Social Capital

It could be understood also as a hotbed of small actions whose ripe fruits will be returned to the society and consequently everyone will receive something of this community effort. In a society where valued culture and the contribution of knowledge as a fundamental pillar of people, undoubtedly love and surrender to the reading would be so assimilated that we should not question these links. But it is not in the current society. I have no doubt that a child who has developed their imagination, ingenuity and dexterity of the verb, is better able to get out of a traumatic situation or crisis, to another that has hardly any basic knowledge or which saw use to their peers. While it is true that there are exceptional individuals that do not need any book to have skills, most are what we eat (or read). By this I mean that it is necessary to take care of much of what we eat and how we feed others. We must ensure that the Social capital is positive and avoid as far as possible generated actions that can finish populating US companies contaminated in the breadth of the word.

In this case, Social Capital would be negative for the individual seeking a humanist growth and could lose even the impulse of this quest for a better world. It could get to the abatement on pure hopelessness. From my point of view, the reading is not only to have a book in your hands. I understand the question of linking from the broad perspective of the word Reading. IE: orality, the symbols, the reflux contemplation. The wealth of knowledge and abilities of a person is to be benefit your community, it has to start by assessing them as such and open the doors of your pantry. That you give and receive.