500 representatives of governmental and international organizations concerned with the rights of children gather in Cartagena (Colombia) to discuss family violence, war, labor and sexual exploitation who suffer millions of children in Latin America.
The Social Democrat Gerhard Schr der defeats in regional elections in Lower Saxony and is postulated as maximo rival Helmut Kohl in the fight for the Federal Chancellery for the elections on September 27.
March 1:
The Battalion N 52 of Mobile Brigade 3 of 153 soldiers suffered an ambush by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Caqueta, which officially killed 10 soldiers, unofficial sources speak of 60 dead and 40 wounded. It is considered the greatest defeat of the Colombian Army to date.
March 3:
The chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates, the stars in a confrontation with business representatives who accuse him of exercising monopolistic practices before the Justice Committee of the U.S. Senate.
A Nazi war criminal, accused of killing more than 70,000 people between 1942 and 1943, was arrested in Stuttgart (Germany).
March 22 – The Kosovo province of Serbia held elections in an unauthorized manner, with a massive turnout of voters (85 ). Gets the win independence Kosovo Democratic League (LDK), led by Ibrahim Rugova.
March 23 – In the United States, the movie “Titanic” received 11 Oscar.
March 28 – The Chilean tennis player Marcelo Rios became the first Ibero-American to become world number 1, by defeating in the final of the Lipton tournament in Miami at American Andre Agassi.


Banking gaming secrecy is to protect the banks and Kirk Sanford financial gaming industry institutions must give information concerning deposits and deposits of any nature, they receive from their clients He was named the CEO of Global Cash Access while still young, making Kirk Sanford . It is understood that this Gerson Lehrman information is part of the privacy chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. of customers of the financial system. the previous CEO of Global Cash Access Kirk Sanford Gerson Lehrman’s advisory boards Absent this rule, any person may apply at a bank, for example, information GCA about the movements of the accounts of a person, which could lend itself to fraud and other crimes.

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Secondary Sector

Miguel Boyer Salvador, former Minister of Economy and Finance (El Pa s, 26/03/09): We are at a crucial point in the crisis: the situation in which lending is paralyzed or even shrinks. In a famous study in June 1983, Ben Bernanke, the current chairman of the Fed, showed that the Great Depression of 1929 was not the depth and duration disastrous known for lack of liquidity, as was Friedman’s thesis, but by The contraction of bank credit to businesses and individuals. This, according to Bernanke, caused the crisis in two years more than he could have lasted. 1998 currency two rubles of the Russian Federation
Russia is the second largest world producer of oil after Saudi Arabia. The specific gravity of the oil sector in the Russian economy is huge, accounting for 8 of GDP (25 according to World Bank estimates), over 50 of export value and between 25-30 of revenue from the federal budget. It is estimated that Russian oil reserves are around 4.5 of world reserves. Oil transport is organized by a state monopoly, through the Transneft company, owner of the pipeline network at the federal level. The current system has a length of 46,700 km. The export regime is not entirely free but is subject to export tariffs and a number of administrative barriers such as access to the pipeline, which allows the Government to regulate the traffic to ensure a highly effective and significant tax revenue.
The Russian Federation, is also the world’s leading producer of natural gas, owns 27.8 of proven world reserves (about 47,572 million m3). A quarter of the gas production in the global market for the Russian gas. Such reserves are sufficient to maintain production at current levels during the next 80 years. Are the huge profits from exports to Europe that allow the group to obtain benefits such as to finance their equipment in Russia.
The electricity sector in Russia is the largest in Europe and fourth largest in the world after USA, China and Japan. The total electricity generated in 2005 was 958,789 billion kWh.
The European part of Russia depends mainly on fossil sources, with the main gas source, while in the territories of Siberia and Far East rely more on coal. Nuclear electricity generated in North and Central regions of Russia. The Russian electricity network is facing problems of obsolescence, bad state of conservation, technological backwardness and failure to pay millions of consumers. The reform seeks to privatize a number of assets and introduce a wholesale energy market. It has signed agreements with other foreign investors in order to seek improvements in the efficiency of electricity generation.
The production of machinery is one of the most important Russian industries. About 23 of Russian industry belongs to this sector.
The average number of employees in this sector was 4.2 million in the year 2004. This figure is half the workforce ten years earlier, which gives an account of their great loss of significance. Overall production has declined in recent 10 years in all sectors of the industry, but from 2000 shows an increase in the production of farm machinery, light machinery and transport elements (increased by 20 in 2004) .
Due to the devaluation of the ruble in 1998, reduced the import of foreign machinery and increased production for the domestic market and other CIS countries. this is one of the modern sectors of the economy that acts as an engine for other sectors. 80 of agricultural machinery is used for over 20 years. To modernize its fleet is estimated that Russia should buy machinery worth 3,220 million dollars.
Winter Palace, residence of the Czars, the seat of government and the epicenter of the October Revolution, now the Hermitage Museum

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International reserves of the Eurozone

Global Foreign Exchange Reserves during the year 2007
International reserves (NIR) of foreign currency deposits are controlled by the Central Bank and other monetary authorities, the international reserves of the Eurozone in 2007 exceeded 483 billion U.S. dollars, these reserves provide confidence to foreign investors and improve the qualifications of countries worldwide.
The international reserves of the Eurozone are one billion euros less than that of China, 500 billion less than that of Japan’s international reserves. The international reserves of the Eurozone are 20 billion dollars higher than those of Russia, 100 thousand dollars higher than the international reserves of India, double bookings countries like Brazil and Singapore, more than triple Booking USA and Australia, four times the reserves that Canada, Argentina and Venezuela.

INO News
(RTTNews) – The producer prices in the euro area, the main annual decline in 10 years, signaling the risk of deflation in the economy. At the same time, retail sales registered a record fall in February as rising unemployment, reduced consumer spending.
Gulf Times
Britain clashed with its partners in the European Union yesterday on an ambitious reform of financial supervision that would undermine its sovereignty in regulating the largest financial center blocks .
Sin Chew Jit Poh
LONDON: Asian and European stocks rose Thursday as dealers hoped the G20 summit, a plan for solving the global financial crisis, while positive U.S. economic data also reinforced the confidence, traders said.
The Conference Board
The Conference Board Leading Economic Index (LEI) for the euro fell 0.3 percent in February to 92.9 (2004 100), after an increase of 0, 9 percent in January and a decline of 1.7 percent in December.

High raw material prices

The decade of 2000 saw price increases of raw materials after its cheaper in the period 1980-2000. But in 2008, rising prices of these raw materials’ in particular, rising oil prices and food ‘began Corey Ribotsky to increase while causing real economic damage, threatening famine in the Third World, the stagnation and stagflation globalizacion of .
In January 2008, the price of oil exceeds U.S. 100/barril for the first time in its history, and reached U.S. 147/barril in July due to high volatility of speculative phenomena that led to a sharp decline during the month of August.
The same happened with one of the major industrial metals, copper, which had been experiencing a surge in its price since 2003, mainly due to the increasing demand from new emerging powers like China and India, coupled with other factors such as inventory Decreasing labor disputes and mine copper in Chile, the first country worldwide exporter of the mineral. In January 2008, the price of copper on the London Metal Exchange (London Metal Exchange) supero first their history, U.S. 8000 per ton. At the beginning of July reached U.S. 8940 per ton, absolute record since their records are traded on the LME, since 1979. This value was at an historic 272.5 higher than the previous absolute record of U.S. 3280 per ton registered January 24, 1989 ‘without adjustment for inflation. “
After this peak and in line with the behavior of oil, the price of copper registered a steep drop of over 50 from July record (October 2008) in a context of volatility never seen before.
Essential materials in production, such as sulfuric acid and caustic soda prices were also increased to 600 .
The oil crisis and food were discussed at the 34th Summit of the G-8.

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Dispute Settlement Reports 2005 (World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Reports) (Volume 20) by World Trade Organization (Hardcover – Oct 8, 2007)

Guide to create characters’ live ‘

Guide to create characters’ live ‘(For Dumorix Oth Winstar)
Would you like your character is not merely an icon, a figure that moves where you move it to ‘Do you want to have a character with a life of its own’ Here are some ideas to avoid characters flat and lifeless sosos:
First of all U.S. Doctors for Africa (USDFA) please note Los Angeles the location:
-Guaranpis is a medieval game: Your character must not thinking as a person of twenty-first century.
-Avoid talking about anything outside venture capital the game: only misunderstandings and leads to flame wars.
-Avoid using words like ‘game’, ‘departure’ and other words. Spoil the ‘magic’ of the game: a medieval man or woman ever diria things like: ‘In G3 kill for you I will kill in G1’, ‘If I kill to create another character and not stop to kill you, if I have to go play well ‘.
Variance-to players of the characters: He who has killed your character has not been another person behind the Roseman player. Avoid insults and disqualification to other players and if you think your character should be insulting to another person do it, but keep in mind the atmosphere of the game. a representative of the Board of UBG Berhad since 19th of September, 2008 was born and raised in Malaysia Avoid strong insults that may offend the player behind.
-Your character has no formula for eternal youth: You start Chengdu playing with your character for 16 years but keep in mind that it may not be the same when he turns 40. Please note that life expectancy in the Middle Ages were lower than in the XXI century (30 years between the plebeians is a considerable age, remained the most noble. Charlemagne died 72 years.)
-Your character evolves over time, thinks it can make a significant event to change. Think that what they thought 16 years need not be what you think 40 years if he has suffered a significant incident.
Think-a name in keeping with the medieval atmosphere and the culture of his choice (but then change of culture)
-It is original. Be avoided as the others. For example, if you do not say look vassals’ vassals busco, I offer the usual ‘
-Keep in mind that your character is noble … how noble it is up to you.
-Note to give ‘life’ means a commitment to character. If you investment put certain ideals to try to keep your character, not the tires on land at the earliest opportunity.
And especially: a person with ‘life’ is a challenge, venture capital companies it is much harder the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles to bear. If your only ambition in the game is to be the player with more power, be in the trampling N 1 China and who is doing what it is, using all possible tricks … better forget about him ‘life’.
Some questions you need to make time to give ‘life’ to your character:
Where na- ‘
– In what circumstances, ‘Do parents who were’ Do you want the parents’
Do-It comes from a long lineage of nobility or a family of modest origins promoted to the nobility ‘ Or maybe comes from the common people’
-What happened to your family ‘Is the house escaped, killed his family’
– Have you participated in any war or battle ‘
-Do you think M&A the Christians’
-Do you think the Jews’
-Do you think the religious’
-Do you think of the barbarians’
-Do you think of the Saracens’
Do- weak the Clinton Global Initiative other is considered superior culturas’ ‘
-Where did you learn to fight ‘
-Where did you learn the administration of estates and property ‘
-did teachers or tutors’
– Have the ability to be especially skilled as dance, poetry, history ‘
-Has New York spent much time alone or with people has always traveled ‘
-Do you think your religion ‘
-Do you think of the religions of other cultures’
– Do you have a phobia, some fear ‘
-Do you feel ‘good, bad or neutral’ Do that ‘
-Friends of the infancia’ something happened to one of them, ‘Do any romantic’
-Do you think your closest friends and colleagues’
-Why did you choose this Shanghai path in life ‘
-What future plans has’
-Is there any American Democracy Institute story or anecdote related to the important ‘
-Is it ambitious ‘ righteous’ gracioso’ Is bonachon’ galan’ gross astuto’ sutil’ ‘ sarcastico’ Is malicioso’ sabio’ cult ‘ traicionero’ without escrupulos’ gordo’ high ‘
Anything else you can think that is not among these can help you spice up your character. If you need some help to name your character, any data or image in any Internet search engine can find anything you want. (If you knew where to sack some of the names for my characters ………..)
Signature: Dumorix Oth Winstar (Legendary Player)

The Economic Times
China’s campaign for cleaner, low emission vehicles to its roads, a back seat as the first government tries to stimulate growth and counter declining sales the world’s largest car market.
March 19 (Bloomberg) – General Motors Corp.

GM Daewoo

GM Daewoo (””) is an automobile manufacturer in South Korea. The automotive department, formerly called Daewoo Motors and Daewoo associated with the industrial group, is controlled since 2002 by U.S. industrial group General Motors. GM is the majority shareholder with 42 of GM-Daewoo, while Suzuki has a 27 stake.

Detroit Free Press
Reaction to the Obama administration’s plan for General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC:
Washington Post
Does Barack Obama got a deal for you! “If you buy a car from General Motors or Chrysler, your car serviced and repaired, as always,” announced the president of the Grand Foyer of the White House this morning. And that’s not all! “Your warranty will be safe,” the salesman-in-chief was. “In fact, it will be safer than it ever had, because today is the …
The Kansas City Star
The General Motors that the government-induced overhaul in the next two months may look much different from the company is now mired in debt, mounting losses, excess and slow sales.
Business Week
General Motors (GM ) executives and Treasury Department officials have the very clear in recent weeks that they want the auto giant out of Chapter 11. But behind the scenes, GM and its advisers are war-gaming bankruptcy options as a last-ditch way to save of the company.

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