500 representatives of governmental and international organizations concerned with the rights of children gather in Cartagena (Colombia) to discuss family violence, war, labor and sexual exploitation who suffer millions of children in Latin America.
The Social Democrat Gerhard Schr der defeats in regional elections in Lower Saxony and is postulated as maximo rival Helmut Kohl in the fight for the Federal Chancellery for the elections on September 27.
March 1:
The Battalion N 52 of Mobile Brigade 3 of 153 soldiers suffered an ambush by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Caqueta, which officially killed 10 soldiers, unofficial sources speak of 60 dead and 40 wounded. It is considered the greatest defeat of the Colombian Army to date.
March 3:
The chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates, the stars in a confrontation with business representatives who accuse him of exercising monopolistic practices before the Justice Committee of the U.S. Senate.
A Nazi war criminal, accused of killing more than 70,000 people between 1942 and 1943, was arrested in Stuttgart (Germany).
March 22 – The Kosovo province of Serbia held elections in an unauthorized manner, with a massive turnout of voters (85 ). Gets the win independence Kosovo Democratic League (LDK), led by Ibrahim Rugova.
March 23 – In the United States, the movie “Titanic” received 11 Oscar.
March 28 – The Chilean tennis player Marcelo Rios became the first Ibero-American to become world number 1, by defeating in the final of the Lipton tournament in Miami at American Andre Agassi.