your assessment is different depending on the autonomous community and may even vary within the same depending on circumstances. But, and in the case of new housing, in such cases as it is predictable characteristics are different, because being a new home we ask the promoter different documents to verify that once we begin with the paperwork for the sale we are not surprises such as lack of permission or any mishap that could result in an improperly acquired purchase.

Rail Freight

Railway transport is used to transport any cargo by rail. Using these services, you can transport goods in covered wagons, tanks, on open platforms, Thermo-wagons, containers of various types, etc. Rail freight transport from Moscow to provide a full range of services, such as: loading work (using special equipment), load calculation and selection optimal route, securing of cargo in wagons, railway training documents, cargo insurance and many others. One of the most important activities is the organization and railway transport in and other industrial cities. Qualified professionals with extensive experience will provide you with professional advice on the procedure and rules of intercity and international transport by rail. You will be able calculate tariffs for goods from origin to destination, as well as experts will help resolve issues related to registration of vehicles. Rail freight from Moscow, and their planning At the planning stage rail freight transport from Moscow to develop technologically and economically viable scheme of transportation of goods to customers in accordance with the requirements and interests, as well as available transport capabilities. In the field of international rail freight transport large companies offer their customers: their own containers for rail transport of various sizes, convenient delivery of cargo in containers, the organization of a universal handling, optimal transportation schemes, international codes for transportation of export-import and transit of goods, insurance and customs clearance of goods, informing the customer about the possibilities and conditions of carriage of goods, promptly inform the client of the carriage (the border crossing, etc.)..

Consideraes Final So

Being evident the relevance in studying the regional factors permanently, analyzing the production of territorial diversity, either regal or the other name that the researcher intitles for the clippings that if produce. More than what to evaluate a concept what matters is to recognize the nature of? new-old? processes that construct the geographic space. The question of the autonomy and the necessity of participation of the categories occured front to the diversity and social transformations in the last few decades, detaching the theoretical consideraes on the capital stock. The revigoramento of the local dimension results of the Inter-relations between social and economic, cultural and institucional aspects in the global market. The adoption of lines of direction, intersetoriais politics and strategies integrating territorially to the city to the field, as for example, the participation of the local communities in national projects, the combat to the infrastructure impediments and the reorganization of the institucional dimension favoring the incorporation of the management, certainly would make possible the overcoming of the effective dichotomies between agricultural and the urban one. 3. Consideraes Final So that the region notion if became a scientific concept was necessary to have a reformularization of its criteria and its nature, being established new techniques of research of sciences and proper Geography.

Some researchers act as a lawyer that the region concept sends to a reflection politics of territorial base, from the interests of the communities identified to an independent area of a central power. At the same time, the regional speech is the vehicle found for the local elite for its preservation, forging conflicts and reiterating position of leadership through the control on the space. The critical conception analyzing focuses it to the region as resulted of a division of the space that is submitted to a classificatrio and hierarchic system. The trend of critical Geography approaches the intelligible space as something produced by the man for its organization and development.