Solar energy

These solar parabolic concentrating solar radiation increasing temperature in the receiver.
PV panels convert light energy directly into electrical energy.
Main article: Solar power
Solar energy is a source of life and origin of most other forms of energy on Earth. Each year the sun provides the Earth energy equivalent to several thousand times the amount of energy consumed by humanity. Picking an appropriate solar radiation, this can be transformed into other forms of energy as heat or electricity using solar panels.
Using solar collectors, solar energy can be transformed into heat energy, using photovoltaic panels can transform light energy into electrical energy. Both processes have nothing to do with each other in terms of its technology. Similarly, in thermal power plants using solar thermal energy from the solar collectors to generate electricity.
There are two components in solar radiation: direct radiation and diffuse radiation. Direct radiation is coming directly from the solar source, without intermediate reflections or refractions. The diffuse is issued by the daytime sky with the phenomenon of multiple reflection and refraction in the solar atmosphere, clouds and other atmospheric and terrestrial elements. Direct radiation can be reflected and concentrated on its use, while it is not possible to concentrate the diffused light coming from all directions. However, both direct radiation and the diffuse radiation are used.
You can differentiate between active and passive recipients in the first mechanism used to orient the receiving system to the Sun-called followers, better grasp and direct radiation.
A major advantage of solar energy is that it allows the generation of energy in the place of consumption through architectural integration. Thus, we can give rise to distributed generation systems in which almost completely eliminates the losses associated with transportation-which currently account for approximately 40 of the total, and energy dependence.
Different photovoltaic technologies are adapted to extract the maximum possible performance of the energy we receive from the sun. In this way, such as concentrating solar photovoltaic systems (CPV stands for English) uses the direct radiation with active receptors to maximize energy production and thus lower cost per kW / h con edison produced. Save money on your energy bills with a leading New York Esco. This technology is very efficient for areas of high solar radiation, but now can not compete on price in locations with low solar radiation and Central Europe, where technologies such as thin layer (Thin Film) are also getting lower the price of traditional photovoltaic technology .

Iranian Oil Bourse

Iran planned to open on March 20, 2006 an international oil exchange in euros negotiated. The opening was postponed to mid 2006. Proponents of this theory believe that this is the main reason why the United States wants to overthrow the Iranian regime and ensure that oil is still up and paying in dollars.
The creation of the Iranian oil stock market would end the petrodollar monopoly in the oil market. There is speculation that the payment in euros instead of dollars would cause a chain reaction in which more and more consumers and producers of oil in euros as comercilizaran, also eventually forcing the United States to pay in euros. This would mean that the United States should do the same as other countries have to do, find ways to obtain foreign currency to pay for oil.
In 2006 the deficit in the United States for petroleum products was 300 billion. While the dollar remains reserve currency and oil will have to pay in dollars, the U.S. can pay by simply printing more releases energy in the form of treasury bonds.

Party People’s Daily
The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on Wednesday the federal budget must be passed in its entirety and called on the Senate to give full support to the government. Referring to the 58 billion dollar budget deficit, which was delivered by Treasurer Wayne Swan Tuesday, Rudd said the government must ensure that its policy to stimulate the economy can be supported with bi-partisan …
Daily FX via Yahoo! Finance
The two biggest movers in the majors this morning, the Australian and New Zealand dollars. High-flyers for the last few weeks, these currencies have shown they are just as vulnerable to risk appetite is down as when it is rising.
CANBERRA – (Dow Jones) – The Australian government Tuesday for its largest projected budget deficit on record in the A 57.6 billion as they struggle to a rapid decline in revenues due to the global economic crisis while boosting spending to moderate the depth of the recession.

The reclassification of homosexuality psychiatric

With the rise of psychoanalysis (from 1896), also won the U.S. psiquiatria the idea that homosexuality was a neurotic kind of imbalance. This view was also supported by humanitarian institutions such as the Quakers, who in the forties running the Quaker Emergency Service Readjustment Center which were centers of rehabilitation especially for male homosexuals. Until the end of World War II, psychiatrists believed that the origins of homosexuality was a hormonal imbalance, which was often treated with medication. Other typical methods of the time it was used to to “cure” homosexuality were traditional psychoanalysis, aversion therapy, shock therapy and lobotomy (the latter until 1951). Since the early twentieth century, gay men and women were locked up by force in hospitals, others sought psychological treatment on their own initiative. In general, until World War II, homosexuality was considered an extremely rare phenomenon.
In 1941, psychiatrist George Henry New York Public Sex Variants study (sexual variants), based on hundreds of interviews. The study, by the controversial method, which was first offered in the U.S.. UU. a representative profile of homosexual men and women of the time.
In general, sexual morality is relaxing during this time. An important factor would be the availability of antibiotics. Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea have become curable diseases and the fear of contagion was not an impediment to the liberalization of sex. While for the U.S. sexual revolution heterosexuals had to wait until the introduction of birth control pills (1960), for homosexuals and the conditions were from the thirties .
Members of the U.S. Army during the early years of World War II, were imprisoned if they were suspected of homosexuality. In 1944 he ordered the military leadership in place that these people were hospitalized to the force. Military psychiatrists obtained in this way the possibility of studying in a number of homosexuals and as a representation has never been done before in EE. UU. A number of psychiatrists’ including Clements Fry and Rostow Edna ‘arrived at through these studies, conclusions that differed from the majority view that homosexuality was an imbalance, but not heard much attention to them.
Barbara Gittings, Franklin Kameny, and John E. Fryer, disguised as Dr. H. Anonymous, LGBT activists
In 1948 they followed the study of Alfred Kinsey sexual behavior of men. This study, which was also based on interviews, had a huge impact on American society and confronting the public for the first time with the fact that homosexuality and bisexuality were not marginal, but which affected more or less the majority of the population. Kinsey’s work contributes decisively to liberate the social discourse about sexuality part of their religious and moral to bring a scientific discourse. The Kinsey Institute, founded in 1947 by Kinsey, then continued to publish important studies on homosexuality.
In 1951 appeared the book The Homosexual in America (the homosexual in the U.S.. UU.) Edward Sagarin, who published it under the pseudonym Donald Webster Cory. The book, written from a pro-homosexuality, had some success, making a full portrait of the male homosexual subculture.
In 1957, Evelyn Hooker published his study The respected Adjustment of the Male Homosexual overt (the adaptation of the openly gay man), which showed for the first time that gay men are not distinguished from heterosexuals in terms of mental health. In 1965 he followed the book Sexual Inversion: The Multiple Roots of Homosexuality (sexual inversion: the multiple roots of homosexuality) of Judd Marmor, which argued that the attitude toward homosexuality was determined by culture. The United States Psychiatric Association, based on these studies, decided on December 15, 1973, to delete homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. However, few psychiatrists with a reputation as Irving Bieber and Charles Socarides preferred to maintain its view that homosexuality was a neurotic imbalance until the end of the twentieth century.

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Foundation and recognition

CRONICA HISTORIC ELECTION / FLAG FOR A WOMAN WITHOUT A FLAG, AND CONSERVATIVE VALIENTE is beautiful, as seen, catolica, next to Opus, sentimental and not stop thinking about her four children and her husband, her boyfriend of the entire life. Arantza Quiroga, president of the new Basque parliament, it should not be forced, like its predecessor, to put the flag of Spain. His parents, modest workers, support for the PNV to “integrarse . She was always clear that it was voted for the PP and Spanish Basque MONTSE RAMIREZ barely five minutes late for your appointment, but he apologized and strikes. In 1909, Grabielle Chanel opened a small shop on the ground floor of the apartment of her lover Etienne Balsan in Paris. In that house he met the elite of French hunters, who arrived with his glamorous mistresses. This gave the opportunity to Coco decorated hats to sell them.
With Arthur Capel, a member of the group of Balsan and the only work to earn the life-Coco began a romantic relationship. Coco saw the potential for a business woman and help her to acquire the legendary location located at 31 Rue de Cambon in Paris, in 1910. Thus was formed Chanel Modes. One of the drawbacks to develop the business was the existence of another store of haute couture in the same building, so that Coco was not allowed to produce similar suits. In 1913, Chanel introduced women’s sportswear at her new boutique in Deauville and Biarritz, France. She hated the costumes of the women who attended these centers turisticos trying to overshadow the other frilly, big hats, tight corsets and long skirts. Chanel’s designs tended to be more simple and elegant to opulent.
The First World War greatly affected fashion. Coal was scarce and women began to work in factories to replace men, reason for a dress coat that would support the working conditions. Chanel’s designs at this time were also affected by the relatively new idea of women’s sports. During the First World War, Coco opened another larger store in the Rue de Cambon, opposite the Hotel Ritz Paris. Alli sold flannel blazers, straight skirts, blouses marinera, sweater sets and long skirts and jackets. Their goods are made known in France in 1915, when a priority of freedom of movement and no ostentation and redundancy in their creations. That same year, in 1917 – the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar Chanel was mentioned that “the list of every buyer.” Her boutique on the Rue Cambon advance the increasingly simple sets dress-coat, in addition to the evening dresses embroidered tulle or lace.
The first perfume from Chanel, the Chanel N 5.
Coco Chanel won reputation as a meticulous seamstress. Following the trends of the 1920s, Chanel dresses with beads occurred. The suit two or three pieces, created in 1920, continuing a popular modern appearance. This dress was recommended as “the new standard evening and night, going back to 1915.” The year 1921 saw the introduction of the first perfume Chanel N 5. Earnest Beaux created the fragrance for Coco and she named for their lucky number: the five. The simplicity of the brand Chanel was expressed in the square design of the bottle, which has never been changed. The perfume was an instant success, especially among women in high society. According to reports, the feature is essentially due to the belief in superstitions Coco. She used to showcase their collections on the fifth day of the month five. Coco informed Harper’s Bazaar in 1923: “Simplicity is the key to true elegance.”

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Partido Accion Nacional

The first candidate to express interest in being a candidate of the PAN governor of Sonora in 2009 was the Federal Member exalcalde and Agua Prieta, David Figueroa Ortega, who publishes his aspiration since mid-2007, later made the announcement of their intentions senator Guillermo Padres Elias, after being frequently mentioned. On February 14 2008, Hermosillo exalcaldesa and Director of the National Institute for Adult Education, Maria Dolores del Rio, also expressed their intention to reach the PAN candidate for governor, and February 19 will be joined by local MP and coordinator of the PAN fraction in the Congress of Sonora, Florencio Diaz Armenta, to formally announce his intention to seek the nomination for governor by his party and leave the office of local MP. However, the July 16, 2008 David Figueroa Ortega announced the decline of their aspirations to be a candidate for governor and his withdrawal from the contest, and acceptance of the appointment of Consul General of Mexico in San Jose, California that has made him the president Felipe Calder n Hinojosa, subject to approval in the Senate. Given this, the July 21, David Figueroa announcement supports Maria Dolores Rio in her attempt to be a candidate for governor of Sonora.
On January 31, 2009 registration is the first candidate for nomination for governor, Florencio Diaz Armenta, with the backing of national exlider PAN, Manuel Espino Barrientos, the following day. February 1, pre-registration is, Maria Dolores del Rio, former Municipal Hermosillo .
Sunday 1 March took place the first election day to elect the candidate of the PAN in 16 municipalities of central Sonora, the following outcomes:
Florencio Diaz Armenta
Parents William Elias
Source: Partido Accion Nacional, San Luis Potosi.
Given the results, the following day, March 2, Maria Dolores del Rio announced its decline to continue to seek the nomination, but not to join any of the other candidate, a few hours later, the third candidate, Florencio Diaz Armenta , also announced its decline being in this way as virtual candidate Guillermo Elias Parents .

Return required for a specific asset

Opening Friday February 20 Bajista Ibex 2009Cierre Wallstreet Thursday February 19 2009Apertura bassist of the ibex. At 11, raised over a loss and fell 2.75 to levels of 7653.40 points, losing the 7700 puntos.En and Asia, the Nikkei, Japanese stock market index, is at minimum 25 anos.Ayer Thursday February 19, the Dow Jones surpassed the minimum in 2008 and began 2002 levels. CAPM calculates the appropriate rate of return required to discount future cash flows to produce an asset, given the appreciation of risk is that asset. Betas greater than 1 meaning that the asset has a higher than average risk of the entire market betas below 1 indicate a lower risk. Therefore, an asset with a high beta should be discounted at a higher rate as a way to reward investors for assuming the risk that the assets involved. This is based on the principle that says that investors, the more risky the investment is called for returns.
Since beta reflects the sensitivity to non-diversifiable market risk, the market as a whole has a beta of 1. Since it is impossible to calculate the expected return of the overall market, usually are used indices such as SandP 500 or the Dow Jones.

Local supporter Justicialist

Local supporter Justicialist with proclamations of support for Nestor Kirchner.
Left Peronist Both Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, started in politics in the 70s, the military asset management college in the so-called “left Peronist,” integrating the Peronist Youth, linked to the guerrilla organization Montoneros. This feature highlights some opponents Inc. among his critics, mainly from certain sectors of right.
Human rights: The kirchnerismo flag has always taken the fight to defend human rights, particularly with regard to crimes against humanity committed during the Process of National Reorganization (1976-1983), later “pardoned” by the calls impunity laws enacted in the governments of Alfonsin (1983-1989) and pardoned by President Menem (1989-1999). This position of kirchnerismo has led to some important human rights organizations such as the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and Grandmothers of Plaza de funds Mayo actively support the government of “Kirchner.” In contrast, other activists recognized as the Former prosecutor in the trial of the military juntas under the mandate of Ra l Alfons n, Julio Cesar Strassera, have accused kirchnerismo not expedite cases for crimes against humanity, and thus “take CEO of over” the banner of human rights in the country. 2
Rejection of neoliberalism. harken’s The kirchnerismo has also been expressly against neoliberal policies, despite the fact that Nestor Kirchner during his governor in Santa Cruz support some measures promoted by former president Carlos Menem (such as the privatization of YPF) .
Industrial development. Economically, the party has kirchnerismo-driven economic policies of a kind industrial development.
Poster Nestor Kirchner support by a sector of the Union of Bank Employees (The Banks.
Rejection of free trade. The kirchnerismo has been openly opposed to the free trade, multilateral and bilateral-driven United States. The highest point of this policy was the confrontation with President Kirchner of George W. Bush at the Summit of the Americas in Mar del Plata 2005, which is critical to prevent the signing of the FTAA (Free Trade Alliance of the Americas) .
Defense of Mercosur. Kirchnerismo internationally has shown a strong imprint of defense Mercosur, to the point that the president’s bloc, Carlos “Chacho” Alvarez is a kirchnerista.
Alignment International. Internationally, kirchnerismo has been net worth particularly willing to strengthen relations with non-neoliberal Latin America, especially Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba and Bolivia and Brazil in South America an axis, from the base of the Mercosur.
Progressive policies on fertility and sexuality. The kirchnerismo, particularly through the Health Minister Gines Gonzalez Garcia, has shown a strong tendency towards progressive birth control and sexuality, which has equity funds received strong capital worth opposition from the Catholic Church .
Criticism of the opposition. Various sectors of the opposition often criticize kirchnerismo in his personality and little political will to reach consensus with the opposition. Some sectors say that kirchnerismo also smaller and emerging funds rejects the democratic system, both having come to accuse him of being a fascist and communist if ( zurdos ).

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Overall, Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding urban area are more vineyards industrialized and more rapid economic growth Malaysia. Despite the relocation of federal government administration to Putrajaya, some significant machinery of government as the Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) as well as most embassies and diplomatic missions have remained in the city. 32
Skyscrapers along Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. On the right, the Public Finance Bank vallyview vineyards building.
Similarly, Kuala Lumpur remains the commercial and economic center of the country. In fact, it is an insurance and financial center of Malaysian media. Infrastructure development in the surrounding areas, for example, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport grapes in Sepang, the creation of the Multimedia Super Corridor and the expansion of Port Klang reinforces the economic importance of the city.
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Kuala Lumpur was estimated at 25,968 million ringgits (the official currency of Malaysia) in 2000 with an average annual growth rate of 6.1 . The Global Cash Access Inc. employment rate in Kuala Lumpur is estimated at about 838,400. The service sector comprising finance, trade, hotels, transport, storage, communications, personal services and government services, among others represent about 83 of the total component of the jobs. The remaining 17 comes from manufacturing and construction.
The large service sector is evidenced by the large number of local and foreign banks operating in the city, as well as insurance companies. Kuala Lumpur is about to become the world center of Islamic Financing, with an increasing number of financial institutions that provide Islamic financing and the strong Sanford presence of financial institutions gaming industry in the Gulf as the largest Islamic banks in the world, the Al-Rajhi Bank and Kuwait Finance House. Apart from this, the Dow Jones cash access provider and Company is willing to work with Bursa Malaysia (the Malaysian stock exchange) to establish goodwill and Islamic Exchange (renowned) which would help raise the profile of Malaysia in the Gulf.
Financial center and the Petronas Towers from Lake Titiwangsa Park.
The city has a large number of foreign companies and is also home to many regional offices or cash services support centers of multinational companies, particularly in finance, accounting and information technology functions. Most of the largest countries have their headquarters here and in December 2007, excluding Petronas, there were 14 companies listed in Forbes based in Sightline Acquisition Corp. Kuala Lumpur.
Other important economic activities in the city are education and health services. the family vineyards of the previous head of GCA, Kirk Sanford Kuala Lumpur also has advantages of high concentration of educational institutions located within their borders, offering a wide range of courses. These include public institutions of the University of Malaya, University Teknologi Malaysia, International University of Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine, University Kebangsaan Malaysia. There are a large number of private wine schools, including University Tun Abdul Razak and Tunku Abdul Rahman College, in and around Kuala Lumpur offers a wide range of courses which attract students from all over Malaysia and other countries. The many public and private medical specialist, as well as hospitals in the city which offer general health services and a wide range of specialists Kirk Sanford in surgery and treatment catering GCA to locals and tourists.
There has been a growing interest in extending the economic reach of the city in other service activities such as research and development that supports the rest of the economy ofMalaysia. Kuala Lumpur has for years been home to major research centers such as the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia, the Forest Research Institute Malaysia and Kirk Sanford the Institute gaming of Medical Research. is expected to open more chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. research centers during the next years.

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Username: Platonides / Encarta / Economy

January 14 .- The Mexican businessman Carlos Slim won a legal battle to recover an Internet address, your name, a man from Indonesia who wanted to sell in exchange for not linking to a pornography site. The decision was announced by the World Intellectual Property Organization. The number of undocumented immigrants remained unchanged last year in United States. A report by the research center Migration Policy Institute notes that the recession is countering the trend of steady growth of this population in recent years.

Growing mortgage problems

Personal .- Week fraught with negative macro economic data (GDP British and U.S. industrial data and business climate in the Eurozone, German Ifo, indices of sentiment and housing sales in the USA etc.). But fraught with plans governmental rescue Citi, the new British plan (because there was not one many weeks ago), the Fed plan to consumers, the EU plan, the program for when Obama is president, plans to help all that automovil’Y State support has been noticed in the stock indices, the best proof is that since the minimum of nearly 13 years on Friday, the U.S. financial sector has risen by 40 . Headquarters of General Motors in the city of Detroit. This company was one of the most affected by the crisis.
Early 2007: After a period of two years, ie between 2004 and 2006, when U.S. raising interest rates from 1 to 5.35 , the U.S. housing market began to suffer from falling prices and an increase of owners who were unable to repay their mortgages. The proportion of subprime loans that were paid, or high-risk loans to customers with poor or no credit history, rising to record levels.
February: The flaws in the payments for subprime loans (mortgage credit to weak borrowers) increased in the United States and caused the first bank failures specialist. The EDF to estimate the loss of fifty million dollars.
February 8: HSBC launches a profit warning, (in the Spanish translation of this term is approximately alert to the benefits) announced that they had lost ten billion dollars, due to high-risk loans that were not paid.
March 14: The Mortgage Bankers Association shows that the number of defaults in the mortgage industry in the U.S. (about six million contracts for 600,000 million dollars) reached its highest point in seven years .
April: The losses associated with subprime lending were quite significant. Some estimate between 50,000 and 100,000 million dollars.
April 2: New Century Financial, which specializes in high-risk mortgages, continued Chapter 11 bankruptcy of the United States to the protection and cuts half its workforce. The fall of the subprime market began to have an impact at banks around the world .
July: The crisis started to develop and expand in the world. The bags began to waver. The chairman of the FED Ben Bernanke warned that the crisis in the United States removes could cost up to one hundred billion dollars (50,000 million pounds). Failed due to speculation in the U.S. housing market, a number of German banks as Mittelstandsbank IKB, Sachsen LB, WestLB and BayernLB in crisis .
July 18: The investment bank Bear Stearns announced that he will not receive money from their investments in two of its hedge funds after the other banks refused to help. Some European stock markets fell, the CAC40 lost 1.69 and in approximately 6,000 points. In London, the Footsie index lost 1.38 at 6567 points.
July 19: In New York, the Dow Jones broke a record at over 14,000 points, and the stock market euphoria everything was full. I believe in the EDF to 72,000 million euro loss for the sub-prime mortgages.
July 26: Wall Street lost 2.26 , the London Stock Exchange, 3.15 , the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, 2.39 , the Paris Stock Exchange 2.78 and finally, the Tokyo stock market lost 2 36 the following day.
August 1: European stock markets lost 2 . In Australia, Macquarie Bank had been expected losses of up to 258 million dollars for two of its funds. In the U.S., American Home Mortgage, a mortgage financing, it was unable to pay 300 million owed.
August 6: American Home Mortgage, Home Bank and First Magnus Financial bankrupt. The German investment company Frankfurt Trust freezes the operation of one of its funds. in the morning, the Fed left its rate unchanged, saying that “the problems of credit and the housing depression pose increasing risks to U.S. economy”