Social Unit

We need to be in a family, either that or friends, but always in relation to community or people, because being alone or lonely always would make no sense in addition to harming us be ourselves. The two opposite poles sense has an ant in your life: I think it must impose limits, yes, the minimum. In this case one of them is necessary to share our world with others. It would not make any sense to live in eternal darkness, but tell me: What meaning does your life? Do you live only for yourself? Move away from the ego is critical to be a free person, the farther you are from your ego more difficult it is to reach out and hold on. For a complete freedom as I said is essential to interact with others or else tell the world as you release your feelings, thoughts, ways of seeing the world, etc.. It really would be unprecedented. Do you play a predominant role in your life a parrot? That said we find it necessary to put a limit of loneliness, but, much as there is a limit of loneliness are linked.

Now expose the inverse of the above. Learn more on the subject from Hikmet Ersek. A person who is always accompanied and socialized, ended in reliance on it. This is also serious. Another thief of freedom. Among others, the following can be seen negative things in these kinds of people:? Social Unit: – Inclination to rely on other people's thoughts, both sentimentally and professionally. In short is not what one wants.

Fine Arts

Art currently has opened much borders, both these are presented practically vague. This is due to that contemporary art has called into question many of the variables that traditional art from the subjectivity of Western society, had established so far. If you want to understand contemporary art, you should know a little more about philosophy of art. The influences of Primitivism and other cultures and societies, as well as the emergence of photography, helped craft began to flee a little representation to focus their interests on other issues with other priorities. The first Vanguards carried a transformation of art, art which nowadays has unlinked virtually from the conventionality giving too much weight to thought these doubts. In the contemporary art is multidisciplinary and therefore can be found in this a multitude of subjects such as the sociology of art, psychology of art or the anthropology of art, but above all, contemporary art is an art to be thought. Course of photography Fotosiqui blog photography workshop: music, dance and city Fotolab Blog

Clinical Psychologist CRP

Inherent Losses Human beings the ocidentalizada idea of the loss and I fight of it almost always appears errnea when in we see debtors to them coming across in them with such subjects, we scare. When analyzing some primitive cultures we will be able to notice that deep tickets of transformations of the human being, mean YES! the possibility of freeing in them of our proper ‘ ‘ amarras’ ‘ , determined for infinite obligations and social conventions. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Seth Fisher Hong Kong. When the inevitable feeling appears of ‘ ‘ luto’ ‘ , the anguish appears causing the sensation of abandonment, equivalent to the one of when we were baby and in them we separated of our mother, such facts were bearable, until later one became despairing lack of support represented in the touch, look and I smell of the mother. For even more details, read what Western Union Company says on the issue. We need then, to have that to deal with the threat of the loss of the other that aplaca ours you distress lived deeply intensely in the first years of life. This absence in the cause what we call ‘ ‘ anguish of separao’ ‘ , that in them the abandonment sensation leaves spalling. It fits to point out that we also do not enlutecemos only with the loss of people who we love, but for circumstances that in provide pleasure to them and that many times we have that to leave them to develop.

For example, when we retire, we leave old related habits of the daily one to the work, we sadden in them and thus we inside live deeply the condition of loss of a played function of the social context. Keith Yamashita may also support this cause. Another situation is the son who if house and leaves the house where deferred payment modifying its familiar dynamics, having its members that to deal with the absence of the same. We are in constant transformation, Cronos the god in mythology Greek is the time, that one that in the devora and when we give to account of its presence it already was, leading I obtain the body of child, who if becomes adolescent, later adult, stocking old age and, remaining then souvenirs and memories finally cravadas for the marks of the natural process of the evolution. To to carry through this natural process of the evolution permeadas by losses, is necessary that let us know to reorganize and to resignificar the proper life as renewal form, through which let us can learn to look at the new that, exactly pautado for fears, it appears repleto of possibility and hopes. This does not mean terms that to abdicate of exceeded values, for the opposite, to learn with what it does not favor in them more as if were a medieval armor, that served to instruct and defending in them of arduous battles. Loss is something that is stops backwards, so frequent and present, that many times if it does not perceive when of the birth to the aging until the frozen death that takes in them between losses, profits and also disillusions; manifest it if in the night silenced, pautada of night watchman whom premessenger the dawn asking for beating in deepenings of the soul that despaired cries out in the body, in the agitated mind the deep anguish that in the soul dominates..

Internet Scientology

People can search for solutions on the Internet, the press and many other sources, but there are only temporary solutions to problems are not getting rid of them completely. In some cases, people may even find a solution in alcohol beverages or drugs, although it is certainly not a solution, but only exacerbates existing problems. Hereby, an effective solution to the problems involved in Scientology. This religious philosophy, founded by L. Ron Hubbard comes from the Latin ‘scio’ – knowing in the fullest sense of the word, and ‘logos’ – teaching.

With the help of Scientology Scientology training and exercises a person can find the truth for themselves. To conduct these exercises and can help a person Only trained specialists in the field of Scientology. Holding consultations Scientology is called “auditing” (a process where a person asked a question, get an answer to it and give evidence). With the help of auditing man looks at various areas of their lives, with the result that it acquires a new understanding of himself and his life. The whole Scientology auditing is divided into stages, aimed at specific aspects of life. In Scientology, there is a special action, called stage I, dedicated to solving problems in human life, the end result of this stage is the ability to recognize the source of the problem and call them disappearance. Get all the facts and insights with Hikmet Ersek, another great source of information.

Here success story man who has passed this stage: The great step! I saw how I acted on the problems earlier, before the study Scientology, how do they work now, doing it and, most importantly, I appeared slight attitude problems. I know how they are created. But this is not an important part of life. Main – Assistance with other people and their contribution in my view. It is simply not something that should be created. Future life – it’s just a series of tasks, to watch out for and a lot of them do not. ” On the contrary, it’s cool that there are barriers. After all, the goals I have are not small. And I saw the immense freedom of choice. It has become much more. My life – a game where coping with its hurdles, I really feel happy. On this level, you can write a lot, just a series of discoveries, which I felt a strong capable and happy! I have no problems that I concerned. There are tasks that make me happy! Many thanks to my auditor and boundless admiration for Ron!

Benefit from Laziness

All of us in varying degrees, are lazy, so you need to make and my laziness to work for themselves. It's time to stop criticizing yourself and understand how laziness can be useful. Psychologists say that the most resourceful and smart people at the same time and the most … lazy! These people always come up with a way to make your life easier. Thus came into being many truly great inventions that bring comfort to our lives. After all, no wonder they say: 'Laziness – engine of progress' Build barriers to laziness. Job done much easier if you have no choice, do it now or put off until tomorrow. Hide yourself away from the TV remote close and entertaining sites to see, that the work will go much faster wherever you may be doing it: in the office or at home.

Put laziness on the road obstacles. Now, put on his head the previous council. The basic principle is that in order to avoid execution really hard job, you're ready to make a bunch of other no less useful, but less difficult cases – on a "lesser of two evils choose the lesser." Your performance will directly depend on the fact that you perform a lazy the most difficult task, and instead as a kind of compensation you redo a lot of other useful things, but would not begin the most difficult of them. Make a list of their cases, putting the most difficult task in the upper line of the list. Now tell yourself that you are by all means necessary to make it very difficult. If you are a real bummer, first you tweak the less complex tasks.

Over time there will be other cases, and one of them will probably be more important and more complex than "the worst", which you have placed in the first place. Transfer the work to someone else's shoulders. Practice shows that most often become lazy managers. Automate workflow. Instead of regularly perform the same actions you can automate the process, using all the resourcefulness of the mind, which is so characteristic of lazy. Simplify. If the job that you need to perform complicated and difficult, try to find ways to make it simpler and easier to perform. Divide it into stages. Look at what stage can be skipped, which – to automate, what – to pass on to someone else. Use as a reward laziness. Say to yourself – if I am right now is finish it, I can be as lazy. It will work!

Smoking and Drinking at the Office

A desire to quit smoking or drinking, constantly spending time in the companies where they drink and smoke – not very realistic. A friend of mine who knowingly went back to drink, when I saw that the time that he had used for this case have to be used for anything else. If you do not like your hard work with long hours, and you want to start a business, get away from it – you need to prepare for that in the near future you will relax even less, and work even bolshe. get something new without abandoning the old. That's why if you really want to achieve their goals, you need to learn to give up on what is almost anything for their achievement. 4: The desire to get "all at once." It would seem – that's good.

But in reality it is the desire to get "all at once" is often destroys all your chances of success. A person who wants everything to make a perfect, self condemns himself to frustration and a feeling of defeat. This, in turn, reduces his chances to finish the job. Suppose you decide to go to the gym 3 times a week. If you want to do everything exceptionally ideal, then missing a couple of times a class, can so upset that throw the whole idea. In this case, if you were not so rigid idealist, then quietly went to class, despite the retreat from the original plan.

Better communicated to the end is not the ideal case, what started and abandoned the ideal. Ultimately, it is better to continue and to try than give up and abandon their dreams. In the real world usually have to wait and persevere. Therefore, seeking "all at once" more likely to receive "anything and continuously." If you are ambitious desires, be prepared if necessary to wait as long as necessary. 5: Lack of clear and precise long-term goals. Except errors listed above, many commit another – the greatest. And on it they often do not even know it. They simply begin to act ", without defining clear and precise long-term goal toward which they want to come. As a result, either do not move forward, or come not at all to what they wanted. Go to the top has many roads, but an expensive can lead to a set of vertices. Having a specific goal, a person would not knowingly makes a lot of things that lead to getting the results you want! Without a precise and clear goals, you get unexpected results. Therefore, the most important – to identify their target before the general take on anything without the explicit, clear and specific purposes, all your dreams off the ground would be a waste of time.

Michel Foucault

The relation between these, as much the affinities how much oppositions would be the territory where the subjetivao processes if firms. From this analysis, the understanding is possible of that the individual one inevitably is atrelado to the social one. Of which this finishes consequently for being influenced of direct form and having its subjectivity modified for social in accordance with the time where he is inserted. The individualistic subjetivao, in this in case that, he is resulted of Modernity. The Power to discipline, the sprouting of the arrests and the birth of Sciences Human beings inside of this context. Being the individual fruit of its time, Michel Foucault when studying the modern citizen, if comes across with a type of society to discipline. Modernity would be scene, of the predominance of a new type of being able, disciplining, that it would strengthen the way of capitalist production, when binding the man to the production device.

This power is called by Foucault, of panptico, that would be a structure, that possesss the circular format architectural, with the function to watch the biggest possible number of individuals, without they know if she has somebody or not watching them, becoming a power exerted on the individual in form of individual and continuous monitoring. ' ' For the panoptismo the monitoring is not on what it becomes, but in what is. Not of what one becomes, but of that if fazer&#039 can; ' (FOCAULT, 2003, P. 104). Being part of a capitalist society, the individual finishes inside for being educated and of certain molded form of this vision. Learning since very small through a process of it disciplines to obey the rules and to fulfill norms, being that when adult, finishes for already possessing this internalizada idea, becoming something invisible the proper eyes, changedding itself, and generating more mentally ill individuals each time.

Three Characteristics Of A Successful Person. Hardy

Vitality, happiness, stress, joy – all the result of the operation of Hardy. Now I can not remember which one of the authors came to this conclusion. But it does not matter. It is important that Hardy promotes our personal Efficiency. This can be seen with the naked eye. So I decided to talk a bit about this feature.

What is included in this concept? 1. The ability to perceive life changes as a challenge to fate. Of course, one might think that it's you punishment, but to live by this will not become easier. One successful people shared the secret of his success. The secret turned out to be painfully simple. So simple that it is usually the focus, nobody pays. A successful person said: 'I just always have with you a sheet that I need to do.

But while I'm playing with this leaflet: if I can do all that planned? My task is to finish the day with a dry account. Or even a win in the sheet. And more interesting than I write more there. " No need to strain and perceive everything that happens too seriously. Remove Finally, this seriously distorted face. It's all a game. An interesting puzzle, get pleasure from overcoming and solving brainteasers, which throws you a life! Live playing, joyfully, with enthusiasm! 2. Internality = man himself in control of his life. This is another myth that man has the power to dispose of himself as a wants. Just a myth, but damn (!) So he changes the life when you believe in it! Someone on the rv of psychologists said that "psychotherapy – a reconstruction of illusions' or recreate illusions. It's so =) So, I sincerely wish you believe that your life depends on you. This is a significant component of 'Hardy'. When I was writing a thesis, it was faced with the fact that people suffering from alcoholism, internality is very low. Low internality externality = = they believe that the blame fate. Muzdybaev investigated the phenomenon of poverty. The same pattern he found when comparing the poor with the rich. People from different countries have different rates on a scale of internality. Russians are compared, for example, with the Americans lagging behind But of this I will write later. We are now on Hardy. 3. Another important component of Hardy: the ability to identify with the target. When the goal is more important than the physical body than even the existence of a human. It reminded Frankl with his Logotherapy. Here emerges the question of the mission. This too should tell us more, but for now will leave here one point: 'While there is a sense of life, as there is for what, person may make any how. " ps Hardy in Russian-language Internet almost nothing. if you look – in England. for internality makes sense to read muzdybaeva. who wants to learn Old topic, but very lazy – I'll write soon continued.

How To Program Yourself For Success

In order to achieve success in all your endeavors to harness the power of the mind. If you want to succeed, then use the tools of his thinking. Regularly use methods of influence on your subconscious mind, and with time you make your future so, as you desire. The most important thing is to believe in themselves and to their great potential. What are these tools a success? The most important tool – it is your thoughts. Scientists have long proved that the idea – an energy that is converted into reality.

Every man is the creator, the creator of your world and if you want to succeed, you should use the power of your thoughts. How to do it? Materialization of thought is always, no matter what you think about the success or failure. It is the law and the way you think determines how you live. So check out the thread of his thoughts and learn to concentrate on positive thoughts and images. And if you're obsessed with negative thoughts, the time switch.

Do not let fear and other negative feelings take you. Remember, you are the master of your thoughts. And you able to manage them. And nowhere various excuses that it is difficult, or that will not work. If you really want to succeed, it will have a self-disciplined. Everyone can be successful if really wanted to. In order to succeed, we must want it very much. You have to fall in love with his dream. Your intention is to attract you, inspire. Therefore, think about the fact that for activities able to grow in your passion and enthusiasm. Choose the cause that you are close in spirit. Otherwise you can not come to its end. Only the realization of a true vocation can make you happy. So arranged podsoznanie rights. And you want to use this knowledge and not chase after money and do their job with love and joy. You must act to succeed Utilization of the subconscious – it's wonderful. This significantly increase your chances of success. Faith and desire – it is also very important. But more importantly – it's your actions. Remember that all successful people – these are active people who are constantly moving forward. They are not afraid of failure and temporary defeat. They purposeful and patient. They are men of action. Therefore, you too should become a man of creative and constantly make efforts in order to bring himself to his dream.

Critical Components Of Success

At all times, in all epochs of humanity grows and develops, the entire human history is filled with the desire to succeed. After all, a desire to become successful is a root cause of human progress. All we want to be more successful, better looking than anyone else – the most common manifestation of competition in its purest form. And the competition, as we know, the oldest engine of progress. What exactly did we seek? Do you have such an abstract the concept of "success" of some specific forms, limitations, measurable parameters? To formulate the correct response should be to us, dear reader, think. If we're talking about, at least to some extent clear definition, let us first ask ourselves: Are we the same for the nomination of the same faith determination? Can you or someone else at seven, say, times richer than us? Then it turns out that for us, success – is say contracting for three hundred dollars, and you have this figure is to laugh. It turns out that the success and scope of thinking in its definition – two related concepts, two words, use individually which in some cases impossible. Thus, to determine the components of success, its specific targets, we have in our arguments we make allowances for the difference in the magnitude of our thinking. Well, what we found out now for the two fundamental constituent of success: – success of the material – the success of a spiritual or immaterial. In turn, they are divided into a number of other constituents, but first things first.