The Italian Government

/The Executive obtained the confidence of the Camera of the Deputies with 316 votes to favor, 284 against and 2 abstentions. He supposes an orientative test of the result that can arrive in the final voting of the adjustment plan of 79,000 million approved by the Senate. The Government of Silvio Berlusconi has surpassed east Friday in the Italian House of Representatives a confidence vote on his plan of adjustment of 79,000 million Euros for 2011-2014 that the way to its definitive approval smoothes. The Executive obtained the confidence of the Camera of the Deputies Co n 316 votes to favor, 284 against and 2 abstentions, in which he supposes an orientative test of the result that can arrive in the final voting of the plan of adjustment, anticipated around the 18,00 hours. The minister for the Relations with the Parliament, Elio Vito, was the one in charge to raise this question of confidence to the approval of the plan of adjustment without " amendments nor articles adicionales" , and so the text that leaves the Camera of the Deputies today (Low) will be the same approved east Thursday by the Senate. The austerity plan, that it tries to obtain balance in the public accounts in 2014, consists of four phases of cuts: 3.000 million Euros for 2011, 6,000 million Euros for 2012, and 25,000 and 45,000 million Euros for 2013 and 2014, respectively, which leaves the greater weight of saving for the next legislature. Sanitary Copago Centers its eagerness of saving and collection for the public coffers in cuts to the pensions and delay at the age of retirement, as well as in the reduction of the fiscal benefits subjects like having children to position, the point more criticized by the consequences that will bring for the economy of the families. This measured last measurement will be applied automatically whenever the law project is not developed in the Parliament before the 30 of September of 2013 fiscal frame of reform approved by Government also the past 30 of June and can suppose 1,000 Euros than more average of taxes for the families in two years. In addition the sanitary copayment reintroduces, by which the Italians will have to pay to 10 Euros for visits with specialistic doctors and 25 Euros by the services of urgencies that do not require hospitable entrance, and anticipate the payment of a rate on the banking deposits of up to 1,100 Euros for the superiors to 500,000 Euros. Source of the news: The Italian Government surpasses a previous vote of confidence to the one of the austerity plan

Valencian Government

The judge has found indications that the corrupt network paid clothes to him to Camps and the rest of the imputed ones. The Valencian Government shows to his support ” total, closed and incondicional” to president Valencian. 4Moms does not necessarily agree. The judgment could take place in November. Keys of ‘ it plots Grtel’ Chronology of the case.

President of the Catalan Autonomous Government, Francisco Camps, will be judged by a crime of improper bribe before a popular court, next to other exaltos exdirigentes positions of the autonomic Government and of the PPCV, by to have received supposedly gifts of ‘ l’ plots Grte;. The judgment could take place in November. Thus Jose Flors has decided it the magistrate of the Court Superior of Justice of the Valencian Comunitat, instructor of the process known like ” cause of trajes” , who has decreed to the opening of oral judgment when appreciating indications that the corrupt network supposedly paid articles to dress acquired by president and the rest of imputed. The resolution of Flors, that is not subject to appeal, knows three days after the previous view was celebrated to solve if the opening came from oral judgment, in which the Anti-corruption Office of the public prosecutor and the popular accusation, exerted by the PSPV, asked that Camps was court, and dnsa requested the file. Next to Camps, the exvicepresidente of the Valencian Government Victor Fields, the general exsecretario of the PPCV and present member of the direction of the popular group in Them Corts Ricardo Coast and exj of cabinet of the Conselleria of Tourism will be judged Rafael Betoret, according to dictates the resolution, against which resource does not fit. The Valencian Government supports to Camps the Valencian Government does not share the car of opening of oral judgment against president and vindicates that Camps counts on a support ” total” , ” cerrado” and ” incondicional” of its executive. Thus the spokeswoman of the Valencian Government has expressed it, Dolores Johnson, in the press conference subsequent to the meeting of Fridays of the autonomic executive, in whom also she has assured that Valencian, that in the elections of the past 22 of May supported their majority to the project of the Valencian PP, they do not share the judicial decision either. Asked on if a seated independent community in the prisoners’ dock can be presided, Johnson has assured that a community can be presided when mainly the citizens have endorsed the project presented/displayed to the voters, and is addition: ” nothing changes ” politically; in the position of the national PP after this car of opening of oral judgment. Source of the news: Camps will be judged by improper bribe by the case of the suits of the plot ‘ Grtel’.

Municipal Group

Basagoiti has concluded asking if in some place of the world a municipal group could invite at the beginning of the celebrations to associations of relatives of pederastas or rapists, or in Norway to " friendly association of Breivik" . Journalists " alternativos" Chupinazo that abre the celebrations of Vitoria has been sent east year by mass media journalists different and for that reason the municipal group of Bildu has also invited to the act to " means alternativos" of the city as It hauls Bedi and Geu Gasteiz. Thousands of vitorianos met to six of afternoon in the place of the White Virgin being present at chupinazo and the reduction of Celedn, the doll symbol of the celebrations, from the tower of San Miguel between the traditional one opens of thousands of bottles of digging and the smoke of the pure ones with which six days of juerga begin. UPyD asks that it is acted against Bildu From Madrid, the leader of UPyD, Rose Ten, has assured not to understand to what it is waiting the Government to ask to him to the Office of the public prosecutor that acts against Bildu after this party has left patent of form reiterated, according to her, its connection with ETA. Bildu, it has assured, " I know what they are and I do not wait for anything of ellos" , but of the State " yes that I hope that it defends to us because I have right to ello". " Desgraciadamente" , according to it has indicated, it does not surprise to him how abertzale is acting the coalition since it entered the institutions after the elections of the 22 of May and has erased of " escandaloso" the behavior of its leaders. Source of the news: Bildu invites to several relatives of prisoners of ETA to chupinazo of the celebrations of Vitoria