Secrets of Success

In our time, "Secrets of Success", is no longer a secret. And if you're ever interested in this direction, then of course you know all that is needed but you do not have your success? something stops you? As it turned out, passionate desire to be successful, rich is not enough. The real secret – a persistent, purposeful movement toward this goal, the self-discipline, and this huge work. A comfortable we go with the flow, it is easier without voltage. We rarely think and to sail? Why? And why? And not always able to keep that little spark of our desires that burn in our minds since childhood.

And very often, when confronted with the reality of our lives, Referring to the opinions of others, we start playing the wrong game, thereby carrying out other people's goals and desires. But humans always have a choice – to live like everybody else, or write your script and follow it. Yes, sometimes, to achieve truly great, you need to go in another direction, do not go where he goes most. Agree to run an orchestra, you need to turn our backs to the crowd. So, let's draw for myself, what is success in life? Why us worth or not worth striving for. And if you look in the dictionary, then the success – a success in fact conceived, is a successful achievement of this goal and probably is more process than result. To me, success – is the highest human need for self-realization, ie the improvement of opportunities and abilities, this is a kind of mission of his life.