Renewable Resources

Info exhibition a the core of the touring exhibition BAUnatour, which performs on behalf of the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection (BMELV) by the 23.07 up sharing in Kempten in Kempten of 23.07 up 28.07 about infobox built 90% from renewable raw materials. At the opening of the BAUnatour, the Parliamentary State Secretary Dr Gerd Muller (BMELV) and Kemptens Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Netzer welcome regional partners as well as other guests of the opening on Saturday, the 23.07 at 13: 00. Filed under: Rob Daley. Kempten im Allgau is the sixth station of the BAUnatour in 2011. Dr. Gerd Muller glad to welcome the travelling exhibition of his Ministry in his homeland and recommends visiting the BAUnatour personally interested all Allgau construction. At the official opening, guests are pampered with Allgau organic specialities and can look forward to a varied programme. From 10 up to 18.00 the event for visitors is open daily, admission and advice are free.

A comprehensive programme presents those interested in the environment of the BAUnatour: so informed dasEZA! Energy and Environmental Center in the Allgauu. a. offer screenings for wood fibre insulation blowing on the subject of heating with renewable raw materials and biomass, regional experts. So the theme “Construction and housing with renewable raw materials” revolves around of the 23.07 up sharing on the Kempten “Forum Allgau”. Accordingly, BAUnatour organized a raffle with wooden rotors that playful symbolizes the sustainable circulation economy.

Attractive from renewable energy prizes the winners. The organizers of the BAUnatour thank the Alps nearby host city with promoting a project to preserve native mountain woods and passed to the opening of a planting certificate to the Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Netzer. The e.V. realized the natural reforestation of forests throughout Europe with native tree species such as beech, mountain Maple or oak, also in many locations in Germany ( ). For all dealing with the topic of house construction or modernisation, BAUnatour offers a good opportunity to seek advice from independent experts and to take part in lectures and workshops. BAUnatour shows and explains the benefits and properties of wood, natural insulation materials, floor coverings from sisal and Cork, natural colors, and much more. The infobox is designed in the style of a modern “mobile home” and thus that renewable materials meet the highest construction standards. Numerous exhibits and information brochures are the visitors about all topics available. There is more information on the Internet at. The touring exhibition was initiated by the trade agency of renewable resources (FNR) on behalf of the BMELV. The Lomi-pr in co-operation with tat word company is responsible for the substantive support. Robert shoe fact word – public employment agency

The Italian Government

/The Executive obtained the confidence of the Camera of the Deputies with 316 votes to favor, 284 against and 2 abstentions. He supposes an orientative test of the result that can arrive in the final voting of the adjustment plan of 79,000 million approved by the Senate. The Government of Silvio Berlusconi has surpassed east Friday in the Italian House of Representatives a confidence vote on his plan of adjustment of 79,000 million Euros for 2011-2014 that the way to its definitive approval smoothes. The Executive obtained the confidence of the Camera of the Deputies Co n 316 votes to favor, 284 against and 2 abstentions, in which he supposes an orientative test of the result that can arrive in the final voting of the plan of adjustment, anticipated around the 18,00 hours. The minister for the Relations with the Parliament, Elio Vito, was the one in charge to raise this question of confidence to the approval of the plan of adjustment without " amendments nor articles adicionales" , and so the text that leaves the Camera of the Deputies today (Low) will be the same approved east Thursday by the Senate. The austerity plan, that it tries to obtain balance in the public accounts in 2014, consists of four phases of cuts: 3.000 million Euros for 2011, 6,000 million Euros for 2012, and 25,000 and 45,000 million Euros for 2013 and 2014, respectively, which leaves the greater weight of saving for the next legislature. Sanitary Copago Centers its eagerness of saving and collection for the public coffers in cuts to the pensions and delay at the age of retirement, as well as in the reduction of the fiscal benefits subjects like having children to position, the point more criticized by the consequences that will bring for the economy of the families. This measured last measurement will be applied automatically whenever the law project is not developed in the Parliament before the 30 of September of 2013 fiscal frame of reform approved by Government also the past 30 of June and can suppose 1,000 Euros than more average of taxes for the families in two years. In addition the sanitary copayment reintroduces, by which the Italians will have to pay to 10 Euros for visits with specialistic doctors and 25 Euros by the services of urgencies that do not require hospitable entrance, and anticipate the payment of a rate on the banking deposits of up to 1,100 Euros for the superiors to 500,000 Euros. Source of the news: The Italian Government surpasses a previous vote of confidence to the one of the austerity plan

GDP Amount

In Poland, after the pension reform are retired men aged 65 years and women – in 60 years. What does an increase in the retirement age? The higher the age, the greater the number of working and lower the number of pensioners. In addition, if, for example, in Ukraine to raise the retirement age by 5 years, during this time will be increased payments to the budget of the Pension Fund to employees and will not be pre-paid pension. In addition, high employment growth stimulates the growth of GDP. But this does not completely solve the problem. Hikmet Ersek shines more light on the discussion.

Need something new – such as individual accounts. Such accounts are accumulated contributions from employees, for which annual interest is calculated. By the time the retirement age the accumulated amount in equal monthly added to the pension. It takes into account the average life expectancy. AND importantly – an incentive to work longer. Indeed, the longer deductible contributions, the greater the amount of pension. Meanwhile, in Poland on pension reform in Poland, told the ex-mayor of Warsaw, and Director analytical and Counseling Center Blue Ribbon UN's development in Ukraine, co-author of "Pension Reform: The Challenge for Ukraine", Marcin SVENCHITSKI.

The new Polish pension system came into force in early 1999 year. Today, the base for pension Polish citizens are transfers from the salary at the rate of 19.52%. Of the amount received 12.22% comes at the expense of Social Insurance, an analogue of the Pension Fund Ukraine, and the remaining 7.3% of the charges are cumulative basis of the system.

Established QM Management

significantly less expense for physician practices, psychotherapists and MVZ so doctors, psychotherapists and MVZ still timely can implement a quality management system up to December 31, 2009, starts the cooperation for transparency and quality in the health care sector (KTQ ) on the electronic QM consultant the KTQ “.” The aim of KTQ shareholder is, so the KTQ – Managing Director Gesine Dannenmaier, that Niedergelassene have as little effort as possible with the establishment of the quality management system. This, a high level within the framework of the legal requirements should be simultaneously secured. While the KTQ with eQMB support / KTQ “not only doctors, but the entire practice team.” “With the development of the eQMB / KTQ is especially the KTQ philosophy is at the heart of the patient” considered so Dannenmaier next. Because the process of patient orientation could positively are supported only by a practice-oriented QM solution, which relieves the doctor and his team and not be charged. Many Established QM solutions are too complex and time consuming”, says Thomas Crown, Managing Director of cooperating q m consultancy.

Our idea is that doctors should easily benefit from the knowledge that doctors, hospitals and consultants in terms of quality management throughout the world have collected”, Crown describes the online project. In recent months, 4Moms has been very successful. In cooperation with the KTQ, we have designed the online advisers that he guides the user through the system quickly and understandably. I’ve made me actually itself superfluous as a consultant through the online solution”, says Thomas Crown with a wink. With the online consultants can users save time, and for the benefit of patients active with the QM processes work, so the statement of the German Medical Association and the Federation of Hartmann, as shareholder of the KTQ GmbH with the Central associations of sickness funds, hospital society, as well as the German care Council of Germans want to promote the quality management in the healthcare sector. A great advantage was the Internet because online”is always up to date”.

“Users are thrilled: to handle good and professional, no administrative effort and easy to apply”, so satisfied customers are quoted. More customer opinions are interested in on the Web site at A discount is offered up to 31.12.09 you practices or members of the Hartmann Confederation. For details, see

The Creator

If we take into account the type of consumers and the type of product you choose, they would close to create common types among the social actors who are of the same socioeconomic class, since depending on the possibilities of each is the type of purpose which is sought and that can be achieved. Goffman talks about the existence of an actor, as well as a stage and social masks. These are elements that help the understanding of sociology, as well as the development of the person in the real world. To analyze the actors that surrounds this phenomenon have to take prospects because they depend on them to know how much can influence. In this case, they will be working and everyday life perspectives. In the labor perspective, we find the two typical roles of industries, pattern and the worker.

Social actors represent the role of pattern such as designers, fashion houses, investors, advertisers, marketing and the media as the main creators of trends. The idea stems from the people, but the dissemination of these media and this is the most important element in the process of communication. In the perspective of daily life, is as the creator of the product and the buyer, depending on the system of economic consumerism. Social actors represent these roles such as large enterprises, the textile industry, marketing and as consumers, women and men that is influenced by certain aspects of different fashions present in real time, because it is not only one, but there are variety of choice, making it seem like you have to with the full aspect of human freedom. The masks that are used in this case look like the purpose of consumption and the application of fashions in everyday life, i.e. a mask is when a young woman is going to buy a dress to look good at a party at his school to get along with their peers.


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The green of clorofila of the leaf that it pulled out of that grapevine. The fingers that hold chupeta in direction the mouth of the declining child to sleep. The first bird that appears in the dawn. When the sun if puts, sink desesperadamente the search of some thing to feed itself. When entardecer search a place where it can rest. In the twilight it comes back to be what it was before the dawn.

In the night it turns a bat, sedento for blood. The letter that was not finished to read on of your bed. The words distorted in you rhyme that they interpret a new scholar contemporary. One real, however unreal personage. The irrealidade becomes it Real. Reality makes that it to be materialize. In its mind. It emphasizes new ideas! The part of antiqurio left behind the sofa that you bought. How much time it keeps occult secrets. New conceptions to be taken off? Who knows. Developing a way to stamp a new progression. Such progression that it does not have to progress, has less than it tries? The words go being plays. Massacreed for the ideas. Defecated for the perceptions. Relieved for one mind that not even is in orbit.

Gerao Hydroelectric

Outrofator that must be taken in account is that the energy generated in the centraishidreltricas can be considered clean, that is, in the generation process noso emitted polluting agents in the hdricos bodies and the atmosphere. Entretantouma analysis more careful sample that this form of generation involves one impactoprofundo in the natural environment where is inserted. This impact englobafauna, flora and the man as well as its interactions, and if extends many times, beyond the delivery of the plant for operation. 2 – Ambient and Social impacts dGerao Hydroelectric plant the process of approval of a plant hydroelectric plant next to the rgoscompetentes is complex, slow and generally conflicting in what spartes directly says interested or affected respect. The economic interests make umesforo extraordinary to get the licenses, of form to hurry inciodas workmanships, but some impediments finish if presenting.

This confusion of agencies of the government, hearings you publish and population, finishes for deviating the attention of the real problems related to the impactosambientais. On the importance of these impacts et cites Caubet al: ' ' It occurs that to identify, to analyze, to characterize and to decide the problemasambientais a question became crucial' '. The first impact that if note is related with the construction daempresa arrival to the place of the workmanship and the assembly of the seedbed. The increase sbitoda population for the workers causes some problems as an addition naproduo of garbage and sanitary sewer, increase in the circulation of machines pesadasque damages the ways and modifies the characteristics of the local transit, growth of the urban violence, among others. The suppression of the native vegetation, for occupation of the area, is also a serious problem. On the other hand, it on account has umcrescimento of the economic activities of this increment regions populacionalem where many times do not exist nor electric energy. It also has the impactorelacionado one with the populations reached for the overflow of the properties, productive houses, areas and until entire cities.

Ring Road

When the object was taken, he carefully studied the layout, documentation, counted with partners all the possible benefits of building on the site of an apartment house, spent many hours with co-investors, contractors and officials of "solving problems". Cases was up to his neck: in parallel fought for succession to the Ring Road, ran the plant for production of timber frame panels under , plus it's time to deal with co-investment in the construction business center in the Sink And only at the last moment, when everything was ready to demolish the old building, has decided to come to the place itself. Even leaving the house, one hand gently closing the door behind him (again, closer stuff, but did not want to make noise) and the second catching car keys in his jacket pocket, he suddenly paused, mentally tilted crazy suspicion: "Ivanovo, kindergarten, wait, something familiar, very but no, far from our house, two roads, the mother drove me there and maybe, after all he is nonsense of course well fast there, then Vadim call, let everyone in the office collects " Now he sat staring at the dilapidated, but for some reason this home, and the time passed very, very slowly, so slowly, as never before in recent years. Stood up, carefully – not to scratch shoes – kicked channel, lying in a pile of benches. Metal, not stirring, happily flashed a gray-golden glow – the spring sun was rising inexorably over the trees. Piles of iron lying around – corner beams, tons Valves and pipes – with all his views saying: "We came. Everything changes. Andrew Cuomo is likely to agree.

This is our time. " In passing said to myself – " -supplier worked well for the production of metal you are ready " Thoughts about business proceeded in parallel, without affecting the mind, absorbed an amazing feeling: joy and excitement hunting start a new business, while awkwardly-intimate gratitude, as an attempt to remember, to absorb this place, just as it was then in its infancy, and what will not be anymore. Suddenly wanted to make not just a "project", but something really great, good, from the heart and soul. He has long thought about this – "Church? Orphanage torment with scraps of paper summer camp? "- but now, at this moment, under the surging memories of serenity and pure joy of a boy's life, the desire to simultaneously crystallized in the decision, impulsive, a little reckless, but because – he felt – no less true. He turned on the cell phone. – Helen, good morning to 10 please check out tenders and state orders, and let me know if anywhere else will construction of a kindergarten or school yes, in any area, see especially the suburbs, cottage villages, there is always this problem no, not reconstruction, namely the construction of "from scratch" yes, thank you. He put the receiver in pocket, the last time looked back, viewing the sunlit tops of the trees, and free, filled with pure joy and anticipation got in the car. "Build. I said it! . Begins a new day.

Ovulation Calculator

This happens when the ovary releases an egg ready to be fertilized, or ovulation occurs. Intercourse in these key days increases the chances of a successful fertilization, i.e., become pregnant. How to calculate the fertile days? In principle, the day in which you ovulas is your most fertile day. Not knowing with certainty what is the day of ovulation, are considered also the days before and after the likely date in that ovularas, both to prevent and seek to become pregnant. To make the calculation we have to know with certainty what is the length of your cycle and what was the first day of our last menstruation. Your ovulation date will be around 14 days before the end of the cycle. That is why that usually assert that fertility in women BBC extends from day 12 to 16 of your menstrual cycle. It is difficult to make these calculations? For this is that there is a calculator of fertility, also called ovulation, that calculator you It will do the simple task if you’re a woman with regular cycles. Anyway you will have to take into account that this calculator is an application to determine the approximate date in that ovularas, therefore, what your peak fertility days. It is not a calculation accurate but indicative, because as everything related to the cycle, may vary with environmental and psychological conditions. Original author and source of the article

As Monetize Your Blogs

Most of the bloggers know that Google Adsense is a way to monetize your web site how to also make some direct sales. But the question is, there are other methods to win money on a blog? The answer is Yes, there are various but the most used are three. Generation of Marketing prospects of membership subscriptions to our newsletter. Of all the ways in which you can earn money with your blog, the lead generation is the most promising. This is to some degree true, if mercadeas your blog niche related to finance, prospects for mortgage and refinances are very good because they pay you commissions. The first Committee will come when you generate your prospectus initial, is just a matter of which fill a free form with their data; This brochures you can generate between $3 to $12. If this prospectus contracts the service of refinance your home with that company, you get to earn lot of money hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Other methods to make money with your blog includes marketing membership and subscription to the newsletter. Affiliate marketing usually involves that you register on a website of a particular or a third party. You will then use your blog to market the products of this person in exchange for a percentage of the total sale. If you sell information products from ClickBank or Commision Junction, you can earn up to 75% Commission per sale; However if you sell physical products, such as tables or chairs of sellers Wal-Mart or Amazon type can win between 4% 15% to how much Commission. If these methods to make money are not interest you, you can consider subscription to your newsletter.

You can create a squeeze page on your blog so register for your newsletter in exchange for your email address. If you provide quality information and promote your blog, you can earn hundreds of subscribers over time and always remember that the money is in the list. Other methods to make money on your blog includes sell advertising space directly and sell memberships that allow visitors to access certain information confidential quality.