Brasilia Cities

As for example, with the sprouting of indstriasno XVIII, the great European cities had century started to attract grandesquantidades of peasants. These searched work in the plants and melhoressalrios what it was not different with Brazil, thus causing internano migration country. Had to this disordered technological advance and abusca for the great cities it is that they start to appear to the organizaodesordenada one in great the cidades.NoBrasil in (decade of 1960) the government of JK (Juscelino Kubitschek) invested in the industrial development of the grandescidades of the Sudeste.Com region the opening of the economy for the international capital, diversasmultinacionais there, mainly assembly plants of vehicles, they had constructed grandesfbricas in cities as So Paulo, Are Bernardo of the Field, Guarulhos, SantoAndr, Diadema, Beauty Horizontee Rio De Janeiro. The result of this was a great northeast agricultural exodus parao Southeastern of the country. The migrantes northeasterns running away from dry of the Nordestee of the unemployment, had been in search of work and better conditions of southeastern life nasgrandes cities. This process extended with foradurante the decades of 70 and 80.

As these cities had not offered condiessociais to the migrantes, it had the waited one: increase of the slum quarters and tenement houses, unemployment (many migrantes they did not have professional qualification for osempregos) increase of the violence, mainly in the periphery quarters. Outrofato related to the agricultural exodus occurred with the construction of Brasilia, in the end of the decade of 1950. Many migrantes of the North and Northeast of the country foramem search of jobs in the central region of the country, mainly in the construocivil. The cities satellites of Brasilia had grown disorderedly, causandovrios social problems, that persist until the present.However it must-selembrar that today, the northeast is seen in one another perspective, due to great violncianas cities that are metropolises, what it comes contributing so that sejavisto as option for who wants to have quality of life better.

Frei Vasco

In the stream bed of its death, the sister of Vasco requests mercy of Fernando Alfonso, but Vasco desires of the deep one of its being defames that it requests pardon for all the caused badness the Beatriz. Exactly with its heart taken for the hatred, Frei Vasco makes oath its sister. When knowing of the decision of Vasco D. Dornelas Joo decides to disclose that Fernando Alfonso also would have been loving of its loved Leonor. Ahead of the current situation he is possible to evidence that the author intends to collate a double desideratum, that is the desire of fraternal revenge and loving revenge. That exactly ahead of the suplications of pardon of its enemy in the presence of the corpse of its sister, not obstante its fixed idea of vigar itself of that soul wounded it to it and the honor of its father and its sister, stimulated for the hatred of D. Joo Dornelas, Vasco discloses to King D.

Joo I the tenebrous and maleficent past of Fernando Alfonso, which is condemned to the capital punishment of the fire for D. Joo I, being before mortificado for Fr. Vasco. In this romance hypocrisies, ambitions, games of you intrigue politics and treasons show the decay of the nobility and the clergy. Frei Vasco that never frees its soul of them you distress disappears and later it dies. She does not know yourself if that villain really at some moment has avenged its father and its sister, in the truth the author searchs in the interior deepest of the conscience the answers for the attitudes of the nature human being, who all we nourish the most perverse feelings than they follow in them throughout our lives. Of reflexiva and conscientious form the romancista finishes its workmanship, making the reader to reflect with the sentence of the Evangelho: ' ' If not to pardon, also God you not perdoar' '.

Seller Tax

The seller issues a special form: it is recorded information about purchasing and passport details of the buyer. In the small shops do directly at the box office, in large supermarkets – in a special department Located somewhere far away in the basement or at the very top level. Abroad should not forget our habit to carry your main document of a citizen. Without a passport may be tax free and does not issue, although in most cases will show loyalty and allowed to fill in some of the graphs ex post facto. Taking the form and the check is to grab and an information leaflet (usually abound in any of the items tax free), it almost all the world languages will be shows you where to go from the airport and some domestic banks cooperate with tax free-software. When leaving the country to ask for customs officers to put down on the blank stamp tax free to leave.

Where exactly is special office of the customs service, prompt stuck out of the store flyer. Employees can view checks, and may be asked to show them all the goods purchased. This means that purchases must be removed from the suitcase and then packed back into the middle of the terminal is not the most suitable conditions, or you have to take them in hand luggage. Those who want to get cash immediately, will have to find cash and the issuance of money – a rack or kiosk inscription cash refund or a tax refund. In a large airport you can find the bench immediately, but in a small staff of the service tend to go for lunch or disappear without explanation in an unknown direction indefinitely time. Meanwhile, other foreigners also alchushie vat has already formed a queue So come to the last moment before the end of the registration of those who hope for tax free, obviously not worth it. And finally, there will be a long-awaited moment: official, having carefully studied all the documents, convert ephemeral tax in real money or virtual, if the traveler inform your bank account (in any way they appear only in a few weeks). And for the sake of what are all these ordeals – might think unsophisticated in tax tricks the reader. Is it worth candle? However, it is necessary to issue tax free himself a few times, and numerous manipulations with checks will not seem so complicated and confused: 20-something percent does not spare!

Any E-mail A Real Experience

E-mail has become the main form of communication. WikMail ensures that the writing and reading e-mails is not a burdensome issue, but remains a real fun. From spam filtering to their own stationery: WikMail a whole bunch of useful functions that Outlook is missing. The new version of the 2006 heats up a competition with many new features. An e-mail that is sent now, has already arrived seconds later with the receiver – no matter who lives where in the world. This speeds e-mail, global communication. The back and forth of messages but calls its toll.

More and more users per day to spend an hour or more trying to read their mail and respond. WikMail provider Janocha Tom: “Most users find it annoying now to deal with their mail. Much too much spam clogging the mailbox, your mail to see anything at all, and all the fun is missing the point. WikMail 2006 ensures that every e-mail is once again a real experience. “E-mails checking, spam filters use WikMail 2006 is equipped with one email checker. The checks immediately after the start, if new mail is available.

This module can be completely configure your own. So it looks like in several or only in very specific e-mail accounts for newly arrived mail. What happens when a new mail is waiting? Then the Notifier WikMail of 2006 are used. These are indicators that can be used as needed.

Michel Foucault

The relation between these, as much the affinities how much oppositions would be the territory where the subjetivao processes if firms. From this analysis, the understanding is possible of that the individual one inevitably is atrelado to the social one. Of which this finishes consequently for being influenced of direct form and having its subjectivity modified for social in accordance with the time where he is inserted. The individualistic subjetivao, in this in case that, he is resulted of Modernity. The Power to discipline, the sprouting of the arrests and the birth of Sciences Human beings inside of this context. Being the individual fruit of its time, Michel Foucault when studying the modern citizen, if comes across with a type of society to discipline. Modernity would be scene, of the predominance of a new type of being able, disciplining, that it would strengthen the way of capitalist production, when binding the man to the production device.

This power is called by Foucault, of panptico, that would be a structure, that possesss the circular format architectural, with the function to watch the biggest possible number of individuals, without they know if she has somebody or not watching them, becoming a power exerted on the individual in form of individual and continuous monitoring. ' ' For the panoptismo the monitoring is not on what it becomes, but in what is. Not of what one becomes, but of that if fazer&#039 can; ' (FOCAULT, 2003, P. 104). Being part of a capitalist society, the individual finishes inside for being educated and of certain molded form of this vision. Learning since very small through a process of it disciplines to obey the rules and to fulfill norms, being that when adult, finishes for already possessing this internalizada idea, becoming something invisible the proper eyes, changedding itself, and generating more mentally ill individuals each time.