Human Capital Management

Advantages of knowing it manage to the extent that the management is identified with the scope and the positive impacts that derive from the proper management of human capital is achieved: making more efficient systems and human resources processes to reduce costs, making improvements to the process of recruitment and selection of staff. Improve productivity, since, with a good management of the human resource drives operating performance due to improvements in the provision of personnel. Align staff with goals and objectives to boost business performance, encouraging and stimulating the commitment of workers with the company creating improvements in the organizational culture. Make the position of the company within the market, since a rich human capital created no doubt value, although intangible but highly valued the company. Addition in the current era, technology and information are within reach of all companies, so the unique competitive advantage that can differentiate one company from another is the particular capacities that have people within the organization. Conclusions to the extent that management identify with the importance of knowing how to properly manage Human Capital and pay attention, collaboration in its achievement, the results will be favorable to the company, so you can achieve the full satisfaction of the needs of the Organization and its Human Capital, achieving shared productivity and the overall well-being of bothIn addition to as also shown to comply with real responsibility and mission of the company as it is contributing to its development and the scope of its purposes through the proper use of human resources, providing l training, motivation and integration teams with the purpose of stimulating the creative leadership, excellence and innovation demanded by the globalised market.

Social Capital

It could be understood also as a hotbed of small actions whose ripe fruits will be returned to the society and consequently everyone will receive something of this community effort. In a society where valued culture and the contribution of knowledge as a fundamental pillar of people, undoubtedly love and surrender to the reading would be so assimilated that we should not question these links. But it is not in the current society. I have no doubt that a child who has developed their imagination, ingenuity and dexterity of the verb, is better able to get out of a traumatic situation or crisis, to another that has hardly any basic knowledge or which saw use to their peers. While it is true that there are exceptional individuals that do not need any book to have skills, most are what we eat (or read). By this I mean that it is necessary to take care of much of what we eat and how we feed others. We must ensure that the Social capital is positive and avoid as far as possible generated actions that can finish populating US companies contaminated in the breadth of the word.

In this case, Social Capital would be negative for the individual seeking a humanist growth and could lose even the impulse of this quest for a better world. It could get to the abatement on pure hopelessness. From my point of view, the reading is not only to have a book in your hands. I understand the question of linking from the broad perspective of the word Reading. IE: orality, the symbols, the reflux contemplation. The wealth of knowledge and abilities of a person is to be benefit your community, it has to start by assessing them as such and open the doors of your pantry. That you give and receive.

Human Shield

good heads are proud of being human shields, absorbing or turning aside annoyances, that interfere in the development of the workings of their subordinates. They are these originated from outside the company (bad clients) or within the same organization (you order without sense), allowing that the life of their people is less difficult than already it is. 1. – To resist the instincts: is made Here what I say the preoccupation but important of the good heads is the service load of its subordinates. That together with the urgency to realise work meetings. If you want to show his power and to show little respect towards its people, it arrives behind schedule to the majority of the meetings. But it wishes that they are proud of you and that they do a good work, you intone it begins and it finishes the meetings in time. 2.

– Constructive Fights In means where there is mutual respect, the discussions around the ideas are means for the development of the organization. The best heads encourage constructive battles and allow that the people feel that is safe to set out their opinions, even in present of the LEADER. 3. – Interferences. The good head this kind one to avoid or to reduce some you practice organizational that can be exhausting. For example: In a company the evaluation of the performance took near 02 hours by each worker.

That reason to look for the alternative to see if it would be possible to be obtained the same results, but of fast way but. What one took place was an analysis of the card of evaluation (a document loaded with but of 20 items), which was simplified, without losing its importance, obtaining that the evaluation is completed in 20 minutes. 4. – Challenge to the idiots Sometimes is necessary to face other leaders and powerful groups that force people to accept their bad ideas.