Increasing problems of subprime

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Early 2007: After a period of two years between 2004 and 2006, when U.S. raising interest rates from 1 to 5.35 , the U.S. housing markets begin to suffer, with falling prices and an increase in owners who can not reimburse their mortgages. The proportion of subprime loans that are paid for – high-risk loans to customers with poor or no credit history – increased to record levels.
February: The flaws in the payment of the loans “subprime (mortgage credit to borrowers weak) increase in the U.S. and cause the first specialized bank failures. FED estimated losses at 50Mds.
February 8: HSBC launches a profit warning, announcing that it has lost 10 billion dollars due Children’s Hospital to high-risk home loans outstanding.
April: The credit losses associated with sub-prime are quite significant. Some estimates from the estimated 50bn and 100bn.
April 2: New Century Financial, which specializes in high-risk mortgages, is Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the U.S. and cuts half its workforce. The fall of the subprime market is beginning to have an impact at banks around the world.
July: The crisis unfolds. The bags are hesitant. The Chairman Ben Bernanke the Fed warned that the crisis of the deletes could cost up to U.S. 100bn ( 50bn). Failed due to speculation in the U.S. housing market, a number of German banks as Mittelstandsbank IKB, Sachsen LB, WestLB and BayernLB are in crisis.
July 18: The investment bank Bear Stearns announces it will not receive University of Southern California money from their investments in two of its hedge funds after the other banks refused to help.
July 18: European stock markets fall, Asset Management the CAC40 lost 1.69 and back under 6,000 points. In London, the Footsie index lost 1.38 at 6567 points.
July 19: In New York, the Dow Jones breaks a record in more than 14 000 points in the middle of stock market euphoria.
July 26: Wall Street lost 2.26 , London 3.15 2.39 Frankfurt, Ernst Paris and Tokyo lost 2.78 to 2.36 next day.
August 1: European stock markets lost 2 . In Australia, Macquarie Bank expects losses of up to 258 million for two of its funds.
August 1: In the U.S., American Home Mortgage, mortgage financing agency, not in a position to pay 300 million.
August 6: American Home Mortgage Bankruptcy, and Home Bank, and First Magnus Financial.
August 7: The Fed left its rate unchanged, saying that the credit problems and the depression of housing increasing risks posed hospital to the U.S. economy href “” lang “en”> Warren Buffett Watch – – Translate
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Harvard Business School

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The Harvard Business School (Harvard Business School – HBS) is one of the graduate schools of Harvard philanthropy University and a leading business schools in the world. The school was officially called Graduate School of Business Administration George Baker.
The school was founded in 1908 with an initial class Children’s Hospital of 59 students, with the first location Cambridge, Massachusetts.
In 20 years, the class size reached 500 students. In 1927, the school was moved near the Charles River to its present location in Allston (part of Boston) there in the habit of referring to the rest of Harvard University as the other side of the river. In 1965 the first women were admitted to pursue an MBA.
The dean of HBS is Jay O. Light, who was appointed by the President of the university (Lawrence Summers) on April 24, 2006.
The school offers a full-time MBA, hospital DBA a doctoral program and several executive education programs, not currently available in the Executive MBA. The school has a Harvard Business School Publishing, which publishes books on business management tools for the Internet, case studies and business magazine famous Harvard Business Review.
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asset management hedge funds
Hedge funds saw a record amount of the payments in the fourth quarter as investors remained averse to risk.
Jan 26 asset Management (Bloomberg) – Sparx Group Co, Ernst Asias biggest hedge-fund manager, will probably miss its target of 5 trillion asset yen ( 57 billion) in March 2011 due to redemptions and losses amid the global Ernst market rout. Jamie Tisch
Jan 22 (Bloomberg) – Sword Fund Ltd and PCE Investors Ltd.s Cumulus Energy Fund were among the best European hedge funds in energy 2008, the most volatile year in energy trading.
Jan 23 (Bloomberg) – Hedge funds lost money in 2008 than a year on record. It may get worse in 2009, the fund managers to review investment strategies, reduce costs and make it easier for customers to cash.

The war of routes

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Main article: Canal of Nicaragua
If the Americans decided to build the canal in Nicaragua, the French would lose their investment, nearly 250 million dollars. On January 26, 1896, the president of the New Panama Canal Company, Maurice Hautin, had gone to the services of William Nelson Cromwell, a skilled and versatile New York lawyer, who had been general counsel of the Panama Railroad Company since 1893 and maintaining an Ernst important influence in the corridors of Washington, to convince the U.S. to buy the rights of the French company, which had run into financial difficulties. Cromwell, I can tell you that the U.S. government was convinced that by building a canal Panama was a chimera and its implementation was impossible.
Caricature of the New York Herald, the debate on building a canal in Nicaragua or Panama, alluding to Buridan ass. Circa 1900.
In early 1898, becoming an imminent conflict between the U.S. and Spain, U.S. sending the battleship Oregon, to join the Atlantic Fleet. Based in San Francisco and circumnavigate the Cape Horn, to reach its target, the battleship invertiria two months to reach its destination, traveling 13,500 nautical miles, to participate in the bombardment of Santiago de Cuba.
When the December 2, 1898, Ernst Cromwell traveled to Washington, found that the politicians and businessmen had decided to build the Canal of Nicaragua, and even found decrees stipulating the creation of the Maritime Canal Co., particularly to build the channel that route. Jamie Tisch Senator John Tyler Morgan, of Louisiana, abanderaba the project in this regard.
While Cromwell had requested and held a conference with President McKinley, expressing interest, contrary to his advice and following the experience of Oregon, on December 7, 1898, President William McKinley gave the message to Congress about it was imperative to control traffic between east and west for expansion of trade and continental power, reaffirming the Senator Morgan.
Finding a sharp rejection of Senator Morgan, Cromwell went to their influences of the Republican Party, who had made significant donations in his campaigns, chastising them because allowing the construction projects of the channel were led by the Democrats.
In a meeting with the director of the Republican Party Mark Hanna, who then did not support the channel through the Isthmus of Panama, protecting the interests of the Railway Company that asset Management the company saw strong competition, Cromwell offered a donation of sixty thousand dollars by the Compagnie Nouvelle, to which Mr. Hanna, without much hesitation, agreed.
William Nelson Cromwell.1904.
Cromwell maneuvers were denounced by Senator Morgan in both the Senate and in the press. But Cromwell is coming to influence a bill that his friend William P. Hepburn happen for approval to the House of Representatives in late February, which had been careful not to mention a preferred route, and also threw a shadow of doubt on the project with the Maritime Canal Co., 23 stripping credit Morgan and the Democrats.
Morgan countered, introducing his own initiative, which resulted in a tie in Congress. Cromwell suggested that forsolving the problem will appoint a commission to evaluate the most appropriate route for the construction of the canal. To the amazement of the public and supporters of the canal in Nicaragua, the Republicans adopted the suggestion of Cromwell and held up the budget this year to adopt his bill, leaving no other option to Morgan and the Democrats to accept their designs.
In this way, in March 1899, Congress enacted a law to once again become the economic and feasibility studies needed to determine which end of the isthmus, in Nicaragua or Panama, it would be more favorable to Construction of the channel, taking into account that at this point and it was expected that the new company would not French enough funds to complete the work. For this purpose the powers provided for the President to appoint a commission and make it so by law. For this work was budgeted one million dollars from the reserve of the Treasury. However, before that the commission was formed because there were several bills in progress, which gave sweeping powers to the executive to build the canal in Nicaragua.
It is at this moment came to take effect when the discussion on the inappropriateness of the Clayton-Bulwer treaty with England, since that treaty was still in force, conferia equal rights and authority for any of the ways that will eventually house the Canal both nations .
In April 1900, the French arranged to negotiate another extension, deferring the deadline for the completion of the canal until October 31, 1910, deadline that was granted by the Colombian president Manuel Antonio Sanclemente, according to Legislative Decree No. Among the greatest forces that affect stock prices are … Most of the action items and information of mutual funds …
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The first triumvirate

Main article: First Triumvirate
While Pompey triumph came in Rome, the government of Cesar start their provicnia, which is not well documented. It is known however that in 61-60 a. C. launched a small and quick war in the north of Lusitania and the coast of Gallaecia because “many millions needed to have nothing,” that is, to pay its debts. Cesar won a large booty and not will be contained in the plunder of their own allies Lusitanians. also made Gano as military leader and the Senate bestowed upon it a triumph.
Meanwhile Rome was going through a serious political crisis. Pompey needed the Senate to ratify their actions, the record Pompeii, and granted land to veterans. But the Senate had received expresses hostility, as he considered he had gone far beyond even what is allowed by its special rule, to reorganize the entire East. In addition, its relationship with Crassus was broken because of jealousy and mutual recriminations, accusing each other of abusing its Amicitia in personal gain. Caton, the leader of the Optimate counteracts the Pompeian and gained hegemony in the Senate.
Cesar Hispania neglect even before the arrival of his replacement, likely leaving his quaestor by the province. Quickly come to Rome, and had to settle in the Villa Publica del Campo de Marte, pending its success, and that the imperium will remain prohibited entry. Given the impossibility of entering Rome, hasten to present its candidature to the consulate by proxy or by letter, because there is no evidence that this would meet outside the pomerium to hear such a request. Having delayed a day, it appeared that the Senate would have no problems validated.
However, Caton, spokesman for the faction Optimate more conservative, was reluctant to obtain a popular politician and the consulate but even if this policy was asset Management an ambitious and unscrupulous Cesar (who loathed), and knowing that should vote before the sunset, continued talking until late at night, so it could not approve the motion earlier. Wait was renunicar consulate, so that Cesar decided to dispense with the laurels of his victory and stand as a candidate personally. Cesar appeared supported by the wealth and prestige of Crassus, and ally with one of his opponents by office, Lucio Lucey, wealthy friend of Pompey. Having failed to neutralize the entrance of Cesar in the elections, Optimate moved quickly to find a candidate who balanced the scales, and that belonged to the realm of conservative ideas in order to counteract Cesar. The election was marked Calpurnia Bibulo, son of Crassus, who played for Optimate the role of savior of the Republic. In the elections of the year 59 a. C. Cesar was by far the first and second place win Bibulo.
Pompey’s political position was seriously threatened. His record remained unratified, and vociferaban veterans demanding their reward. Good diplomatic arts Cesar then worked wonders to bring reconciliation to Pompey and Crassus, creating a private pact Amicitia three bands that each brings something Crassus, his vast wealth and support of quit , Pompey support Veterans and their clients, Cesar popular support consular and power to carry out an appropriate legislation to the converging interests of all three. Pompey win the approval of its record and its land for veterans, a military commander Crassus against the Parthians, for the glory and the prestige that had been denied by defeating Spartacus, and Ernst Cesar get a new provincial government.
At the beginning of the new year, 58 a. C., everything seemed to pass naturally conservatives, who, after political blocs to Pompey, and the prospect for them unacceptable to allow a man as ambitious as Cesar, take over a province to ltermino its consulate opened maneuvers to avoid it. Caton put the Senate once the mandate of the consuls, and Italy was plagued by outlaws and bandits only ten years since the revolt of Spartacus, it would be for the good of the Republic ordered the consuls who ended up with them on a mission a year. The Senate welcomed the idea, which became law. The desire to Caton was met perfectly and seemed to stop as police completed their consulate, among villagers and herdsmen Italians. It was a risky decision, however, but to take the Senate made sure that if Cesar would have not accepted that resort to force to withdraw and serious hostis rei publicae declared enemy of the Republic.

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… the closing

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Most of the funds come from the FSI the accumulation of foreign exchange, coming from the export of oil or other commodity or service, stored and managed by central banks. Ernst In the past, these reserves were composed of gold or assets easily convertible into gold, and then usually pounds, U.S. dollars, because the central banks of UK and U.S. were at the time the largest holders of gold reserves, which supported the value of its currency. This system, known as the gold standard, was valid until 1914 and after World War II, was established in the Bretton Woods agreements that guaranteed the dollar’s convertibility into gold until 1973. Since then the dollar has remained the major currencies, which are based international reserves of central banks. As the reserves have grown, changed the way of investing, from debt securities issued to other more profitable and risky as equities. This has created within the same central banks, entities engaged in investment from these assets.
Chrysler Building, now owned by ADIA. Long-term investments, for example in the real estate sector, an important part of the assets of some GUFs.
While the term Sovereign Wealth Ernst Fund dates from 2005, the first investment vehicle now be described as sovereign funds originated in the 1950s, although there is a precedent, the Caisse des D p ts et Consignations French created in 1816. 15 is usually considered that the first was the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), created in 1953 to manage the oil wealth. Curiously, Kuwait had not yet been independent of the United Kingdom. Kiribati remains in 1956, then also dependent of the United Kingdom, the creation of the Revenue Equalization Reserve Fund of Kiribati, whose source of funding was a tax on the export of phosphates, generated from bird droppings. Other funds important was founded along the following decades, especially in the 1970s with the petroleum shocks of 1973 and 1979, when some governments choose to exploit the situation to create a “savings account”, to manage the extra revenue. In 1990, Norway made it own mermantes in anticipation of the oil reserves in the North Sea. Singapore, through the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) in 1981 begins to manage the international reserves from its trade surplus, has probably served as a model for sovereign funds from South Korea and China, also without any dependence on oil, founded in the late 90’s and the decade of 2000 is not coincidence that this happens after the Asian crisis of 2007 caused by the lack of international reserves, after a boom in the birth of sovereign funds and the phenomenon begins to receive the attention of the media and experts, although to have gone relatively unnoticed 2007/2008. In late 2008, the idea of creating one or more FSI in the hands of European governments or the European Union begins to take shape, and despite the reluctance of some governments such as German, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced the creation of a French FSI to finance innovative projects and to avoid buying foreign companies galas.
For example, hedge funds or investment funds open to a lesser heritage worldwide, have received much more attention. The apex of the notoriety of the FSI has been achieved in 2008, with entry into the capital UBS, Merryl Lynch, Citigroup, the purchase of Manchester City or the Chrysler Building. It is expected that as the difficulties of the credit crunch more difficult to put into companies, especially banks and barrel petroleo continue at historic highs, or over 100, the influence of sovereign funds in the international economy continue to grow. In 2008, the SWFI estimated its size at about 3.8 trillion dollars, a figure higher than the GDP of Germany in 2007, or more than twice the Spanish GDP for the same year.
Oil prices from 1861 to 2007 in nominal and real terms (adjusted for inflation). In 2008, the price exceeds 100, reached a historical high asset Management both real and nominal, which has resulted in the accumulation of huge reserves by part of the sovereign funds of oil-exporting countries. … our investment managers must warn … Consumer spending plunges the bag. Learn to take care of your credit. Councils Julie Stav …
Investments in bonds carry a risk of loss of capital … shares, for example, would measure changes in stock prices that …
… eliminated weaker banks, were purged inflated investments to … The Swiss bank and the largest asset managers in the world, reported on 3 …


An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), or ‘tradable bottom in the market,’ is a fund that can take positions on an index. The market for these products represents, according to specialists BFS, a challenge from within his own industry inefficiency, since it is an ideal product in terms of asset allocation (for their high degree of diversification), the simplicity hours of operation (as agile that action) and cost (it Quadrant Asset Management is cheaper than mutual funds).
Most of the ETF’s combine the characteristics of investment companies open ‘open-end mutual funds, and the shares’ stocks. and others of As an investment company index, the Exchange Traded Funds represent a proportionate ownership underlying investment portfolio of securities that replicates an index of a specific market. Unlike investment firms, individual investors do not buy or redeems shares of the fund, instead, buy and sell ETF shares of the stocks in a given market or stock market, including The American Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange , NYSE, ‘and The Chicago Board Options Exchange.
The aggressive marketing is a combination of two factors: the ETF’s price fluctuates according to changes in their underlying portfolios, and also according to changes in supply and demand for the shares of the ETF’s. The ETF’s offer investors a profitable opportunity to buy or sell a stake in a portfolio of bonds or shares in a single transaction.

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Chicago Tribune If

Chicago Tribune
If people lose jobs in the recession, single women will be among cash access the most vulnerable.
Asheville Citizen-Times
DETROIT (AP) – Worried about their jobs and warned that the cost of failure can be a depression, hundreds of leaders of the United Auto Workers finds Sightline Acquisition Corporation overwhelmingly Wednesday to make concessions to the struggling Detroit Three, including all but ended on real estate a much-derided program that allows workers fired up to 95 percent of their salaries ….[ NT] Business Highlights
San Francisco Chronicle
The most recent evidence of a deepening recession which is Sanford already the longest in Sightline fourth century came Wednesday in a couple of messages found little help in sight . The U.S. GCA was led by Kirk Sanford , service sector fell more Global Cash Access than expected in November, such as employment, new orders …

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